Women Have Short-Term Memories

Women really have short-term memory.

Apart from that, women are creatures of the moment. In other words; they live in the moment and are subjected to the now. So it isn’t that they have short-term memory. Rather that they just can’t keep track of shit with the amount of guys hitting them up.

This girl here had rejected me about 4 months back as far as meeting up with me for a drink or what have you.

She flat out said NEVER! 4 months later (yesterday), I hit her up on Whatsapp and it was as if she didn’t remember flat out shooting me down 4 months ago (which I doubt she remembers).

Saying that much to say: hardly anything is ever permanent with women.

They’ll reject you now but forget about it later.
[My texts in green]


Being that I was super busy over the weekend, I didn’t bother follow up with this chick.

Always a next time! 😉

Lastly, cases like these are why you should never take girls seriously.

What a woman says now, she will either forget it later, or flat out pretend as though she never said it.

Moreover, this principle should be applied to pickup on a broader level, in that you should never take rejection personally or seriously.

For instance- in the nightclub- a girl is liable to reject you now, forget who you are, you bump into her 3 minutes later, and she’s eating out of your palms, oblivious to the fact that you were the guy whom she’d told to fuck off just 3 minutes ago.

2 thoughts on “Women Have Short-Term Memories

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    1. Yep Thomas. You might fight that urge to take it to heart bro. The girl isn’t rejecting you as a person. She’s rejecting the moment. Reframe it that way. It’s not you. It’s the moment. Bad frikkin’ timing. Whatever. Over time, you will become bulletproof (or rejection proof) in the sense that rejections don’t hurt. But, before you reach that level, you have to get stung many times first.


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