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English chick whom I’ve been freezing out, contacts me last night, wondering why haven’t she heard from me, plus wanting to hang out. I stayed home eating a chicken wrap and watching amateur porn like it was nothing.
#PUAHumor #JustSayingBro



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  1. Talking about Amateur porn i think i have a discovery
    I have read that porn cause the user to link women with sex (I.e Seeing as every women wants to have sex with them) Isnt it actually good for beginner PUA since it will give them more confidence ?
    What do you think about this ?


    1. I never thought of it. Interesting though. I’d have to give it some thought. But what I don’t buy is that this no-fap movement in pickup seems to want to believe/claim that watching porn, or fapping, kills your drive to want to get laid. I find that to be bullshit. I see no evidence that fapping fucks with your sex drive


      1. Unless your brain is addicted to porn or masterbaition,I don’t think porn kills your drive.The thing that kills your sexual drive are family matters,Workload,stress,Being Busy and other shits not porn but porn makes it easy for the consumer to focus on other issue other than sex.
        But i have no evidence to back this theory up


        1. Exactly. Great points you made Aryan. Other guys don’t take those things into account. Stress kills your sex drive. That stress may come from family issues, workload, etc as you said. But nothing pleasurable can kill a sex drive. So I don’t see how watching porn, or even being addicted to it, can kill a guy’s sex drive or urge for wanting to have sex.


  2. Bro! “I thought about contacting you today” LML EPIC! I’ll use that on my next freeze out that’s a gem right there!


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