FB Pickup 101- Post #1- Getting Hot Girls Begging For Sex


Hey guys, since there are so much Facebook game concepts I wish to impart with you, I decided to break them down into series-like posts, starting with this post being the 1st. of many in mind.

Additionally, if you haven’t noticed by now, I game, pick up and sleep with dozens of women via Facebook.

With that- each pickup- there are dozens of concepts and nuggets of gold which I’d love to share with you…hence this series.

Now, here is the key to reeling a girl in (on FB), to the point that she virtually throws sex at you.

Before I even engaged the following chick (a super hot one), I ensured that my 2 prerequisites were met:

1.) She passes my boner-test

2.) She lives in the same town, or a nearby/adjacent town

She posted the following status: just another annoying post IMO, from an entitled chick. I guess some friend of hers commented before I did.


Remind you guys: this is a total strange whom I’d added a few months back.

She has a big ass (pictured below), so that was the purpose of me saying that. But the kicker was the part in my comment where I said “but no sex though”.


Why was that so powerful? Which guy tells a hot girl with a porn-star ass, “no sex”? No guy would. Additionally, what did that little statement of mines cause? It made her get inside of her and question her beauty. If I wouldn’t have sex with her, then something must be wrong with her. That is what the girl said to herself when she read that comment of mines. She became self-conscious and began to question her beauty. Also, the fact that I said “No sex”, activated the pre-selection aspect in that it sub-communicated to the girl that I am pre-selected and I have options. Also, it blunted any super negative reaction from the girl since I wasn’t outright hitting on her in public (a common mistake most foolish guys make).

She then goes on to ask if that’s how I talk to my bitches. What does this show (by me calling her ass big and being forward)? It shows her that IDGAF whether I offend her or not, and I am un-filtered and say what I want to. Women find this very sexy (when a man can be forward or free in expression.

Also, whenever you make a bold or forward statement in a public domain (Facebook post), you don’t ever want to just double down without relenting. So that is why I strategically added a smiley face.



[Above] Humor and wits are huge weapons in my proverbial arsenal of seduction. They are used to diffuse a situation and to heighten attraction (since every girl likes a guy who gets humor). Hence why I said, “big ass is code word for intelligent lady”. How did she take it? She laughed (LMAO). This indicates that she isn’t offended by my forwardness and rudeness, rather intrigued. She went on to “CLAIM” that she was offended (which is a lie) but later rethought it…then asked what am I doing, when am I going to send for her and why no sex?

As I mentioned above, the fact that I told her “no sex”, it would’ve fucked with her as I predicted, make her self-conscious, thus cause her to chase me for validation…as she did. 😉

Note: the reason she asked about me sending for her, is from another post of hers earlier, where I told her I would send a taxi for her (since she lives way out of town) to hang out.



[Above] Some more humor on my part. Here’s the thing too: apologizing to women is seen as weak and seen as an instant attraction-killer. That is correct! Context however is key. I said sorry in the context of humor…plus I told her I would send for her next Friday (via taxi)…as long as she stays bad.

What was I doing there when I mentioned that I don’t like good girls? I was setting her up for the frame I wanted. I was trapping her into the bad girl frame, by effectively eliminating the good girl frame by saying I don’t like good girls.

A common mistake guys make when trying to attract and seduce a new girl, is that they inadvertently entrap her into the good-girl frame. For example (of this mistake): by telling a girl, “I want a good girl”, you’re essentially forcing her to pretend to be a good girl…hence she plays prudish and put on the good girl act. And good girls don’t just hook up with random guys. Do you see that? Contrarily, by telling the girl that you DON’T like good girls– depended on how strong your frame is- she will accept the frame that she’s a bad girl. What does bad girls do? They fuck random guys they meet on Facebook. 🙂 So in a nutshell: you want the girl to identify with bad girl, and not good girl. If you box her into the “I’m a good girl frame”, she will do what “good girls” do…let you wait forever for sex.

Most noteworthy though, is the fact that she wanted me to inbox her. Isn’t that powerful? Here’s a hot girl begging for me to inbox her…someone who had just offended her (she claimed).

I then inboxed her.

Now guys, I’m just going to post a slew of our inbox messages and then give a final breakdown and analysis of the seduction tactics at hand, and how I get girls to throw sex at me.
[My messages in blue]


[My messages in blue]


[Her messages in gray]


[My messages in blue]


[My messages in blue]


[Her messages in gray]


[My messages in blue]


[Her messages in gray]


[Her messages in gray]


[My messages in blue]


[Her messages in gray]


[My messages in blue]


Overall dudes, to break down every concept and piece of info as I usually do, is simply too time consuming, so I’ll just give an overall break down of the big picture.

