Pulling More Random Girls On FB With Textbook Pickup [text-by-text breakdown]


Upon launching my latest e-product- “Easy guide to picking up girls on Facebook”, I was contacted by 2 individuals who had purchased the product- albeit they learned a lot- yet they wanted to see if this method of mines could be replicated almost at will. Or were the pickups cited in the e-book, just a product of luck.

Fair enough question I thought. So over the weekend, I decided to pick up a random hottie over Facebook, just to demonstrate that this method of mines is no fluke at all, but precision pulling.

Before I get into the text breakdown, let me give a little background detail about this girl and the circumstances:

β€’We are total strangers. I had only friend requested her about Thursday, before ultimately gaming her up on Saturday

β€’This would have been the absolute first time messaging her since adding her as friends

β€’In accordance with the virtual PUA looks scale, this girl would be classified as an HB10 [hips to ass and tits proportions + the extremely beautiful face to match, no visibly scarring, blemishes, excess fat, etc]. Personally, I never classify girls as 10 on the looks scale, simply because doing so will affect one’s overall approach. If you view girls as 10’s, that will often come back to bit you in the ass as you would’ve subconsciously placed a hurdle in your way towards seducing her.

Now, I will break down step-by-step (screenshot by screenshot), what I’m actually doing, why I’m doing it and to what effect.

For clarity sake, I want you guys to know that there are various approaches of which to take, when trying to pick up hot girls on Facebook.

Personally, I employ about 4-5 methods and strategies (all mines) depended on the situation and certain intel I might have gathered on the girl…beforehand. But by far: any strategic approach of mines will have been workable.

Along with videos of mines, you will see me put every concept into action as I go along.

The screenshots will be posted first with my breakdown beneath them.

Here’s my initial inbox message to this HB10 [my messages in blue].


[Breakdown of screenshot above]

My message was straight to the point: “I don’t sugarcoat anything”. Whenever you tell a girl that you aren’t the type to sugarcoat anything, it instantly communicates to her 2 things:

1.) She shouldn’t have to sugarcoat anything either

2.) You’re the type of guy who gets away with saying forward shit to women

Hence, by me saying that I don’t sugarcoat, it leaves the gate open, and grants me permission to be forward with her…right off the bat. So- what did I tell her- “I want to fuck the shit out of you”. 😯

Now, the average guy would’ve expected me to get an instant rejection, deleted and blocked. But how did she take to such a strong and forward declaration? She laughs and says “oh really”.

That was the reaction I expected, simply because it’s the reaction I’m accustomed to getting whenever I go this forward with women.

By me saying “under 1 condition”, it communicates to her that I AM THE PRIZE. I am the one effectively giving her the chance of having sex with me, and not the other way around.

Do you see how powerful this reframe is (to switch frames on the girl, to where you- the guy- is the one giving her the conditions of sex)?


[Breakdown of screenshot above. Her messages in gray]

By she asking, “how you know I would want that to happen”? It was just a way to avoid looking slutty.

I then used a super-powerful reframe by telling her that she wouldn’t (want sex to happen). I then added some humor into the mix when I said she would then want to have sex once she sees the package and couldn’t resist. BTW, a shawarma is a Middle Eastern wrap (sold by Syrians and Lebanese on the island), similar to a gyro. It’s almost a foot long. So put 3 of them together and you get 36 inches of cock πŸ˜† πŸ˜† . Pure humor…but women love humor mixed into sexual declarations.

Again- her reaction wasn’t, “OMFG you perverted pig! Fuck off”!!! Instead, she laughed.

This is what you call a take back: a routine of mines which I devised years ago. It is when you (falsely) apologize for a prior sexual declaration. The purpose is to make the girl know that you want to fuck her…but it just slipped out and you take it back. Here’s an old-short video clip of mines where I demonstrated that ( ” You can always apologize as a ploy”).

Furthermore, I added some more humor to the mix by telling her I’m a born-again virgin observing abstinence. Does she believe this? Of course not! Doesn’t fucking matter! It’s all in jest, and women get this.

Now, why would she mention AIDS and other sex-related sicknesses? Because she’s actually entertaining the thought of having sex with me. It’s very subtle. But a girl will NEVER mention sex-related illnesses with a guy whom she wouldn’t fuck…at least not in a way which implies that she’s would have sex with the guy she’s taking to.


