Quick Weekend Post On Why Guys Don’t Get Laid

Hey, for shits and giggles, this is why guys don’t get laid on social media…or any other medium for that matter.

While browsing my feed earlier today, a female friend of mines posted a pic and the desperate losers flocked to kiss ass.

Enjoy the decline.





Oh- before I go- I want to ask you this: are you guilty of being any one of these guys?


You are one of them! Just as I was once one of them before learning pickup/seduction. We’ve all been there!

I guess in a easy it’s now easy for me to observe from the outside and laugh at guys who are still trapped in their loser ways.

Also to be noted, not 1 of those guys who commented above even received acknowledgement from the girl. All of their comments went un-replied…which is no surprise to me.

These guys perpetually fail to realize what attract (hot) women. Thus they continue to make the same fucking mistakes: post after post, comment after comment, girl after girl!

This is truly the clinical definition of insanity and madness: doing the same thing over and over without a result.

As a usual consequence, they get ignored 98% of the times in relation to trying to get the attention of women.

Conversely, my comments on girl’s statuses get replied to 99% of the time…which means that girls never ignore me.

With that, I’m very elated to present you guys with this novel approach to attracting women.

2 thoughts on “Quick Weekend Post On Why Guys Don’t Get Laid

Add yours

  1. Hi Kenny I agree with you. If you are a Alpha male they will chase you not the other way around. A man that attracts many women. Attracts more. Get a woman infatuated with you is the key to unlocking the door. I cannot understand how I do it. For me it happens without trying hard. I do not chase they chase me. I have watched your Videos.I enjoyed watching. I have read 92% percent of women mastibate. If they are thinking of you while they are doing it or dreaming of you at night. I am shocked sometimes of their thoughts.They want it real bad.Regards Frank


    1. Thanks for chiming in Frank. It’s difficult as you eluded to, to explain or even fully understand how this works unless you’ve studied it. Also, I’ve read the same over the years that 92% of chicks masturbate. If that’s the case then these girls are thinking of sex quite a lot!


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