Instant FB Pickup Of Newlywed Hottie [06-14-2016…text breakdown]

Hey fellow seducers, back again with another routine FB pull for you guys.

This time around, she’s a married chick in her 20’s: a newlywed actually.

What’s interesting about this pull is that I messaged this girl back on May 2nd. but she never replied…until today. So basically a month and change later.

Why so long?

One reason of which I speak about religiously:

She’s hot. Hot girls have tons of guys hounding them online. An ugly girl is liable to have over 200 messages backed up in her inbox. Now, imagine a halfway decent-looking lass. You’re talking about 500 messages on average…unread. So that is 1 reason why she (or any girl) would’ve taken a while to respond. So she might have had to sift through all the bull before she seen my message. So today just happened to be my turn.

As you can see from the time stamp below, I first messaged her on May 2nd. Not to mention that I totally forgot about this chick until I’d gotten her msg today saying, “and”, [my messages in blue].


I frankly don’t care whether she’s married or not. How I knew she had just gotten married was because she posted her wedding pics and they popped up in my feed that same day. So she’s literally a frikkin’ newlywed.

Why was this simple and innocuous opener so powerful [“you got married behind my back”]?

I didn’t give a fuck whether she replied or not! That was the vibe I gave off with such an opener. How did I manage to give off such a strong yet attractive vibe? By not adding a question mark to my implied question.

Anyway, I went sexual off the bat by saying I wanted to feel what she felt like on the inside. I already knew by virtue of the fact that she bothered to reply to my message from so long ago; it meant that she was attracted to my vibe…for certain. Hence why I went sexual right away.

In the screenshot below, she mentions that she’s currently in Brooklyn, New York, and not here on island. So that’s where the dialogue proceeded. To get her hopes up somewhat, I led her to believe that I am currently in NYC, but leaving in 2 weeks time.



Since she’s in NYC (my unofficial home) at the moment and I am not, I didn’t bother to try to proceed on a meetup until she gets back to the island. Moreover, the reason I led her to believe that I was in NYC at the moment, is a feeler: a way for me to feel out her receptivity level to the idea of meeting up. Very subtle yet powerful psychological play on my part.

In the screenshot below, I added some humor. Also, I added a sexual spike just so she knows my intention (to bang her). I also began my netflix and chill pitch.


In the screenshot below, I suggested we not meet up in NYC (since I’m not there: though I led her to believe I was).


In the screenshot below, I made my netflix and chill pitch again.


The dialogue continued [my text in blue].




Wasn’t that simple guys?

Again- did you realize how ardently I adhere to my rule of ending the conversation first as I did above? The one who ends the conversation first, has the most value. So always make sure that you tell the girl bye before she does it to you.

The thing is also (the beauty here), is that she’s familiar with the area of the island (St John’s City) that I frequent. So that makes the logistics much easier for her to come netflix and chill with me.

Additionally, she’ll be back on island (from NYC) in another 4-5 weeks. Usually, I would never pick up a girl online who;s away at the moment. If we can’t logistically meet up in 2 weeks or less, I would next the girl or decline to even game her period. Since she’s returning in 4-5 weeks, and I seriously want to bang a newlywed, I am willing to keep her in the loop until she returns.

Furthermore, you will have also noticed how religiously I stick to my netflix and chill gambit.

What does this demonstrate? Exactly what I told you in the previous FB pull post: You can suggest netflix and chill and the girl will jump on the suggestion.

Traditional dates aren’t necessary.

Girls are down to come to your place without the whole dating BS. You just have to believe it and act accordingly by pitching it the right way.

Overall, why was this routine-online pull so significant?

Not only does it show that married women are pullable. But it also shows that even a newlywed isn’t game-proof.

I mean, I want you to really look at the fucking dynamics of the situation.

Here is a girl who hasn’t been married for 3 months yet, but she’s getting picked up online, giving me her # and agreeing to meet up at my place to watch a movie on a tablet.

Would her husband approve?

Of course not!

Do women care?

Certainly not!