What I want you to do is to review the chatlog between this stranger and me (this took place yesterday by the way), and study what the hell is going on (my vibe)!

Study my vibe, tone and my the overall frame.

Realize that she’s the one virtually begging me for sex and trying to prove her sex-worthiness.

Another key note is how I called her out by saying girls from her town “cannot suck dick worth shit”.

Her response was that she’s super head…in other words: she’s the queen at sucking cock.

This is a hot girl might I add, someone who gets tons of male attention on Facebook, yet she’s here qualifying to me, trying to convince me that she can suck a good dick.

Isn’t that a super-powerful frame to control over a hot girl?

Moreover, I added some more bad-boy twist to the interaction by telling her I would kick her out if she came to see me and the sex wasn’t good. 🙂

Again- by doing this- I give her the impression that I am the fucking prize and not her!

Also, I told her that I’m not sure if I would even fuck her because I might get disappointed.

Which guy in his right mind would ever tell a hot girl this?

None…but Kenny!

What makes Kenny different?

I am high value. Not because I was born with any special gift that other lads were robbed of at birth. But my vibe comes off as high value: “I can take it or leave it”! And such a vibe is deemed very sexy to women.

Just to show how deeply this chick is trying to convince me to fuck her, she sends me a nude shot of her shaved pussy. 🙂

Before that, I baited her into sending me some pics of her pierced tongue.

Why did I even do that? COMPLIANCE!

I talk a lot about compliance, but I haven’t lately delved too deeply into the concept.

Compliance basically stems from the verb to comply.

Whenever you give a girl an order- whether directly or indirectly (insinuations, etc), does she comply or tell you to fuck off!?

If she complies; it means there exists compliance.

If she tells you to fuck or simply says no, or decline to comply; then it means you (as the guy) don’t have compliance from the girl.

Without compliance; you cannot get to fuck a girl (quite naturally).

You need the girl to comply to coming to see you, right?


Those are grand compliances.

You test a girl’s compliance level by throwing at her, smaller and minute compliance tests to see if she’ll take the bait and comply.

Hence, when I hinted to her about proving to me she has a shaved pussy: she complied…hence, I have compliance (from her).

With compliance, everything is possible.

Without it: nothing is!

You can’t get a girl to give you her # without compliance.

Moreover, how many guys get girls to send them nudes or provocative pics without explicitly requesting it? None…except moi (or a guy who uses similar methodology).

Afterwards, I told her to put it on her to-do-list, that I am going to fuck her later. She gives a thumbs up and LOL…which means she’s DTF as fuck.

A bit later in the chat, she issues me a congruence test when she asked “Are you about sex? what you looking for from me”?

Clearly she already knows that my primary intention is to fuck her. However, women will often still issue congruence tests just to see if you were BS-ing, or would you stand your grounds.

Most guys, out of fear of losing the girl, would lie and give a watered down response by saying, “I want to be your friend”, or something along those lines.

What was my response to her asking about what I wanted from her (which was already clearly noted)?

Me: “Just to hook up…with a cool chick. I don’t do relationships”.


Congruence test passed with flying colors!

By telling the girl you don’t do relationships, it cuts through the bullshit, and it eliminates the boyfriend/provider frame which I spoke about in the previous post.

What was her response to me saying that? She says “yea”…and laughed.

Here is key: she mentioned that she just realized that I’m in a relationship.

How did she see that?

She stalked my profile…obviously. 😆

My profile does say in a relationship and I do have a GF. This is nothing that I ever hide from women for 2 reasons:

1.) I’m an advocate of truthfulness in dating and never lying to women

2.) I know that women are subconsciously attracted to men who are taken (pre-selection theory).

She pretended as though she’s disappointed. 😦

Lastly, had I not have plans with other girls over the past days (into the weekend), I would’ve tried to hook up with her last night by sending that taxi to her town in order to pick her up (a $45 cab ride…but so be it).

In the grand scheme of things, this is already a done deal. Whether I try to seal it now or at a later date (which I will).

I just hope that you guys will have learned some valuable lessons here, such as: no woman is out of your league!

Secondly, every girl wants sex, and every girl is willing to chase you for sex.

