Phone Crashed…Missed Out On Lay Because Of It

Tuesday night, I set up a rendezvous for the Wednesday evening with an HB whom I’d picked up on Facebook a day or so prior.

The sex was as sure as the sun rising tomorrow.

The Wednesday morning, we worked out some of the particulars and the logistics for Wednesday night’s Netflix & Chill session.

By Wednesday noonday, I got home from work, went to lie down while posting my usual button-pushing stuff to social media.

About 2 PM, I put my Android smartphone to charge since it was on 6%.

Out of curiosity, I decided to check how fast (or slow) the phone was charging. It went from 6% to 3% in no time…while charging.

That seemed really odd.

I didn’t think anything big of it since I was using the phone while it charged for the most part. However, it’d usually stay stable if the charge percentage doesn’t go up. But to have it go from 6% to 3% in 5 minutes- while charging- that was anomalous.

In hindsight, what I should’ve done was to shut the phone off and to put it to charge instead of leaving it on.

In any case, I dozed off shortly thereafter while the phone charge.

I caught myself about an hour later (perhaps 3 PM) and decided to grab the phone just to see how many percentage in charge it had accumulated.


The phone was blank: dead!

I tried powering it on to no avail!

I couldn’t get the phone to come on!

I jumped up in a mini panic, fearing that the worst might have happened: a drained batter, bad battery or phone crash.

The charger cable seemed pretty fine to me since I never had any shortage issues.

To test it (the charger cable) to verify that it was working properly, I grabbed my Sony mp3 Walkman, plugged it up, and it immediately charged without a hiccup.

I twisted and turned the cord in all sorts of contortions just to see if it would short out.

It didn’t!

Hence, the charger, it’s cable and the head, were all fine! But it just wasn’t charging my smartphone!

I began to panic upon the realization that the charger was in fine condition since it was charging my MP3 player.


I tried everything in hopes of getting it to come on!

I figured that the battery was drained dry. But even when the phone goes dead on me whenever I fail to charge it, as soon as I plug it up, the charger indicator pops up on the screen, showing the wave and lightning with the percentage amount, indicative of the fact that the smartphone’s charging.

This time however- the Wednesday afternoon- nothing was happening on the phone’s display.

I then put the phone to charge for about 3 hours while running some later minute errands.

I got back home and expected to meet, if not a fully charged phone, at least one that was charging.

I hurried to retrieve it.

Took a look: NOTHING but a blank screen and the phone was ice cold…which meant that it wasn’t charging at all.

Panic mode went from 10 to 200 in a fucking heartbeat!

What freaked me out mostly, wasn’t the fact that the phone may have died- a new phone might I add (I haven’t had it 4 months yet), but that I didn’t have a 2nd phone whereas I could pop the SIM into it, and use it in the meantime.

Thus, how is it even possible to meet up with this chick @ her place later (Wednesday evening) if I can’t retrieve her phone number and contact info from my phone?

For crying out loud, I don’t even know this chick’s name off hand, neither did I bother to grab her address as yet, since I had no reason to believe that my phone would’ve crashed period, let alone that day.

Be as it may, I was livid as the evening rapidly approached.

I were to go over by this chick’s place between 7 and 7:30 PM in order to Netflix and chill . And here it is: 6:30 PM, phone won't charge, so there's no way to get in contact with this girl.

For all I know, the chick was trying to reach me but couldn't.

Seven thirty came and went, I wasn't able to see the girl, hence a sure lay slipped out of my hands just like that, due to my brand-new smartphone crashing.

As I write this post, it is now Friday evening. Thursday came and went, my phone was dead as a door nail still.

The girl was probably wondering what the hell happened Wednesday into Thursday.

I tried absolutely everything to get my phone to power on.

I put the phone itself in the freezer, as 1 of 12 personal tips I read on an online forum. 😦

I phoned some chick and she told me to put the phone in the microwave for approximately 4 seconds.

Although I was desperate and willing to try any damn thing, I was hesitant as fuck to attempt the microwave tip, fearing the phone and microwave would've exploded.

The entire Thursday, from 6 am until, was spent trying everything.

I ran up and down the town looking for a charger specific to the Android smartphone 6.0 model I have.

Since I wasn't using a charger which came with the phone [thanks to my 6 year old son who demolished the original charger], I asked every person I know if he-she had a Blu Android phone.

Everyone said no but a coworker of mines.

Sensing that perhaps the phone wasn't charging because I was using a charger cable which wasn't specific to the phone's brand, I finally got my hands on an Android Blu charger which was loaned to me by a coworker.

Plugged it up: NOTHING!


I stopped by the workplace of a girl whom I was banging. As we chatted, I mentioned my phone situation as to why she hadn't been able to reach me.

Surprisingly, she has the same brand and model of phone. She said that the same thing happened to hers, and it's a glitch with the model, and hers didn't charge for like 2-3 days before it did. So she told me to give it 2-3 days and it will charge again as normal.

Got home from work the Thursday midday and put the phone to charge, knowing it wouldn't charge.

I was so down that I didn't bother to hit up the bar Thursday night as a routine of mines for karaoke.

I just wasn't in the spirit.

I left the phone plugged up Thursday night as I slept into the morning, hoping that as I woke, the phone would miraculously be charged.

I arose and "bam"- nada!

Dead and cold as a door nail!

No charge! No life!

The first time in my life as an adult male I felt like breaking down in tears.

I was torn between 2 emotions and 2 extremes.

I wanted to smash the phone into the fucking wall!

I didn't even feel like going to work. Something told me to call in sick just to stay home in bed and cry like a baby.

