The Calibration Paradox Of Game [repost]

A little drunk texting yesterday evening via Messenger with a sexy-pregnant girl I picked up on my way to work this morning.
[From last night. My text in blue]



Side note: I wasn’t actually drunk, but had 2 beers though.

For the record: I have a preggo fetish because pregnant vagina is like heaven! Those of you who don’t have kids may not be able to relate.

Another side note: it’s not what you say that makes you look needy to women.

You can say anything and get away with it as long as long as your vibe and words are congruent to your impression and personality.

For instance; I always tell chicks “I love you”, but it never comes off as weird and needy because they know that I’m BS’ing…and that’s what they like (a guy who gets that humor is huge).

The Calibration Paradox Of Game

Quite often, I get guys who complain that they have tried the forward method, online specifically, yet they can’t seem to hit the right chords to where the girl reciprocates positively.

Largely, this issue boils down to calibration…or lack thereof (proper calibration).

In order to get away with saying anything to women, you firstly ought to be calibrated and congruent to that personality and behavior (forwardness).

If you give off the impression to women that you’re a respectable kind of guy [this impression could be aided by the things you post to social media], then you CANNOT and will NOT be able to get away with being forward, pervy, sexual and or pushy in an attractive way.

There is an inherent disconnect and contradiction there between personality and words.

This is a recipe and cause for conflict. And this is why you are unable to get away with the type of stuff that I often get away with.

Case in point: if you were to tell a stranger over Facebook, someone whom you haven’t met, that you love her, she will immediately get weirded out, run for the hills and block you!

How come? Because somewhere along the line, you gave her the impression that you are the type of guy who gets clingy, needy, desperate and weighty.

In essence: you are badly calibrated as we’d say in pick-up parlance.

Likewise, if you were to tell a girl that you hate her, or call her a bitch (over text), not only will she be offended, but she’s liable to believe every word of it.

Whenever I text aa girl, “I hate your guts”, she rarely ever takes it to heart because she respects my frame to which I’m congruent and calibrated.

She knows I mean well, and am just kidding.

As for being sexual and forward- again- you get away with it once women sense that you own this personality and that you regularly get away with such forward behavior with countless women.

Hence, you’re calibrated and congruent to that behavior.

With that, how do you fix the calibration dilemma?

First off: change your approach. If you’re trying to pick up women online (mainly on social media), your profile/postings should reflect this: that you’re the type of guy who enjoy the company of various women.

How do you accomplish this alteration?

Simple! Start posting things which are relationship, dating, mating and sex oriented.

Quit posting shit about the UFC, MMA, basketball finals, NFL, politics, etc.

Those things can come along in moderation.

However, the bulk of your posts and statuses should be centered around male-female relations.

Give women the impression that you are attuned to their world.

Whenever you do decide to hit her up via messenger, for instance, she says to herself, “Oh! It’s the guy who posts about dating and meeting women”.

If she isn’t aware of you, she will simply click on your profile just to briefly scan the things you’re into as far as your postings go.

If she sees nothing but MMA, UFC, men chasing other men (sports), Bible quotes, etc. then it’s an instant rejection…unless she’s one inclined to be enamored with such things.

Nevertheless, you also gain proper calibration by osmosis over time.

Time is the greatest teacher, and that is the case for most guys in game.

If you stick around long enough, making mistakes long enough, getting rejected long enough, you’ll naturally learn how to adapt, and learn which ways lead to dead ends and the ones which lead to mastery with women.

The thing is: most guys don’t want to fucking face the failures and bad nights out in the field.

They want instant success!

They want game to the point that they could snap a finger and make manifest a girl scantily-clad in his bed…butt-ass naked.

I regularly manage such feats nowadays. But I had to go through the rigors and months of failures and blowouts. But if you stick with it long enough, along with incorporating the online hacks which I share with you, into your online persona, you’ll begin to connect with random women, on, and offline, barely getting rejected in spite of saying/doing the most outlandish stuff you can think of!

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