In her mind: she’s just coming by me to netflix and chill.

No harm in that, right?

It’s not like she’s going to see some guy who wants to fuck her! Well- actually- I do want to fuck her and she knows it because I told her so…indirectly.

However, she’s still down.

Powerful stuff isn’t it?

On a final note, since I really want to bang this girl: she’s highly sexy, plus I have a mean fetish for banging married women, I will follow up with her until she returns in 4-5 weeks.

Since I now have her phone number, I can keep her in the loop by gaming and charming her up intermittently between now and then.

From my experience of sleeping with married chicks- vast amounts of experience for that matter- whenever a married chick allows herself to be #-closed, it is almost a sure lay in the bag.

I’ve yet to fail to sleep with a married chick once she crosses that line of coughing up the digits.

Moreover, I’ve yet to have a married chick flake on meeting up with me. So, personal history and experience are on my side.

Also, if you were in my shoes, this is how you should proceed with a girl who’s currently away but to return shortly (within weeks):

You message her once or twice weekly.

That’s it!

You simply want to keep her on the radar until she gets back.

Not texting her at all will cause the chemistry to fizzle out, and the girl may likely forget who you are altogether.

Over-texting her is also a problem in that you will have come off as desperate and over invested.

By over-texting, I mean texting her every day while she’s away for 2-3 weeks.

Once or twice a week will suffice in keeping the girl interested and keeping the vibe alive.

Texting rules still apply! No over-texting…unless you’re me of course. 😉

You may want to watch this recently published video of mines on the subject of over-texting.

Lastly, as for the timestamp- the fact that I’d first messaged this girl early last month without any reply until today- this becomes no worry to an ardent seductionist.

What I mean is, if you’re accustomed to having abundance of women, you won’t put much stock into the ones who don’t reply.

They quickly become forgotten just as this chick was.

What happens when you don’t chase hot women? They chase you! So had I hounded this girl by texting her to death after realizing she didn’t reply within a day or so, it would’ve blown me out instantly!

The fact that I was busy gaming other girls, I had no time to desperately chase her (or any girl for that matter). And because I didn’t chase her by texting her to death upon no reply: this flipped that switch inside of her head to where she now sees me as a high-value male…hence she decides to message me even after a whole month had elapsed.

Why did she even bother? She could’ve just ignored my message as she likely did with the other losers.

Sure she could’ve. But women are subconsciously attracted to guys who exhibit the sort of behavior that I do. So she was instantly attracted, which led her to message me after a month had gone by.

On a final note- I seriously mean it this time- 🙂 you guys need to buy in, just as I implored you in the previous post.

You have to believe that barriers don’t fucking exist!

You have to believe that:

1.) You’re her type (though types don’t exist)

2.) All women are gameable

3.) She wants to fuck you

4.) You’re the hottest thing since sliced bread

That should be your mindset whenever you open a girl.

You have to fucking own it!

This mentality will set you apart from the other 400+ guys- the losers- who are flooding her DM and inboxes but are creeping the girl out…or boring her to death.

I’ll speak about this in the next article.
Game on!

Your easy guide to picking up girls on Facebook

3 thoughts on “Instant FB Pickup Of Newlywed Hottie [06-14-2016…text breakdown]

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  1. Just wanted to say that was an awesome post. And one side thing to say is that there’s a guy I read often as well named Jason Capital. You most likely know who he is. He says exactly the same things…( his entire course to seduction and attraction … which is to demonstrate high value and being high status which pretty much is embodied in the following things you just wrote):

    You have to believe that:
    1.) You’re her type (though types don’t exist)
    2.) All women are gameable
    3.) She wants to fuck you
    4.) You’re the hottest thing since sliced bread
    That should be your mindset whenever you open a girl.
    You have to fucking own it!



  2. Hey Kenny,
    I was curious about something
    You know about the webcam girls which takes money from horny teenagers to take their clothes off and other shit
    Can you have the webcam girl interested in you with just text
    She is a girl after all xD

    Nice article as always 😀


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