Catfish Alert

This morning, I woke up to the following messages from someone who had added me 2 days ago.


I subsequently posted the following to Facebook.

This catfish must’ve thought I was born yesterday. Which chick in her right mind hits up a total stranger on FB talking about, “let’s get to know each other”? GTFOH! These catfish need to step their game up. You can get other men with this, but damn sure not me.
#Blocked #ImCatfishProof

Obviously I didn’t reply to the catfish. I blocked her (or him)…and that was that.

What I really wanted to touch on briefly is a bit on the way women do things.

Why are catfish so obvious to me? Apart from the clear giveaways in their profiles, is their seemingly willingness to want to get to know guys.

Women are not chasers and courters of men. It is not in their nature. Surely you can make a girl chase you, but you as the guy will have to initiate and lead before that happens.

In any normal situation, a girl will NOT take it upon herself to hit up a guy (a stranger at that) on Facebook, telling him that she wants to get acquainted. Even if she loves this guy to death; the female nature in her will likely prevent her from making that first move.

This is completely different from the cases where a girl may message a guy with, “hi…sup”. This is normal and frequent.

What isn’t normal and should send off the alarm bells, is when the girl either appears to be gaming you, or she is pushing for rapport or to get to know you.

Women aren’t that fucking desperate to hit up random guys on the internet, actively trying to get to know them at that.

That isn’t the way chicks do things.

Lots of guys fall victim to catfish, and “people” posing as hot girls on the internet looking to take them for a ride.

However, once you learn how women are, you will quickly be able to spot a catfish behind a fake account.

3 thoughts on “Catfish Alert

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  1. Unless you are really popular and i mean really popular no girl will be that desperate for you unless you mind fucked her somehow :3


    1. Good point Aryan. The average Joes like us who aren’t celebs and stuff, we don’t enjoy the luxury of having hot girls actively trying to get to know us, without us first causing them to chase


  2. Ladies, Ladies, Ladies ……. Smh- this shit nah no no no, u shut your phone off & you give the punk ass with a few other choice words to describe him with no other choice than to step or shut up- Love is no game ladies it is a sacrafice ” kissing is cheating & it is not a turn on for me makes me want to vomit ” byeeeeeee!


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