Chicks Dig The Pickup Artist

A huge part of my schtick is attracting girls through my social-media posts of pick-up artist shenanigans.

Whether a girl knows what a pickup artist is or not, the idea of a guy who posts his sexual exploits of women online, included the fact that he shares tips on how to seduce women, it is oddly appealing to lots of women.

It’s rather interesting in a mind-fuck sort of way, that here it is that a guy [myself] can post all sorts of womanizing stuff to his Facebook for every woman to see, yet women are drawn to that, drawn to the idea and drawn to the person attached to those ideas/posts [myself].

Exhibit A: a brief chitchat I had with a hot girl from Florida. Remind you this was my first time messaging her.

She is very much aware of my schtick as a pick-up artist, indicative of the fact that she regularly gives her reactions to the stuff I post (usually Wow and shocked faces).
[My messages in blue]




As usual; I get away with saying forward, sleazy and outlandish shit to women.

They laugh whenever I get forward instead of getting pissed.

Why so?

I own it! And I’m not bashful about the things I say.

Apart from that, what you must grasp also is the congruence factor when it comes to attracting girls on the internet.

I am congruent as a pickup artist (PUA).

In other words, my posts reflect my lifestyle, personality and everything else about me that women get to see.

Sounds a bit cryptic. But what I mean is (about being congruent), it is 1 thing for a guy to claim to be a womanizer, yet his profile and posts don’t reflect his womanizing lifestyle.

You can’t successfully act as, and come off as a player, while posting lame shit to Facebook that has nothing to do with a womanizer’s lifestyle.

That spells incongruence, and women get turned off and annoyed by posers.

Saying all that to say, the underlying reason why I get away with murder so often (98% of the time), is the fact that my posts reflect what I claim to be (a PUA).

With that, whenever I get forward with a social-media hottie, she rarely ever gets offended by my dickishness because she sees congruence coming from me.

She sees that I’m not just a pretender.

Why would she get mad at a guy who owns his personality and lifestyle?

Here’s another tidbit in relation to that point: once a girl senses that you cannot help it, she will excuse away, and accept any behavior coming from you, regardless of how rude, insensitive or crazy.

Women only get upset at guys whom they deem to be faking congruence.

They feel slighted and cheated whenever a guy comes along trying to be sexual and forward, yet he’s all nervous with sweaty palms and shit.

Digressing a bit.

Okay, so there’s a reason why I religiously implore you dudes to post eyebrow-raising shit to Facebook or any other social-media platform.

Women will undoubtedly see your posts, then rationalize to themselves that this person is just you. Hence they will treat you accordingly.

For instance, if the bulk of your status updates consists of lame posts about how much you love to watch UFC fights, then that becomes your persona: the UFC guy.

I like the UFC too…but I’m smart enough to not post about it because I know it’ll win me no favors with women by doing so.

You then have to remain in that lane (the UFC posting guy) for the most part in relation to girls who follow you.

Another example is the guy who posts often about his faith, how good church service was, etc. If that guy then attempts to inbox a girl in a forward manner, a backlash is as inevitable as the sun rising tomorrow.

The girl will definitely become annoyed and feel offended because she sees incongruent and disingenuous in the church guy being forward.

After all, a guy who regularly professes faith, shouldn’t be hitting up girls in their inbox about wanting to stick his dirty little pecker down their throat.

Likewise with the UFC guy or the Lebron James/NBA fan-guy who does nothing but posts about sports. In a girl’s mind, he has no business hitting up girls about hooking up, since hooking up with women isn’t reflected in his status updates.

Note: this isn’t exactly the case in online-dating websites. You can include all the lame shit you want in your or POF about me section, but as long as the messages you send are interesting, the girl will at least engage you. Why so? Because the premisses are already pre-set since Match and POF are dating sites, and people go there in search of dates, etc.

Facebook and social-media sites on the other hand, are NOT online-dating websites!

Guys lose sight of that reality.

Women don’t use Facebook to get laid.

