A Quick Lesson In Pickup [+ picking up East-Indian Girl On Cell-Cam]

I touched on the following point in a previous post, that in order to maximize my chances of getting laid a ton, I not only pick up girls online, but street game is my forte, whereas I mor so enjoy picking up girls live and in person.

Be about it (meeting women) wherever and whenever!

Running errands?

Aim to pick up chicks while at it!

At work?

Pick up chicks!

Grabbing some lunch?

Grab a girl’s phone number too!

You get the point, right?

Pretty much whenever I’m out of my house, I’m in game mode.

I am also in the headspace to pulling ass.

Sometime last week while at work, this chick happened to be walking by (as many people do). But what caught my attention even more was her East-Indian look.

For those who don’t know; I have a mean thing for East-Indian women. Though this girl is on the super-thin side (which I abhor), I just couldn’t let her pass.

Additionally, you want to have that go-getter’s mentality with women.


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