When You Have Options With Women; This Happens [Abundance Mentality In PUA]

Facebook status below:

When chick I picked up on Facebook hits me up wondering why I haven’t contacted her in a while (weeks), after we were supposed to “Netflix & Chill” @ my place a few weeks back. Frankly, I’m so busy doing lots of other shit- like gaming all sorts of girls and partying- it’s hard for me to keep up with date and meet-up promises with girls I meet online. Additionally, no matter how hot the girl is; when you have options of girls to choose from, no 1 girl becomes important. I literally pick up girls up today (get their #), set up a so-called date 3 days later, then totally forget I’d even met that chick to begin with. Moreover, it’s a powerful feeling when you can brush girls off and reschedule for a later time.

[Her messages in gray…from earlier today]


Powerful stuff for an average-looking dude like myself to pull off, right?

Managing to have/make hot girls chase you, is as much as depended on the options you have: whether you have or don’t have.

If you’ve been following my blog for- a week at least- it would’ve been abundantly clear to see that I game and pick up lots of women on various media: clubs, bars, streets, while working, commuting, online, Facebook, social media sites, you fucking name it! There is no shortage of women for me to game.

With that, many girls and so-called dates, regularly slip through the cracks.

As I mentioned in the quotationed FB status above: I’m liable of picking up a hottie today (exchange #’s), get her to fully commit to coming by my apartment 3 days later, then completely forget that I had even set up a rendezvous with that girl.

Not that I’m so prone to frivolity and forgetfulness. But I simply have too much options in women from which to choose.

These options didn’t just magically manifest themselves neither, as you AFC’s are likely to surmise as some sort of twisted excuse for why you suck.

I create my options by maximizing shit.

It’s all a #’s game!

The more women you hit on and ultimately pick up, logics would have it that you would’ve generated more leads, more options, more dates, more sex, etc.

Quite an elementary process if you ask me: get more girls [abundance mentality] and you’ll have more girls chase you like this hottie chasing me to meet up.

Lastly, I also want you to really take note of how this chick is dying for my attention and approval, when she mentions uploading a pic, but didn’t realize me giving her a like.

Powerful shit huh?

Grab Facebook Bang if you want this sort of power with women: Facebook Bang…bonus product

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