You Can Either Be A Part Of The 500 Or Set Yourself Apart From The 500 [Lesson In Gaming Hot Girls On Social Media]

A while back, I published an article about an East-Indian girl (super sexy and in her early 20’s) whom I’d picked up on Facebook and subsequently f-closed.

What was interesting is that she had over 300 unread messages in her inbox.



Those messages had piled up over the course of days.

She would open the message and skim the guy’s opener then move on once she surmises that it’s so lame-generic shit. So after opening and barely reading over 300 messages, within a matter of 2-3 days, her inbox would’ve been inundated once more with about 350 new messages…and the cycle perpetuates itself.

With all those messages to deal with, how can a guy separate himself from the pack of AFC losers?

Well- firstly- one has to separate himself from the pack of clueless Omegas and Beta-Males, in order to be noticed.

Before I get into it, I just want to point out that my messages are RARELY ever (blatantly) ignored by the women I message.

Even if a girl doesn’t like me, and she’s repulsed by my vibe and my opener (ice-breaker); she’s bound to respond, even if just to state her repulsion and disgust for me. 🙂

Most guys on the other hand, don’t even get the courtesy of having their initial message replied to.

Why not?

Their ice-breaker/opener comes off as:





All of which are synonyms, all of which strikes no reaction within the girl in order to force reciprocation.

Hence, why do your messages go unanswered?

They are fucking lame!

Plain and simple!

I have a theory about this, thanks to the pick-up coach, Todd Valentine: I’d rather get a negative response from the girl, than to get no response at all.


This is why 90% of my openers (online) are either: polarizing, pushy, forward or humorous.

Messages structured that way, almost demand a response from the girl.

Thus, that is how you separate yourself from the 500 losers and become that 1 guy who stands out.

Your initial message must somewhat shock the girl in order to get her attention! Or else, it (your message) just gets buried with the rest of the guy’s messages that don’t spark her interest.

When gaming hot girls on social media, this concept applies even greater.

Your average run-of-the-mill Jane still requires an attention-grabbing text which piques her curiosity.

Imagine a hot girl who gets tons more messages! Your usual lame-generic texts simply won’t cut it.

I talk about this in Easy guide to picking up girls on Facebook.

In a subsequent post, I will talk about the kinds of messages that get girl’s attention.

If you’re au-fait with my work, you will have already known about the type of openers I employ in order to get the girl’s attention, to ultimately picking her up.

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