When You Miss Out On Sex Because An App Malfunctions [06-15-16]

Perhaps it was some twisted fate, a jinx of sorts, but last night, a monkey wrench was thrown into the game to where I missed out on sure sex with 2 hotties whom I’d picked up over the past 2 weeks and subsequently banged both of them on 1 prior occasion.

The app that had malfunctioned was Whatsapp messenger. 😦

Both girls- both DTF- texted me between 11 and 11:30 PM [her messages in white].


The reason I blocked out the previous messages is because they’re unrelated and from the previous night. When she asked “what u doing”? As you can see from the time stamp; that was the pertinent message from last night. This girl and I had planned to meet up that night for the booty-call.

With the other chick, we were texting from the evening, trying to work out some logistics.

She had some roomies staying over @ her place, so the plan was to wait until they fall asleep and I come over [her texts in white].


She texted me about 11:14, and again at 11:30, but just as the case with the other girl, I never received notification of their messages because the fucking app had malfunctioned. 😡 “mad:

By the time I decided to check my messages (out of curiosity): I missed her when I replied with ” nah”.

The girls had apparently gone to bed, under the impression that I was already in laa-laa land. 😦

I could’ve called in hopes of waking them. But what good would that have been with the girls already tucked in?

It’s 1 thing to not get the lay (though I already slept with both girls recently) because of something occurring on the girl’s end. But to miss out on the lay by fractions of a second almost (minutes to be exact), because of a frikkin’ app glitch on your end, now that sucks giant fucking donkey balls!

What really sucked even more is that I put aside other shit [I wanted to make some pick-up tutorial videos for my Youtube channel], anticipating a night of sex.

On top of that, I brought an expensive-ass tonic drink, which is rumored to pack a libido-boosting punch and gets you fucking for hours like an energizer bunny.

Although I hadn’t done it in a while (in years), I was prepared to bang 2 girls in 1 night, within the space of 2-3 hours.

The plan was to meet up with 1 girl around 9 PM, and the other after 12 AM. 😦

What a pickup artist to do ❗ ❓

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