I said to myself, "Fuck it! Don't even call in sick. Just don't show up. If I get fired; I get fired"!

Calmer heads prevailed and I decided to go to work...but late.

However, I had no intention to do any work. I was to show my face then bounce.

As I got into the office, I searched the directory for any number to a place which deals with electronic and mobile-phone repairs.

Not much luck.

I asked around and was given the phone number to a few individuals who owned electronic-repair shops.

Before doing all of that- sending my phone to get repaired- I wanted to try to open the phone myself, and to remove the built-in battery to then sort something out.

None of the screwdrivers in my apartment was of a small size, so I made my way to a hardware store which is owned by a young Syrian guy from the town of Hama, Syria.

I amazed him with the fact that I am fluent in Arabic (Lebanese and Syrian dialects), so we instantly clicked. Instead of having me buy the screwdriver kit with different size of heads, he opened the kit just to retrieve a screwdriver and tip, in order to try to screw out the small screws under the hood of the smartphone.

He tried every screwdriver and head...but no fucking luck! How come? I ruined the screw heads by using a knife at home to try to unscrew the screws. 😦 😦 Thus, the Syrian guy, though he tried his best to help me at no cost, wasn't able to help me get the phone open.

He encouraged me to take it to a repair shop down the block, and that he will personally recommend the repair guy [a Lebanese] to do it for me free of cost.

I considered but still wanted to go it alone.

I spent the entire Friday noonday up until 4:45 PM, trying to hack out the built-in battery, without actually puncturing the lithium battery pack.

I jabbed and poked, sliced and clipped with everything from a kitchen knife, scissors to a fingernail clip.

An hour elapsed and I was unsuccessful in excavating the built-in battery.

Mightily frustrated, I took the phone and whacked it across the leg of an iron leg, hoping to somehow wake up the phone.

Plugged it in: no life! No indication of the phone being charged.

Unplugged it after 10 minutes and went back to trying to hack the back of the phone open to get to the battery.

With the scissors, I was trying my best not to puncture the battery. But out of sheer frustration and anger- I said "Fuck it"- and I rammed the scissors through a small incision that I managed to make, not giving a fuck if the battery pack got punctured straight through.

As I yanked the scissors out of the stabbed area, the entire thick-aluminum back which covered the built-in batter, flew off!


I rejoiced internally!

Finally, there's the battery!

What I wanted to do ultimately, was a battery pull.

With most phones, once you experience charging or freezing issues, simply removing and re-inserting the battery will cause the phone to re-boot as normal.

Since this battery is built-in; there's no way to accomplish this battery pull unless one would've gotten out the battery I did.

I was shocked to find out however, that although I was able to finally get to the battery, it still was NOT removable!

What I mean is, 3 wires were attached to the battery, which ran to the charging port. And they are not disconnectable. 😦

I had 2 choices: cut the fucking wire(s) then reconnect them [an impossibility due to their lack of length]. Or...- well- there was only that 1 option.

I knew that the issue was not the charging port because the battery was charging before it initially died Wednesday. So the battery was the culprit. But I had no way to disconnect the battery except to clip the 3 colored wires which aren't re-attachable.

"All this for nothing": I said to myself.

Before smashing it into the wall, which I had all intentions to do at the very moment, I said to myself, "Lemme give it 1 last try".

With the battery dangling out by the 3 thin wires, I plugged in the charging cable, closed my eyes and turned the phone around to see its face.



"It's charging"!

Finally! After 2 fucking days of lifelessness, having the phone plugged up for overnight to no avail, it finally began to charge about 5:50 PM, yesterday (Friday) evening.

I was ecstatic out of this world. But I was afraid to release the phone, fearing that perhaps there's a short/cut in 1 of the wires leading to the battery. So if I were to put the phone down, perhaps the battery would short out, and everything ruined again.

In the same position which I was able to maintain a charge, I gently laid the phone on the edge of the bed, pressed the power button just to see if it was still charging.

It was still charging!

I was elated!!!

Here's an actual photo I took at the instance with an old mp3 player I had laying around.


Twenty minutes later, I checked back to see how far the charging went.

Was still on 0%.

"Shit"! I began panicking again, sensing that the battery was probably damaged somehow, hence the reason why it was still on 0% after 20 minutes!

I was able to breathe a breath of fresh air a few minutes later, as it went to 1%, 2% then 3% and climbing gradually.

Anxious to get this over with, I had to go for a walk, or else I would sit right there watching the phone charge by the second...and probably jinxed something.

I took a quick shower and went up the bloc to grab me something to eat.

On my neighbor's bicycle, I rode back home about an hour and a half later to meet the phone still charging. But this time, it was up to 78%. 🙂

What a relief!

I was smiling again; something which I hadn't done within the last 2-3 days.

I was totally stressed out and in a melancholic rut.

It was so bad that I didn't even want to see my girlfriend, nor was I able to eat for those 2 days.

Additionally, if you had e-mailed me since Wednesday but didn't get a reply by now: you now know why...[apologies].

In the grand scheme of things; I don't know what the hell happened.

I knew for certain that I drained the battery to its last drip. And perhaps it needed a few days of charging (or rest) in order to build up a charge since it was so drained.

Or perhaps from tampering with the battery wires, I was able to perform a battery pull (soft reset).

As for the netflix and chill meetup I had planned with the girl on Wednesday night, I quickly forgot about that, as I was more concerned with getting my smartphone back to life.

Had I failed to get the phone charging again, Friday night would've been spent in my bed, sobbing with a bowl of ice cream...though I doubt I would've had the appetite to eat for the 3rd day in succession.

What's your view?

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