There’s Never A Need To Lie About Having A GF + Quick Lesson In Frame Control

A quick lesson in frame control for you guys.

This short chat is from this morning [Friday morning] in real time actually.


Since this conversation is happening in real time as I write this post, I will further go to grabbing her address and her # and later hang out with her…if I feel like it. 🙂

How easy does it get to pull ass on Facebook?

This is a total stranger [an HB 8.5] whom I friend requested last night.

I went straight for the jugular once I realize she lives in my immediate area.

Now, here’s where I want to break this down. I do have a girlfriend and I have been in a semi-open relationship for almost 7 years to date (this is common knowledge to those who’ve been around this blog for a while) . So when I told this chick that I have a GF; it is factual.

I never hide this fact from any girl I pull.

Guys are under the impression that they have to lie to women about having a GF (that’s if they do).

The way in which you answer a girl trying to reject you because you have a GF, is you do just as I did.

Make it seem fucking normal!!

Guys constantly make the mistake of coming off as though they’re doing something illegal or seedy.

How was my frame when she tried to congruence test me about having a GF?

She firstly started off as though she was adamantly against meeting up with a guy who’s in a relationship.


This is just a fucking test guys!

Women don’t care!

Act as though it’s normal and the girl will go along with your frame!

This is what we call frame control in the seduction community.

Once you can master frame control as I do, picking up women becomes child’s work…like taking candy from a baby.

Most guys get thrown off once the girl rebuts with an objection.

If and when a girl tells me that she doesn’t do guys who are taken [as this girl tried to say], I out-frame her frame by telling her that I am my own man, and I dictate the terms of my relationship. Hence, I am allowed to date and see other women because it’s the normal thing to do.

She agrees. 🙂

Once you believe it; she will too!

Lastly, had I lied and say I was single, what could’ve been the consequences?

She finds out that I lied then brands me as a cheating liar.

Whenever I’m around her, I would’ve had to turn off my phone in case my GF calls, etc.

However, since I was forthright and honest about my LTR status, it means whenever we hang out (later today), I do NOT have to worry about covering up tracks, hiding, turning my phone off while in the presence of this new girl to whom I lied about my relationship status.

Saying all that to say: it profits you nothing to lie to women upon picking them up…especially about having a GF if that’s the truth.

Also, you have the pre-selection factor which is a large part of the reason why I always tell girls I have a girlfriend.

Women are instinctively and subconsciously drawn and attracted to men who are taken!!!

This is called pre-selection.

Conversely, women are turned off by men who don’t have women in their lives. This is why known players and womanizers are chick-magnets, while virgins and men who are celibate are shunned by women.

Thus, when I told this girl I indeed have a girlfriend, I knew she would’ve been more attracted and willing to hang out, for the simple fact that I am pre-selected by other women.

Additionally, I speak to you guys ad nauseum about tweaking and setting up your Facebook in a way that attracts women by the things you post and share.

Why is this so important besides the obvious?

Listen- whenever you message a girl, upon receiving or reading your message, prior to replying (if she does), and even if she doesn’t intend to reply, she would’ve clicked on your profile!

What she sees will usually determine whether she replies or declines to reply.

Thus, whenever your messages go unanswered, 90% of the times, it isn’t that your initial message sucked donkey balls, but that the girl had clicked on your profile and was utterly turned off by what she seen:

•UFC posts
•The NBA finals
•Music links
•Other boring and uninterested statutes

She’s not looking at your photos to determine whether to reply [this is because looks don’t matter to women].

She’s looking at your status updates and the things you share. She’s trying to get a lightening-quick snapshot of the type of guy you are. She cannot discern this by checking out your pics.

If your statuses grab her interest: she’ll reply!

Moreover, whenever I share the following piece of info with guys, they tend to not buy it. But here goes anyway:

98% of my initial messages to any girl on social media, get replied to.

My messages hardly ever get ignored; especially the openers.

Why is this?

My Facebook is interesting and attractive, and it grabs the attention (positively) of any girl whom I message.

This is why I enjoy a 98% reciprocation rate.

You think these chicks are looking at my photos and going, “He’s ugly so I won’t reply to his message”.

Women don’t look at looks!

They look at a guy’s personality, inner qualities, lifestyle, attitude, etc.

My Facebook (updates) is filled with attitude and personality!

With that, if you don’t have me as a friend on my personal Facebook account, you can always follow my Facebook page where I pretty much simultaneously post the same things as I do on my personal FB.

Master Seducers Facebook Page

As for the girl spoken about in this post, it is all academic and speaks to everything I laid out within the post.

Upon messaging her, she’d likely clicked on my profile to gauge whether I was a loser or Alpha.

By virtue of the fact that she’d replied, I took that to mean that she’s interested…hence her openness to hanging out today.

Will keep you guys posted.

Want to learn how to pimp your Facebook profile?

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I will also shortly publish a PDF document which deals with pimping out your Facebook.

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