[Breakdown of screenshot above. Her messages in gray]

The reason I mentioned that I hate to be like the rest of these clowns on FB, is that I know she’s accustomed to weird and random guys flooding her inbox. By me acknowledging that I won’t be like the rest, it gives her a sense of security.

We then made official introductions. Note: whenever a girl volunteers more info than usual (or more than you’d offered…in relation to introductions), it is usually an IOI (Indicator Of Interest)…meaning that she likes you.

Here, I negged her about her name being Israel, when her profile depicts someone who’s a sexual hedonist by having her boobs on display. πŸ™‚ This is powerful in that guys don’t dare neg hot girls. Hot girls are used to men scooping their poop as if they were gold droppings. By me declining to call her Israel- her first name- it shows that I’m the type of guy who doesn’t care to not play by the rules by which every other guy plays.

By now, I had successfully managed to establish the frame: that I am the prize, and she is the one who needs to prove worthiness and viability.


[Breakdown of screenshot above. Her messages in gray]

As expected- and this is because I have vast amounts of experience (year’s worth)- she “LMAO” and “LOL” and indirectly concedes that “Israel” is the innocent side of her.

Again- I lead and she follows! I imply that the name Israel is lame, and she agrees by saying that it’s her innocent side…effectively agreeing with me that it’s a lame name. Which guy gets a super-hot girl to agree (albeit indirectly) that her name is lame? A guy who leads, and a guy who has the girl attracted.

Now, this is super key here, when I tell her that I won’t beat around the bush (not that I have). Do you recall a recent video I published about using the diminutive adjectives: kinda, sorta, woulda and the likes?

Check out the video below.

Instead of saying to a girl, “I like you”- especially if she’s a hot one- say to her instead, “I kinda like you”. Use kinda and/or sorta. What does this do? It tells the girl that you aren’t sold on her, and that she has to fight harder in order to impress you and to get you to full-on like her.

Again- a super-powerful frame for a guy like myself- someone with non-Hollywood looks- to place upon a girl. This (my vibe) squashes the “looks matter” bullshit that most guys succumb to. Also, I pull a false-disqualifier technique by telling her “I’m not sure if your FB personality will be just as interesting in person”. Why are those comments so powerful?

1.) It forces her to qualify. By telling her she might not be as cool, it forces her to prove that she is indeed interesting in person.

2.) Also, I future-project by saying “in person”. So I’m further planting the seed in her head that we will meet “in person”. With that, her brain gets accustomed to the idea of meeting up with me in person. It’s a subtle trick [rooted in NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming] in getting a girl to want to meet up, without actually holding her at gunpoint…proverbially, but making her think that it’s the natural thing to do since it replays in her head constantly.


[Breakdown of screenshot above. Her messages in gray]

Now, what does she do/say once I tried to get her to qualify about possibly not being an interesting gal in person? She qualifies! πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

She qualifies by saying, “I’m the same on and off of FB”. Essentially, she’s saying to me, “You won’t be disappointed once we meet up because I’m the same person always”.

Now- here’s the thing- would a woman say that (qualify herself) to a guy whom she has no interest in? Of course not! If she didn’t like me (my vibe), she would’ve done/said what it takes to get rid of me in a heartbeat. Hence, she would’ve refused to take the qualification baits, by saying to me, “I am boring in person”. Instead, she let’s me know that I would enjoy her in person as I possibly do online.

Very subtle on a subliminal and subconscious level.

Note: a girl NEVER has to tell me outright that she likes me, wants to see me, or wants to fuck me. Within 1 minute of conversation, I would’ve already been able to discern this.

Another important note: she said she doesn’t beat around the bush. Where did she first hear this from? Oh- I’d said that before she did. πŸ™‚ Why is that so important of a clue in that the girl is full-on interested in me? Remember a recent video I posted about girls following the lead of the Alpha male? If you first tell a girl, “I don’t beat around the bush”, and she later says the same about herself, she’s essentially following your lead. She believe in you! She likes you!

Check out the video on that technique.