If anything, they can simply open up an account on POF, Match, Tinder, etc. if that’s the case.

With that being said, the rules for attracting and picking up girls on Facebook are heavily reliant on the congruence factor: do your posts represent you or are there some blaring inconsistencies?

Therefore, women on Facebook will quickly scan or arduously scrutinize your posts and profile for inconsistencies.

If she sees (via your status updates) how much you profess to love your god and how casual sex is evil or bad, yet you’re creeping in her inbox trying to hook up, you are fucking done!!!

The rules on social media when trying to pull ass are skewed in comparison to online-dating sites.

On Facebook, women are liable to judge you solely based on what they see from your posts.

Pictures hardly count for anything on Facebook unless they accompany an interesting-status update.

What I mean by that is, you can have the shittiest photos, but as long as your status updates are kick-ass, that holds way more weight than anything visual as in a photo.

By all means; your photos should be interesting. But they don’t have to be.

Facebook is a platform where chicks actually read your shit.

Nevertheless guys, hopefully you would’ve grasped the gist of why I’m able to get away with hitting girls up while being forward without an ounce of backlash to face. Because I’m a pickup artist who publicly puts this out there on social media for example: I enjoy a sense of immunity from backlash…because I’m congruent…plus I own my bad boy persona.

Lastly, perhaps you aren’t aware of this, but not only do women read every fucking thing that pops up in their feed (even if they merely scan it), but they gather information in order to make an impression about you.

Coupled with that, let’s assume that for some reason, you never registered on the girl’s proverbial radar. So she has no impression of your online persona.

After you would’ve registered- let’s say that you had messaged her- she will immediate then and there, or immediately after the chat, click on your profile and dig into your posts to get a snapshot of the type of guy you are.

If she doesn’t eventually reply to your inbox messages- chances are- she didn’t exactly like what she’d read upon scanning your profile.

Here’s another caveat: do you know why girls usually take a while (perhaps minutes, days, etc) to respond to your inbox message on Facebook?

Apart from the transparent-stock reason (truthfully so) that women having hundreds of guys hitting them up, so they cannot realistically reply to your message ASAP…besides that reason, girls take a while to message you back because before hitting the reply button, they would’ve hit the “view profile” button in order to find out about you through your postings.

Cunning and sneaky?

I wouldn’t quite say that.

In light of that, it should now make more sense to you as to why women dig the pickup artist, and why he’s almost never chastised and castigated for being sexual with any woman.

The women I message will have already seen my profile (posts), particularly because I post like 2 status updates per minute, so I’m bound to hit the feed of every person I have as friends. Hence, before I even shoot off that initial inbox message to any girl I have as friends, she would’ve already been keen on me, my style, personality, womanizing PUA ways, etc.

A prime example is the girl from the screenshot above, eluding to the fact that I post about pickup stuff.


On a conclusive note, neglecting to post stuff that grab the attention of women, you are only making your job 10 times harder.

Here are some stats that you may find interesting: I hardly ever- and I mean almost never- get rejected by a random stranger on Facebook whom I message by being sexual and forward straight away!

Sure it happens. But probably ever 1 in 80 instances: 1 in 80 girls who flat out tell me to fuck off. Now I don’t know about you, but 1 in 80 is a stellar fucking ratio!

Do you want some examples of the type of stuff I post on Facebook?

Here’s a post I put together back in 2013 of the vintage RSD Julian Blanc, before the now watered-down and tamed-weird version of Julien.

101 kick-ass tweets from RSD Julien…the stuff for badboys that hot girls dig

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  1. Kenny you are a super smart guy!! Anyone needing help figuring out crazy chix logix and stuff, needs to hit this man up for some coaching. He absolutely nailed it when it came to quickly and efficiently understanding my position, how my GF was acting, and what I needed to do. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED…WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!


  2. Ladies – No no way!!! Never give in to some bullshit like this NO – “Show that little boy something different, Real man doesn’t play games – Man Up Beeeeitch”


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