More “Straight To The Point” Texting With New Girl [another FB pickup to meet-up]

Another random stranger whom I gamed up and picked up on Facebook yesterday.

Upon grabbing her number, we began texting via Whatsapp instead of Messenger.

Note how I go direct sexually [my text in green].


Notice how I took it back (my sexual statement) by saying “just kidding”?

Very powerful technique.

I clued you in on this a few posts back where I spoke about using apologies as a way to strategically walk back a strong-sexual statement (without actually meaning it).

The reason you do this (tell the girl you want to fuck her), is just to get it out there that you do want to fuck her!

Later walking it back will NOT change what you had done…which was to get the girl receptive to the idea of sex with you [this happens subconsciously].

Noticed how she never took offense to it, rather laughed (LOL) about my forwardness?

Also, she asks me “what u doing tomorrow”?


She essentially wants to hang out with me. I play it coy and cool by acting as though I have plans tomorrow.

Women pull this shit on guys all the time (saying they’re busy when they’re not).

In the screenshot below; she calls me out on it [her texts in white].


Basically, she wants me to come along with her to a job interview, particularly because she isn’t familiar with the address…and I am.

Furthermore, this is just her plausible justifiability at work. Instead of saying outright, “Let’s hang out Kenny”. So disguises it with the interview line about not knowing where the address is.

She may very well not know where it is. But that’s besides the point.

The point is: she wants to be in my company. I want to bang her: and she knows this. So, this is almost a done deal already.

We can always go to my place before or after the job interview. 🙂

In the screenshot below, I added some drama to the mix by playing hard-to-get [my texts in green].


I sort of rattled her expectations by backing out of the meet up.

Sure I want to see her. And if it means showing her where to find the address to the interview; I have no problems with that.

However, it doesn’t mean I have to make it easy for her.

Again- chicks do this to guys all the time in order to raise their value by pretending to be a hard catch. So that is what I essentially did there.

Here’s another caveat that I often share with you guys: with options in women to choose from, you can afford to play hard-to-get as a man. You can blow women off and not give a shit.

Will I meet up with this new girl tomorrow?

You never know.

I know she’s fuckable. But it depends on my mood and other existential factors.

In a subsequent post, I will talk about frame control and how and why I get away with being sexually direct with women…and not offending them.

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