Likewise, if you say to a girl (with conviction), “I respect women and I wouldn’t try to sleep with them until date 5…at least”, the girl, having no choice but to believe this, she would later reiterate that same point, “I don’t sleep with guys before the 5th date”. Foolish guys on the other hand are liable to believe that the girl is playing hard-to-get and making them wait, not realizing that they were the ones who initially planted that seed and gave the girl the idea that sex before date 5 would be wrong.

Saying that to say, and in relation to the frame set here, you want to lead the girl to wherever destination you desire! By telling her (as I did) you don’t beat around the bush- and really mean it- she will adopt the same frame and elect to NOT beat around the bush, solely because you said so! This eliminates any possibility of the girl trying to drag shit out to 3-4 dates before she gives up sex.

Now, what should you do whenever a girl qualifies? You reward her. Thus my humorous offer of a tequila shot…which she gladly accepts. How crucial is humor? After everything I say in jest: she LOL πŸ˜† . Sure sign of a girl’s interest. In psychology, this is called the mirroring effect. This happens when people in conversation subconsciously gel together and feed off of one another’s vibe: she laughs- you laugh. She grimaces and frowns when talking about a shocking situation- you also grimace and frown on cue (subconsciously). You can watch this mirroring in action on a minute-by-minute basis by observing any random people in conversation. They mirror/mimic (subconsciously) each other’s vibe, gestures, facial expressions, etc. That is why you will have noticed at every point in the chat- when I LOL or say something in humor- she LOL also. This “gelling” begets mirroring.

Now here is where I cut the banter and get right to business…again [my messages in blue].


[Breakdown of screenshot above]

You always want to stay focused on the end game: to meet up and have sex.

I usually venture to her side of the island every other weekend, so that is why I pitched the drink then netflix and chill @ my hotel proposal. That was also strategic. When I mentioned “netflix and chill” on the balcony of my hotel, the word “balcony” is placed there as a safe word. In other words, had I just said, “let’s go back to my hotel and netflix and chill”, images of being back @ a random guy’s hotel room, would’ve flashed into her mind, and possibly cause some red flags to go off. By me saying “on the balcony”, it psychologically puts her at ease, knowing that she wasn’t going directly to a stranger’s room. So she’s likely to agree to the netflix and chill on the balcony, opposed from netflix and chill directly to my hotel room…though she knows it’s inevitable anyway.

Here’s a hidden-cam video from last year (or earlier this year), where I got a female-bodybuilding trainer back to my hostel/guesthouse, to “chill” on the balcony, before ultimately taking her to the room in order to seal the deal.

The hidden beauty about this (the balcony line) is that a balcony doesn’t even have to exist in the first place. πŸ‘Ώ It is just a psychological ploy to allay the girl’s fears.

Also, I strategically mentioned, “if you have a super-jealous BF liable of killing, we could skip the Beehive part”, essentially saying to her that we should skip the drink part @ the Beehive (a popular bar) and go straight to the hotel. The reason I said that is because if we could skip drinks and go straight to my hotel; then that’s even better. And since every (hot) girl has a boyfriend, I knew she would’ve agreed to skipping the bar and go straight to my hotel. πŸ™‚

It’s about setting things up in a way which forces the girl to have to choose between 2 options: the hard one or the easy one. In this case, since the girl has a boyfriend (all women do), being seen out with me @ a popular bar in the city, would’ve been deemed too risky: hence the hard option. Now, what was the easier option? Go straight to my hotel for netflix & chill…on the balcony. So, do you see how that works? Present her with 2 choices, 1 of which is more psychologically palatable than the other.

She mentions being bisexual. I’m not sure why she did so; but hey- I guess 3-some is in the cards ❓

Nevertheless, she claims that she’s single, yet at the same time, claims that she has jealous guys. How the fuck does this even make any sense!? So she does have a boyfriend or couple boyfriends for that matter! So- again- all girls have boyfriends. In any case, it is also her way of agreeing with me, that it would be risky for us to go for drinks because she has lots of guys who are jealous over her. So again- I lead and set the frame and she follows by agreeing with my take.

As for the “chill” part in netflix and chill, this is just another instance of backwards rationalization in the minds of women. If sex happens whenever we do meet, she can justify to herself that she was as an innocent participant by saying (to herself), “at least I said that it depends on his definition of ‘chill'”. So it’s all a psychological ploy on the part of the girl.


