Just A Quick Simple Facebook Opener And Breakdown

Guys typically ask me what kind of openers (ice-breakerers in non-PUA jargon) do I use online: particularly on Facebook.

Apart from telling a girl that I would love to impregnate you on the first date, most of my openers are observational and situational, just as with the girl in the screenshot below.


This girl has some of the most sexy lips I’ve ever seen…so I made an observation on them as a way to break the ice.

What was key though, as in lots of my openers, is the humor aspect tied into the sexual.

The fact that I opened about her lips gives it a sexual connotation. Why most guys fail with such openers (sexual, forward, etc.) is the fact that they neglect to enjoin humor with the sexual. Hence their opener with sexual connotations comes off as weird and annoying.

Challenge Her

By me asking her if her lips are real, it issues a challenge to the girl, and it is also a neg in and of itself.

Along with such a question, it insinuates that her lips may not be real.

A false-assumption opener forces the girl to correct that possible misconception.

I am huge on assumption openers. Just google it: “Socialkenny assumption openers”.

Overall, when you’re able to put this all together, girls see it as humorous and not offensive.

” In the future, we may become kissing buddies”.

How did she react to such a sexual declaration?

She laughs.

Girls rarely ever take my forwardness offensively.

Why not?

Humor again, and the other existential factors which I’ll mention in a subsequent post.

All in all, this is the first time she and I have ever communicated since I added her as friends some months back.

Thus, she’s a total stranger.

Also, what was the vibe/frame that I was setting from the getgo?

A sexual frame.

In other words, from my inbox message (my opener), I was communicating to the girl that I am a sexual being, and that my intention is a sexual one, and not some friend-to-friend platonic bullshit.

Once you strike that balance and set this up right, you’ll begin to gain instant attraction and traction from such openers which are original and unheard of.

If you were to use this opener (which you can), based on the observation (lets say that the girl doesn’t have sexy lips but sexy eyes), you can substitute lips for eyes, hair, or any other body part except boobs and ass.

Fee free to field test this opener and let me know how it goes.

3 thoughts on “Just A Quick Simple Facebook Opener And Breakdown

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  1. Challenging her in a funny way is very important. It definitely sets you apart from the other boring and creepy guys. I can see this working on something like Tinder too if you want to go more direct and set the frame for a hookup early on.


    1. It’s funny you mention that Will, because lots of mutual friends we share on social media are always urging me to get a Tinder because my method would work wonders there, especially for hookup. Noe that you mentioned it, I’m actually starting to think there’s something to it


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