The Truth About Girls Not Replying To Your Messages On Facebook

There exist few truths about why girls decline to reply to guy’s messages.

I made a video about this some years back, and I’ll plug it in just a bit.

in this short post, I won’t exactly go into the reasons women don’t reply. What I’ll do instead, is to point out what it is NOT!

A female friend of mines shared the following post on Facebook, to which she herself believes it to be gospel.


Is she correct?

Absolutely not!

Such memes or sayings, assume that it’s about looks, and that is what it boils down to.

Furthermore, I just wish to put you on to something just as important before we continue: women don’t know what the hell they want, and they don’t know why they attract, reject, decline or accept.

Thus, taking a girl’s word on anything related to dating and sex, is akin to taking advice from a virgin male about how to get laid.

If a girl doesn’t reply to your DM inbox message, it has virtually nothing to do with your looks!

Guys, you need to realize that the only how a girl truly blows you out (rejects you) is if you resemble the Predator unmasked, Shrek or the alien from E.T.

Apart from that, your looks hardly will ever come into play when it comes to women.

Here is the truth: when a girl rejects you, or tells you that you aren’t her type, she’s merely rejecting you in the nicest way possible by basing it on type/looks. But it has nothing to do with looks or types.

Looks or “not her type”, is just as excuse to reject you.

If a girl doesn’t reply to your DM inbox message, apart from the general reasons I share about this, it is because of what she sees/reads in profile why she rejects you.

I touched on this in the previous post where I spoke about congruence.

This is what happens when you inbox a girl on social media: before replying to your message, or just after she does reply (if she does), she will browse your wall in order to determine whether you’re worthy of her time or not.

She isn’t looking at your photos in order to arrive at this determination.

I’m not saying she doesn’t check out your photos also. But that is in conjunction with everything else (scanning your posts and statuses).

However, women aren’t exclusively looking at your photos to determine whether to reply to your DM.

What a girl sees in your picture is a huge determining factor on whether she’ll reject you or not. Key words, “what she sees”, and not how you look as far as the physical composition of your face.

Therefore, if your photos are shitty, or they depict some lame shit such as you being at home playing Xbox: then she will decline to reply to your message!

Your photos ought to be high value: funny, fun, interesting and thought-provoking. And this is all in the caption on the photo and how interesting the caption is.

In any case, don’t be mislead (by women) into believing that women look at your profile pic, perceive that you’re ugly, then reject you or decline to reply to your message.

Again- unless you share resemblance with Shrek, or some sort of gobbling, then looks aren’t enough to blow you out.

What blows you out online (and in person) is your lack of game/charms, and your inability to convey high-value stuff via your social-media posts.
It has just become so cliche for girls to say looks matter, that guys out there continually fall for the hoax.

4 thoughts on “The Truth About Girls Not Replying To Your Messages On Facebook

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  1. Good read! I was literally about to ask you about this. Also, i see that its this chicks bday on FB today, we messaged each other for a day but she stopped responding last month.

    Should I use a bday message as an excuse to get back into her inbox?

    I suck at rekindling


    1. No!!!! If you do use a bday message,ensure that it is NOT about wishing her happy bday. Instead, make it about her birthday as far as a comment about what she probably did for her bday. But don’t be lame as every other guy wishing her happy bday


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