[Breakdown of screenshot above. My messages in blue]

When guys hear the word “bi”, they go crazy and: “Wow! 3-some! Can we!? Can we”!? I on the other hand, played it cool: “never met a bi chick before…this may be interesting”.

In reference to her saying that she has guys who are jealous about her (her secret boyfriends), I derisively labeled them stalkers, groupies and fans. By doing so- calling out her admirers- I set myself apart from those stalkers, groupies and fans of hers. I then become that guy whom she chases, rather than the guy who chases her.

Now, up to this point, have you noticed me complimenting the girl? No! I do NOT compliment girls on their looks! Never! If I were to do so- to call a girl “hot”- I would do so in an indirect manner that would make me maintain my alphaness, instead of being lumped into the Beta-Male fans crowd. Hence, that’s why I said to her, “every hot girl has those (stalkers)”. I never called her hot! I only insinuated that she’s hot. HUGE difference!

Just for clarity on where we stood, I reiterated that Beehive (the bar) was out the question, and that netflix and chill was safer.

As to her comment about the “chill” in netflix and chill, it depends on what it means, I coyly tell her that I was trying to be faithful to my GF. So in other words, she has nothing to worry about as far as me trying to rip her clothes off when we hang out.

Does she buy it? Of course not! She knows I’m lying/playing about not tearing her clothes off! But again- this is done as a false disqualifier. Which guy wouldn’t want to rip a hot girl’s clothes off? By me telling her I wouldn’t (though she doesn’t believe me), it let’s her know that I am not like every desperate guy out there: simply because I’m used to being in the company of women hotter than she is.

How does she know that I’m just being humorous about not trying to fuck her? She LOL about the “rip clothes off” part, and calls me a tiger.


[Breakdown of screenshot above. My messages in blue]

Another indirect compliment: my 2nd (telling her she has looks, humor and brains). It is sort of a backhanded compliment when you think about it. I’m essentially saying that hot girls don’t usually have looks and brains.

Now, here is where I look to seal the deal as far as the phone #. In a recent video, I posted that before going for a girl’s phone #, Always ensure that she knows the deal! Always make sure that she knows that you aren’t grabbing her # just to be fucking text-pals! most guys, whenever they manage to grab a girl’s #, the girl leaves under the impression that the guy merely wanted her # just for the sake of it…as a psychological trophy. Before grabbing a girl’s number; tell her the deal! Tell her your intent (however, not sexually)! That is why before asking her if she uses Whatsapp, I made sure to mention for the 3rd time, that netflix and chill it is! There should be no ambiguity left in the girl’s mind as to the reason you had grabbed her #. Check out the video I made about this.

She thanked me for the backhanded compliment about having brains and looks. Also, she solidifies her commitment to netflix and chill with me next weekend.

Moreover, I like when chicks say stuff like, “if I give you my number, I don’t want you to harass me”. I’m cool with that! Simply because I don’t text chicks unless it’s about establishing logistical matters for meeting up. Besides that; I don’t text women once I would’ve gotten their digits, unless it’s to finalize so-called date matters. If a girl initiates the texting, then I would likely engage for a bit.

On a related note, hot girls have tons of stalkers and guys calling them at weird hours in the morning. They have needy guys texting them every minute saying “I love you”, etc. These girls are fed the fuck up! So I know better! And that is the vibe in which I give off to the girl: she doesn’t have to worry about me hounding her.


[Breakdown of screenshot above. My messages in blue]

Isn’t that a bitch. She had to change her phone # recently because guys were harassing her to death.

Go figure! Beta-Males will never learn!

I wisely let her know what I just shared with you guys: that I don’t text girls unless it’s about meeting up. This let’s the girl know that I am all-fucking business! No Disney love story texting crap!

In jest, I sent an emoticon (laughing), and saying, “aren’t you lucky (to having to have to change her #)”.


[Breakdown of screenshot above. My messages in blue]

As expected; she coughs up the digits.

