Brief Post On Why Indirect Game (Online Especially) Is Far Superior

More Facebook Game tidbits:

It’s all about the approach, and this is just another testament to the fact that online, indirect game is far superior to direct game.

Going direct in the traditional sense of opening/inboxing girls on Facebook with compliments, will get you ultimately blown out and ignored 80% of the time.

Going indirect by adopting my style and method, will hook more than 80% of the time, with a response rate of over 95%.

For instance; the girl featured in the chat-log below, is a super-hot girl, model-figured, that type that’ll have guys drooling at the mouth.

You think you can open her with some lame-direct compliment bullshit and have her engage you?

Of course NOT!

Hence…go INDIRECT just as I did here in my first message to this girl whom I added on Facebook, literally 2 days ago!
[My texts in blue]



Not to belabor the point, nor to get too deep into the semantics of direct-indirect game, but going direct online, can work.

Quite often, I go sexually direct.

However, as I touched on in the previous post about calibration and congruence, your persona must add up to that guy who can go sexual off the bat.

Sexually direct upon your opener/ice-breaker isn’t the greatest issue as far as direct game online goes.

Complimenting women- that sort of direct game- is a losing strategy when trying to gain reciprocation and eventually pick up women over social media.


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