Date-Logistic Tips On Where To Sit

A little date tip for you guys: when on your so-called date, always look to sit beside the girl; side to side, shoulder to shoulder, instead of sitting right in front of her abroad the table.

Why so?

Ever sat at a table, eating right across from someone and felt that awkward, nervous feeling, as if the person is staring, or perhaps looking at the way you eat?

Well- if you as the guy experience this awkward feeling, imagine what the girl feels (triple the nervous tension). So, side to side instead, where you don’t have to face your date down and make it awkward for both parties.

Kenny PUA on insta-date pull with 19 year old


You may have seen videos of me sitting across the table from the girl, but there are reasons for that.

For starters, my so-called first dates don’t have that awkward feel to them since I know how to pre-manage awkward tension and nip it in the bud before it becomes a problem.

However, it is always the best option to sit side to side, a positioning which will have eliminated any awkward tension from staring into the other person’s face.

Lastly, someone had asked me, “but Kenny, I like to make eye contact with my date, so how am I gonna do that if I’m not facing her”?

Surely eye-contact is huge. But it isn’t necessary. Also, you don’t have to establish eye contact from across a table.

What I usually do, and it is pretty simple, is while I talk to the girl from the side, we make eye-contact by slightly shirting bodies towards each other.

Problem of not being able to make eye contact solved easily.

What's your view?

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