What do I do next? End the convo! As I’ve been teaching you guys for years now: the one who ends the conversation first, leaves having the most leverage, power, value and the initiative. This is why 100% of the time, I end the convo on the girl before she ends it on me, because I know the psychological implications of being the one who ends and the one who gets it ended on him. Men, being so stupid, always get the convo closed on them. Thus, the girl emerges from the chat as the one having the leverage, value and the psychological boost.

Anyway, so I told her we’ll catch up soon.

Another textbook pull via Facebook of an HB10 (according to PUA community classification).

Wasn’t that easy-breezy simple?

Sure it was!

It didn’t take me no more than 6 hours from open to close (phone #). It could’ve all taken 6 minutes had the girl been online consistently. But her replies were intermittently because she kept going offline.

Now, what is the grand takeaway here, besides picking up girls on Facebook is as easy as taking a piss?

There are few takeaways:

1.) (Hot) girls don’t look at a guy’s looks. They respond to a guy’s vibe and personality. I’ve always stated this and I’ll continue to do so: I am NOT the most handsome guy around. In fact- I don’t even fit the stereotypical mole of a guy who’s deemed attractive. Yet I’m able to attract random girls out of thin air within seconds on social media. While the most handsome guys in the world couldn’t manage to make this happen (Facebook pickup of total strangers). So looks don’t fucking matter!

Secondly, treat hot girls as though they were ugly ducklings. Men give hot women preferential treatment. I don’t do such a thing. The way in which I operate with a 10, is the way I operate with a 4…though I have no experience with 4’s. πŸ™‚

Overall guys: you have to buy in!

You have to buy into the frame/mindset that girls are easy!

Too many guys I come across still harbor these limiting beliefs, saying crap like, “She’s out of my league”.



No girl is out of your league!

Most guys reject themselves before girls do.

Entering the proverbial battlefield with the mindset of a defeatist, is the quickest way to wield defeat into existence.

As for Netflix and Chill, which I dub, Netflix and Sex; you don’t have to take girls out on dates guys…ever!

You can have the girl virtually come straight over to your abode without all the dating BS! Netflix and Sex has been my date alternative for years now, even before the term “Netflix and Chill” became a household name.

I never take girls out! They either meet me out somewhere, or they come over to my place or my hotel (if I’m traveling).

Thus, the traditional-dating hoopla of taking a girl out on dinner and movie dates, spending lavishly, etc. is utterly unnecessary.

If you do decide to give my Facebook pull method a try, and you manage to pick up a girl via Facebook, you can download the free “Netflix and Sex” PDF guide, which I published weeks ago.

Netflix & Sex PDF guide: how to get laid from Netflix & Chill

Not sure how to even pick up girls on Facebook to begin with?

Purchase my recently published Facebook pickup product ($9.95), by clicking on the image below, in order to get redirected.


At the end of the day- certainly- this can be replicated. Picking up girls on Facebook can become your sole mean of picking up women and getting laid.

You don’t even have to leave your crutty apartment! No need to open an account on any online-dating site or anything of that sort, once you learn my pickup method for easily picking up girls on Facebook.

4 thoughts on “Pulling More Random Girls On FB With Textbook Pickup [text-by-text breakdown]

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  1. Hey Kenny,
    I remember reading about one of your past in which ya talked bout how girls have no type
    but i read an article at attraction institute which said girls are different not all are same
    So i am confused here if you would help me it would be appreciated ;-;


    1. Hey Aryan, this sort of confusion will happen time to time, depended on whom you speak to. It’s not really a contradiction. Just that some coach’s experience differs. But ask yourself this: would you rather believe that women have types or would you rather believe that you are her type because she has no type? Just as the looks thing. Would you rather believe that looks matter to women, or would you rather believe that they dont? What benefit do you have in believing that looks matter? What would it benefit you to believe that you don’t look good enough? Additionally, when guys say that every girl is different. Sure that’s true. But that isn’t on a deep level. Some women like Cheerios. Some prefer Lucky Charms. Some don’t like cereal at all…nor milk. So…women are different in that sense. However, all women are the same on deeper levels such as what attracts them, types don’t exist, women liking dominant men (Alphas), etc. Those things are the things that make all women the same


      1. Thanks for the fast answer and solving my doubt Kenny,
        And you really learn new things everyday πŸ˜€
        Once again thanks
        and lol dont reply to this comment


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