When You Try To Hook Up With The Sister Of A Girl You’re Hooking Up With

There are these 2 sisters from Canada here for the Summer.

The one whom I hadn’t hooked up with, I tried hooking up with her first, about 2 years ago but she got cold feet and gave tremendous amounts of LMR.

Her younger sister, I end up sleeping with her over the course of the last 2 weeks.

The older sister is now back from Canada again for the Summer, so I texted her yesterday evening on IMO messenger about meeting up.

Older sister whom I failed to sleep with 2 years ago due to heavy LMR

Apparently, the younger sister whom I’m currently hooking up with, was right next to her @ the time.

Seconds later, my Whatsapp messenger app blew up.

It was the younger sister (whom I slept with) saying that I’m trying to hook up with her (bigger) sister.

Younger sister whom I'm currently banging over the last 2 weeks

I hate when this shit happens šŸ˜¦ .

I guess I’m a sleazy, trifling bastard.

Seriously, on a final note: both sisters are fuckable, which is why I tried to bang the 2.

Am I evil?


What's your view?

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