The mistake guys make, as I cited earlier, is that they foolishly work the wrong frame/theme: “I want to take it slow because I respect women”, is most guy’s disingenuous theme.

Also, there tend to exist guys out there who’ll say: ” But Kenny, she’s an easy girl and a slut…which is why you have an easy time getting girls on FB”!

As always- I say to such chodes- if it was a case of easy pickings, or that I target quote-unquote “easy girls”, then why are you having such a difficult time spotting these “easy girls” in whom to take to bed…and why do I spot them on a daily basis…no matter the race, class or creed?

Furthermore, the girls whom I pick up on Facebook, are notorious for deleting, blocking and publicly shaming guys who try to chat them up!

Hence, these aren’t “easy fucking pickings”!

Additionally- and this will strike you as contradictive- every girl is easy!

Yes- every girl is easy! But only for me!

Only for a special class of men, are girls in general, easy to hook up with.

Read RSD Owen’s famed article: Secret Society .

The girl with the porn-star ass whom I spoke about in this article for example: she’s an easy girl in my eyes, just as every other girl whom I chat up is.

However, if you were to try to game her, or simply to message her on Facebook, chances are- a 99% chance- she will shut you the fuck down in a heartbeat, by either:

•Ignoring your message outright,

•Replying, but with “GTFOH”,

•Blocking you with or without replying to you

If you try to hit on her via her status updates, she will either ignore your messages outright, scold you if what you’d commented was lame or what have you, or block you altogether.

If you recall from 1 of the screenshot messages above, I shamed the AFC Betas by telling her something to the effect of, ” I see the way you treat guys on your statuses” [re-read below].


This chick whom appears extremely DTF and easy from what you’d seen between me and her, is notorious for Facebook shaming guys and blowing guys off like a pack of wuss-bags just to get a power trip!

However, she never did that to me! She begged me to inbox her…publicly on her Facebook status. Note again: it was a trap I set for her in order that she’d be forced to chase me [her last set of message on her status was for me to inbox her].


The crazy thing is: no other guy comes at her the way I did (forward and ballsy) 🙂 , because no guy does this to begin with. So if it’s 1 guy who should’ve gotten scolded and ignored (judging by conventional wisdom), it should’ve been me: the guy who called her big ass and acted all dismissive of her hotness.

Other guys do the usual wussbaggery by kissing her ass because she’s hot, complimenting her a ton, saying “I love you”, etc.

Did I even compliment this chick at all?

I didn’t!!!

Not even during our inbox messaging did I compliment her on looks and beauty. So this goes further to solidly what I’ve been teaching you guys for years: you do NOT have to compliment a girl!

Complimenting a hot girl is the quickest way to massacre your chances of even having a conversation…let alone date or sex down the line!

This (my approach) also confirms that women in general, are turned off my men who suck up, kiss ass, compliment and play it safe.

Thus, in the grand picture: a girl whom may appear to be easy and DTF for Kenny, just as the girl in this post, 99% of guys on social media, wouldn’t even have a glimmer of a chance to successfully manage to get her to reply to their initial message…let alone have her indirectly beg them for sex.

Is it that I’m drop-dead gorgeous, and every other guy just so happens to resemble a walking-talking fetus!?

Fucks no!!!

It’s not about looks at all!!!!

Don’t you think the girls whom I chat up, pull and seduce, are aware of my looks? Sure they are!!! They see my Facebook profile and eventually see me in person.

They see that I’m no frikkin’ Denzel nor Will Smith! They see my big-bulging eyes, receding hairline, balding spot and thinning hair in the front! They see my big nose, big head and yellowing teeth!!! [Kenny pictured below with 18 year old]


Girls know that I’m far from society’s idea of a handsome guy! But that doesn’t fucking matter to women…neither to me!!!!

Therefore, whenever I approach women, either on the streets or online, I have the entitled attitude of a guy who looks like a Brad Pitt!

That’s all that counts: the attitude!!! Looks don’t fucking matter! Unless you share resemblance with that thing from the Goonies, or Shrek, then there’s no plausible reason why your looks should prevent you from sleeping with hundreds of women on a consistent basis! And I doubt you look like a gobbling. 🙂 😯

In addition to the previous faux-pas mentioned, is the common error of playing it way too safe! But I’ll address that in a subsequent article.

If you like the concepts, such as the ones you’ve just learned in this post, grab Easy guide to picking up girls on Facebook.

For a more in-depth guide, grab “Facebook Bang”.

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