More examples of how to make super hot girls chase you Online: Kill Her With Curiosity

Okay fellaz, another FB game post for you.

My game is huge on building curiosity loops, feigning mysterious and drawing girls in by purposely withholding information from them…information that may not exist in the first place. 😈

Before I continue, whenever you withhold something from someone, or being vague about something, what tends to happen most times, is that that person becomes extra curious and overly anxious to find out what that something is that’s being held from them.

Doing this is a huge part of my game; particularly in the attraction/beginning phase of the seduction.

Here’s an example from earlier today of me doing just that [making the girl believe that there’s more] to a super-hot 18 year old on her Facebook status.


See how that worked?

By simply commenting on her status with, “I’m done”, drew her in. Why was that? Because it was a vague comment.

Being vague and ambiguous is a super-powerful tool for sparking attraction.

To add to that, I told her, “in due time”, when she kept prying. I knew she was enthralled at that point.

Wasn’t that simple?

What was the effects or results of me employing such a strategy?

She inboxed me…as predicted. 😉

Make no mistake about it; this is an extremely beautiful girl. And if you know me by now, you would’ve known that I do NOT throw around the term beautiful at all, nor do I rate girls higher than an 8. But she’s a fucking 10 in body and face [18 year old pictured below]!!!


Be as it may; my tactic worked as predicted. I even counted to 10, anticipating a message from her. So said so done.

BTW, this was the first time this girl and I ever messaged each other. She would comment on my ballsy posts, but no one ever inboxed the other…until I reeled her in today.

She starts off by saying, “you’re wild huh”.


By saying “I think we would make good hang out buddies, it sets the frame to a simple one: ” Me and you hanging out”.

In other words, it let’s the girl know that this isn’t just some casual futile chat.

By the way, as for next weekend, I usually ferry to the other side of the island every weekend to do business and so forth. So that’s what that was all about.

She agrees that we should hang out, and it would be a drunk weekend if we do.

Alcohol and fun =’s sex. 😉

What was key though is how I adhere to my little rule of ending the conversation first!

Hence, I told her “I’ll holla back another time when the time is right”.

Why did I do/say that?

1.) To further give her something to think about. And to further make her curious about me.

2.) The one who ends the convo first, leaves with the most value…as I’ve been teaching you guys lately.

She replied with, “seen bro”. ” Seen” (the past participle of “to see”) is a Caribbean English slang word for ” I hear you”, or “I agree”, or ” Roger that”.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’ve been living/working in the Caribbean islands over the past 3-4 years. Though I’m from New York, I have been in the islands for the past 4 years.

Be as it may, I hope you guys would’ve learned another super-awesome tip from checking out this blog post on how to attract a girl and make her chase you by commenting on her status with something vague, while leading her like dangling a string in front of a curious cat.

With this girl, my strategy is pretty simple just as the case with any other girl I pull on Facebook.

In a matter of a few days, I will inbox her again (that’s if she doesn’t randomly inbox me first), throw my usual pitch, but next time with more specifics (Netflix and Chill @ my place), grab her # and aim to seal the deal.

Textbook stuff.

Again guys- if you want to successfully and consistently attract, seduce and lay hot girls from social-media sites, you have to have a different approach!

You cannot kiss ass, compliment and or pester your way into a hot girl’s panties by chasing her down!

This same girl, the super-hot 18 year old, whom I have chasing me now, she posted the following status to Facebook a while back. I took a screenshot of it for a future post in how not to go about getting girls attention online.


Same girl! And just as every entitled hot girl; she is adamantly against guys chasing her, calling her unannounced through messenger (which is chasing), and she’s notorious for ignoring guy’s messages. But again- she doesn’t ignore mines. Why? Because Kenny’s a goddamn Alpha who acts like an entitled guy who has loads of options. And on top of that; she messages me first, and I end up blowing her off by telling her “Ill holla back another time”.

On that note; (hot) girls chase guys who blow them off, while blowing off the guys who chase them.

Before wrapping up, I also have to go back to the looks factor and harp on it!

I am no Denzel Washington! And it is very apparent!

I am 34 years old- meaning- I am not the springiest chicken in the bunch. Yet I routinely attract, date, seduce and sleep with women young enough to be my daughters.

This not only goes to show that looks don’t matter. But it also shows that age doesn’t matter…unless you’re an older guy who keeps himself looking all shabby and old.

What matters is your ability to charm women, lead women, game women, even to manipulate women, into seeing you as the prize, and as the guy they should be chasing, regardless of your lack of good looks and youthfulness in age.

Furthermore, whenever I seduce and bang young girls, they don’t look at me as some sugar daddy. They don’t ask me for shit as far as $$ goes!

They don’t get shit from me besides cock and maybe a pizza or a cocktail if we were to go out.

That’s it!

Hence, I don’t spend on women, I don’t buy pussy and I don’t do gold-diggers. Chicks don’t get squat out of me!!!

It’s all about your frame!!!! As a guy in his 30’s or 40’s, if you are approach teenagers, or girls in their early 20’s, from a money angle, as far as, “I can take care of you and buy you things”, then all whom you’re going to attract are gold-digging whores who hit you up for monetary purposes.

I on the other hand, never approach girls in their teens or 20’s, with an, ” I wanna buy you” vibe.

My vibe and frame are always consistent: “I want to fuck you”.

With that, I don’t attract gold-diggers because I don’t give off that kind of vibe that says, ” I would be a sugar daddy”.

My vibe communicates 3 things: party, fun and sex (sex being the predominant frame).

The average guy who ” TRIES” to chat up younger girls, operate from a provider frame: “I want to take care of you”. Thus, they only attract girls who are looking to be taken care of…monetarily.

Facebook Bang…bonus product

See you guys!

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