The Sort Of Kiss That Makes Her Fall In Love…Just A Little Tip

[Her texts in white. Mines in green]


What makes a kiss a kiss- a kiss that’ll make a girl fall in love from the first kiss- isn’t what you expect (the action kiss), but the atmospheric and the existential components to the kiss.

Sounds a bit cryptic but it’s simple to grasp.

When kissing a girl, particularly for the first time, you want to take control of her and dominate her physically.

How do you accomplish this?

Grab her and push her against a wall or any such surface is 1 is available.

Hold her by the throat, and or tilt her chin up with your fingers (particularly if she’s shorter than you are) in a semi-aggressive manner, then kiss her dominantly!

It isn’t the kiss itself. But what you do along with the kiss.

With that, from now on, field test this form of a kiss routine and you’ll see how far it gets you.

It’ll be memorable!

Trust me!


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