Chick Freaks Out About Condom…During Sex [Thursday Night Field/Lay Report]

I was to hook up with a girl Thursday night, someone whom I’d met via Facebook about 2 weeks ago.

This was our 2nd sexual encounter within the last 10 days.

The Day1/1st encounter ended in shambles just as it did Thursday.

Okay, so what happened?

Here’s a post which I posted to my Facebook just after leaving the girl’s home.

This bish is fuqing crazy! Ever met a chick who’s super cautious and nervous when it comes to sex? This chick I picked up about 2 weeks ago takes the cake. This is our 2nd time going through this shit. I just put my clothes on and left this chick’s crib after she completely fucking killed my vibe by jumping off the dick and asking if I still have the condom on! Bish! Yes!!! I put the dick back in, she jumps off 5 seconds later and go…”Wait! You took the condom off”!? My cock is barely in the pussy for 2 seconds and the girl pulls my cock out to feel if the condom is still on!
No you cunt!!! She did that shit like 5 more times and my dick eventually died from the bullshit. I put my clothes on and left. Blocked her ass on Whatsapp messenger so that’s why she decided to Facebook me just now.

That was verbatim: the post I posted subsequent to leaving the chick’s place in annoyance.

I also simultaneously posted the same status to an RSD PUA Facebook group, just to get some feedback from the other guys there who can relate.



Now, here’s the screenshot of the conversation just after I barged out of her house.


Evidentially, I blocked her on Whatsapp so she decided to message me on Facebook, begging for me to return.

Why was I so pissed?

Not only was this the 2nd time in 10 days she’d freaked out and acted panicky as intercourse commenced. But I specifically warned her ass prior to coming over, that any such antic will NOT be tolerated for a 2nd time.

She agreed that it won’t happen.

Lo and behold: she had a panic attack as I was able to get an erection…which took me over an hour to achieve.

Words alone cannot describe how pissed I was after she kept pulling out and going, “did you take the condom off”!?

She was utterly convinced that I would either remove the condom midway, or that I have.

The thing is, it takes tremendous amounts of cock stimulation and mental fortitude for me to gain and keep an erection while wearing a condom.

The lack of natural sensation which one gets from raw vaginal to penile connection, causes me to go limp. So I really have to have my mind into it, or the girl has to have a mean fucking blowjob game.

In any case, I had managed to get hard on both botched occasions, but the constant state breaks caused by the girl stopping and pulling away, only made the situation worse until I ultimately got pissed off…which facilitated the nosediving of my cock.

To add insult to injury, while going limp as she pulled away while in the doggy position, she says to me, ” Why don’t I get on top of you and ride you”?

“Hello!!!! How the fuck are you going to ride my cock when it’s soft”!!!

I shouted at her in dismay!

I put my shit on, slammed her door and left while she protested for me to stay by trying to physically bar me off.

What a Thursday night it was with this chick whom I picked up on Facebook 2 weeks ago.

I since deleted her # and moved on from it…though she keeps blowing up my phone with SMS and calls.

Just for shits and giggles, having a girl chase you to come back in order to have sex, is an empowering sensation, to know that you can walk out on a hot girl and have her beg you to return.

I guess that’s the bright side to this botched lay.


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