“Kenny You’re An Extremist”! Example Of Registering On A Girl’s Radar Through Status Updates

This chat dates back to 2009 when BBM Blackberry Messenger was still the thing.
[Girls messages in gray]


As usual, this was a total stranger whom I met on the streets but then became friends on Facebook.

She got the impression that I’m extreme because of my status updates.

I thought she visited my website, which was why she made those observations. But my FB posts, dating all the way back to 2009, were controversial and polarizing.

Ninety percent of my posts on social media are relationship, dating, sex and pickup related. In other words; chick topics.

However, I don’t just post lame shit about those things. I post polarizing and jaw-dropping statuses.

We all know that drama is oxygen for women.

Once you post things which are dramatic- on the topics of sex, pickup and dating- women will find you interesting.

In this case, this girl said that I’m an extremist; personality-wise, and via my social-media posts.

With that, if you want to get a hot girl’s attention within an instance: post things that shock her reality!

Post the unthinkable!

Post about having One-Night Stands!

Post about picking up chicks!

Post about making out with some random old lady at the bar!

Post about hitting on 1 of your mother’s hot friends who’s old enough to be your mother!

Those are things/statuses that get girl’s attention!

You register on a hot girl’s radar when you post such statuses.

Bear in mind this super crucial piece of fact: women suffer from ADHD, and they have super-short attention spans.

If you don’t shock them, you will hardly ever register in their minds.

What's your view?

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