Sparking Instant Attraction Through Forward & Sexual Game [Screenshots From July 8th 2016]

What’s up fellow seducers, another insightful post on gaming a random hottie on social media, getting her instantly attracted and wanting to bang you ASAP!

This interaction goes back few weeks. So let’s get right into it.

The interaction began with a general introduction which we went back and forth on for a bit. I cut the boring talk and went right into my schtick.








By the way, here’s a pic below of said girl. Look @ the rack on her! No wonder I was mesmerized by her juicy-ass tits. 😯




Long story short: this went into a bit of sexting, we exchanged nudies, and as you could see from the last screenshot (above), she attempted to call me through Messenger (on her own volition), however I missed the call.

I decided not to pursue this further to an actual # swap and meetup because I had tons of other new pulls in the pipeline. So it didn’t make any actual sense to pick up this girl who was clearly DTF for me, when I couldn’t realistically fit her into my busy schedule of meet ups, since I already had numerous girls prioritized on my proverbial hit list.

In any case, what I want to emphasize to you here, is how easy it is to go from 1 to 100 within a heartbeat, to creating instant attraction with a random hottie.

The chat started off as normal as possible, with a lame-ass introduction on my part.

I didn’t even intend to game, nor to attract this girl.

However, I just decided to turn on the forwardness in a charmful manner, then took it from there with my usual classic schtick of getting girls pregnant, etc.

By now, you’ve seen tons and tons of Facebook pickups where I game/charm girls on the basis of telling them I want to knock them up.

Who would’ve ever thought that telling a random stranger during the first few seconds of chatting, that you wanted her to have your babies, would become a winning routine as far attraction building goes?

Furthermore, you knew she became DTF and was open to meeting up with me, once she asked me, “where you stay”?

On top of that, and to solidify the case that she REALLY became attracted to me [my vibe, not my looks]: she rang me upon her own free will.

I never told her to call me through Messenger as you had seen in the chat above.

She was dying to talk to me: this random guy who managed to get her hooked within minutes of conversation…online!

Powerful shit!

Most guys would beg a girl to allow them to call her via Messenger. Or most guys would flat out, cold-call the girl in annoying fashion, and get rejected and blocked within a heartbeat.

However, I don’t even have to take that route of asking or begging a girl to allow me to call her.

They take it upon themselves- 75% of the time- to randomly ring me. 🙂 🙂

This all boils down to my method of sparking instant attraction through a combination of forwardness, sexualness and humor.

Humor (being humorous and funny) negates potential blowback from coming on (too) sexual.

Most guys get in trouble (as far as toeing the line of rejection when chatting up a stranger online), when they are sexual without the humor.

Instead of coming across as sexual, they inadvertently come off as creepy.

Now, not that you have to use humor at all, since I often times use a heavy sexual vibe in an ultra-serious tone.

However, whether you make a good or bad impression, all lies in the sub-communications: meaning the things that you aren’t saying, but are working in the background.

For instance: are you generally a congruent guy with women?

Women can judge this just by the way you come off with them.

You don’t verbally communicate congruence. It is 1 of those auxiliary things running in the background, that can either make or break your chances with lots of women.

Not to belabor the point, but when trying to get laid from social media, your profile matters, in the sense that your posts, views and ideas matter!

I promised to have put together by now, a free document on pimping out your Facebook profile. Not in the sense of transforming your profile into something flashy. Rather something interesting and attractive.

Listen- when guys hear the adjective “attractive”, they instantly misunderstand what is being conveyed, and they think “looks” and outer appearances.

Having an attractive profile simply boils down to your posts and interests!

You can either repel women or attract women by the stuff you share.

Therefore, while you’re thinking that it’s just about having game with women online, and that alone will get you to pussy paradise, you’re neglecting to take into account that after you would’ve chatted up and gotten the phone # of a girl on Facebook for instance, that girl (if she hadn’t already) will dig through your timeline in order to get a sense of whether you’re congruent or full of shit.

If and when she browses your profile and finds shit like, “I’m bored to death and feeling lonely. Do someone wants to hang out with me”? You are DONE!!!!

A sexual man who comes off as someone who has women in his life, shouldn’t be on social media begging ppl (girls) to want to hang out.

There’s a natural and inherent discrepancy and incongruence there!

What are you!?

Are you really the guy who charmed her to death via inbox. Or the loser guy who posts all sorts of low-value AFC shit to his timeline?

This is what the girl says to herself.

Saying all that to say; your profile, when picking up girls online, ought to reflect the lifestyle of someone who is sex-worthy, sexual, forward, free-spirited, etc.

Chicks just don’t dig me because of my ballsy style once I hit their PM box.

They get attracted even more, once they realize that I am really that guy…at least I present myself to be that guy on social media.

It is for this reason why women desperately chase me online [apart from the game aspect].

In any case, I’ll try to get that complimentary product out as soon as possibly (Pimpin’ my Facebook).

In the meantime, you can purchase the easy guide to picking up girls on Facebook, at the link below.

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