How’s Your FB Page Anyway?

No secret to you guys, but my Facebook account generates a great portion of sex leads which lead to actual sex.

My Facebook is set up in such a way that it attracts girls and make them want to sleep with me…ultimately.

I spoke about this concept at length in all 3 of my Facebook pickup products, most recently in Easy Guide To Picking Up Women On Facebook.

Inherently, your FB is either set up in a way that repels women or attracts them.

Ninety-eight percent of guy’s Facebook repels women (I would say 99.5%…but I’m executing some modesty here).

By “set up”, I don’t mean the optics nor the superficial look of one’s Facebook.

I’m referring to one’s posts and status updates.

They can either turn women away or grab their attention.

Here’s a recent screenshot displaying this.

This is a girl whom I’d just picked up days ago on Facebook, and since gotten her # to where we texted on Whatsapp.
[Her texts in white]


From that, you can see that the stuff I post are what make her say that my Facebook page is interesting.

I will make a video in the coming days about statuses that either make or break you with women.

No surprise: the vast majority of guy posts statuses that turn women off!

Just to give you a quick tidbit, whenever you add a new girl to your Facebook, she should be blown away from the get go.

By “blown away”, I mean she should come across a vast range of posts (statuses) that shocks her brain as contradictions and polarizations.

For example- with this chick- soon as I added her to Facebook and she accepted my friend request, I posted a status saying that I don’t do light-skinned black girls.

Now, that is a huge contradiction- because- well- after all: she’s light-skinned…and I added her.

Thus, not only did that status of mines shock her as a contradiction, but it made her a bit self-conscious and puzzled.

Here it is that she was certain that I like her. But my status essentially said that girls of her complexion aren’t my type.

Such contradictions hook a woman’s interest!

It makes her confuse…and confusion breeds attraction as I’ve been telling you guys for ages now.


What's your view?

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