“Can You Pick Up White Girls If Looks Don’t Matter”…AFC Chode Question

Very few game-related questions get me pissed off. But when an AFC chode insinuates by question, that somehow, if I don’t/can’t pull white girls, it means looks matter, and it also goes further to nullify my pickups altogether.

The following status I posted to my Facebook some weeks back.

This e-mail really f’d me up. I hate when I get these guys saying, “Kenny, can you pick up white, Asian or Latin women”. And somehow, if I do, it means my pickup skills is certified and official. But if I pull 100 black asses, it somehow doesn’t qualify because that’s no feat for a black guy to achieve. This all goes back to that limiting belief that AFC’s harbor. They believe to themselves that some women are harder to pull than others, solely based on race.
I can’t work with guys like those. And such e-mails piss me off.

Here’s the e-mail snippet screenshot that rubbed me the wrong way.


Now, such an e-mail isn’t rare at all.

Of every 10 e-mail I receive from guys seeking my assistance, 4 of them are bound to follow the same script, where the e-mailer either insinuates that because I don’t pick up white women, it somehow means that my game sucks. Or, because I don’t pick up white girls, it means that looks matter, and it is because “looks matter” why I fail to, or neglect to try to pick up white girls.

Why is such a question so vexing?

Look at it this way:

Hypothetically, let’s say you were a white British guy who picked up 100 white British girls in rapid-fire succession, and fucked all 100 of them…hypothetically.

Then some guy comes along and say, “But Jim, those 100 lays didn’t really count because those 100 women were of the same race and nationality, so that means they were easy targets and easy lays…so they don’t count Jim. Unless they were black or Indian girls, then your 100 lays count for nothing. It doesn’t show that you have decent-seduction skills

Imagine that!

Wouldn’t you as a white guy be besides yourself if some chode-ass AFC who doesn’t get laid at all, were to try to render your 100 lays null and void just because those girls were of your race?

Sure you would!

It’s the same way I feel whenever chodes say to me, “Let’s see you pick up white girls then I would give you the props you deserve”.

What Beta thinking AFC’s fail to realize is that women are women!

If you’re good with gaming and pulling white girls, then conventional wisdom would have it that you’ll be equally as good with pulling black or Asian tail.

You see- chodes who don’t get laid- always pontificate about what could be and how it should be, based on romanticization in their own minds without a lick of experience to shore up their theorizations.

On a biological and emotional level, every girl is the same, no matter if she’s living in Alaska or China.

All women are emotional and sentimental beings.

I can take this way back to evolutionary science, but I elect not to go there just to make this trivial point (that all women are the same).

Saying that to say; if you as an Asian guy is able to pick up Asian girls, there is zero reason to think that you couldn’t pick up a black or white chick…since all women are the same on an intrinsic level.

What fucks guys up, is their limiting beliefs, in thinking that other women are harder to seduce than others.

I don’t harbor such weak and Beta mindset, hence I don’t experience issues when trying to game women of other races and ethnic stocks.

I have no problems with pulling and sleeping with white girls, more than I have with black girls.

Why don’t I then pick up more white or Asian girls you may ask?

Geographical location and numbers in short.

I am based in the Caribbean islands (have been for the past 4 years).

There are overwhelmingly more black chicks (the vast majority) than those of other racial stock.

Latinos and East Indians come in second and third.

Caucasians are the vast minority group in the Caribbean, even trailing behind Chinese and Arabs.

With that being said, there are just too few Caucasian women to go around. So even if you wanted to solely game white girls, you would have to scratch and sniff for sets to game.

Hence, it isn’t that I don’t or can’t pick up white girls. There are just too few to go around.

Moreover, I do pick up and lay white girls even though the pickings are slim as fuck in the region.

However, those white girls are pulled via tourist game, which is why I published my first e-book some years ago, entitled How to bang foreign girls.

It’s a guide on how to pick up tourists wherever you’re located.

I would use my tourist-game method to bang lots of white girls. But that’s as far as it went [pulling white tourists].

On another note, I have a preference for black girls. After all; I am a black guy, so what do you expect?

Furthermore, the guys who push the belief/myth that looks matter, and race matter, are always the guys with minimal to zero experience in interracial dating.

They themselves stay on the sidelines and project their weak beliefs unto others, and expect us to run with it.

Well- something about me rather form beliefs in game based on experience, trial and error, and actual infield experience, and not what a bunch of chodes romanticize in their fickle brains.

Thus, from my experience- vast amounts of it- as a black guy, race doesn’t affect my game when it comes to my ability to pick up, date and sleep with white girls, Latinas, East Indians, etc.

In fact, my pull ratio is better/higher with white girls than blacks.

How so?

On average, I would say that I approach about 1 white girl every 3 months or so, with the intention to either #-close, insta-date, pull or bang.

[Photos below from about 3 years ago where I’d cold-approached and insta-pulled a Canadian MILF within 5 minutes of gaming her on the streets].





I am successful in either 1 of those goals virtually 90% of the time.

With that, almost every white girl I approach, I succeed in at least 1 of the aims of the 4 (#-close, i-date, pull/sex). So that’s virtually- and almost- a 100% success rate in white girl pulls.

Since I approach dozens more black girls than whites, the margin of error would’ve likely spiked to where my pull rate would’ve been reduced with the amount of black girls approached.

Saying all that to say, I have a better success rate in gaming white girls than blacks.

In fact, I’ve only been so-called rejected by a white girl ONCE in my entire pick-up career. And by “rejected”, I mean the girl declined to give me her #. So do the math. I am virtually flawless in white-girl pulls spanning the course of many years doing pickup.

Therefore, for some chode via e-mail or comments on the blog, to insinuate that I would have a hard time gaming white girls because I’m black, is just utter fuckery to which I don’t subscribe because I have the mindset of an Alpha-Male.

At the end of the day, I don’t mean to turn this into a dick-measuring contest like ” who can lay the most amounts of girls”! I’m merely stating my case in hopes that anyone who decides to reach out to me via e-mail in the future, will have been put on guard as to the asinine questions which I won’t entertain (and I haven’t).

Moreover, the culprits are almost always Indian men living in India or the west. Those guys tend to harbor the biggest Beta-Male mindset when it comes to picking up white girls. They somehow think it cant happen, so I get bombarded with questions about how to chat up and pick up white girls.

The answer is simple: what works on Indian girls will work on white girls…and vice versa.

There’s no game specifically tailored to women depended on race. Some PUA coach may push that concept; but I don’t!

My game style works straight across the board and transcends racial and ethnic lines.

On that note, I leave you with a few videos (recent and old) where I game up and insta-pull white girls.

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