Cheating Girlfriend Turns Stalker…Part II

Since meeting and hooking up with the girl spoken of in the previous post, a process which took no longer than 4 days might I add [from pickup via FB to sex], things have turned for the worse.

In what way you may ask ❓

Well- she’s becoming clingy: very clingy.

“Clingy” is a pleasant way to put it. In common jargon: she’s a fucking pest!

Now, it’s quite understandable for others to surmise that perhaps I’m being melodramatic here with colorful descriptions such as clingy and pest. But a huge part of the discontent on my end comes down to personal likes, dislikes and boundaries.

If a girl rings me more than twice a day, I’m liable to become very irritated as I begin to feel somewhat stifled and claustrophobic, and as though I’m being watched with tabs being kept on me.

Additionally, and more in relation to the girl here, after I would’ve hooked up with a chick, the excitement and novel feelings wane for the most part.

Essentially, the game is over.

In such a case, I prefer to then settle into a more quasi-traditional role where nothing spectacular happens.

In other words: booty-call and that’s it.

Nothing irks me more than when a girl pushes for more than what I’m willing to bargain for.

Sounds like I’m beating around many bushes and speaking in riddles, right?


Anyway, so this chick became super clingy since we hooked up once.

She had since re-added me on Facebook, she has me on Whatsapp, IMO and numerous other platforms to say the least.

If she can’t reach me by telephone, she sends me a bunch of frikkin’ text messages, she messages me on Facebook, video-calls me on IMO, etc.

This is overbearing!

Other guys would love this! The average guy would salivate at the idea of having a girl chase him, call and text him ’till infinity!

I on the other hand instantly feel a sense of crowdedness.

This shit gets real old real quick.

Furthermore, I just want to quickly touch on the “hooked” factor in relation to sex.

There’s a general misconception by large numbers of men out there, who hold the notion that a girl gets hooked to a guy because of his sexual prowess and how good he fucks her in bed.

This is absolutely FALSE as I’ve been preaching for years!

I regularly get subjected to the nagging conversations between the boys at the barbershop on weekends, conversations which include ideal proclamations such as the following:

“Man, if I ever get my hand on that girl, I would smash her so good, she’ll be knocking on my door everyday, hooked on the dick”!

I laugh because these guys literally have no clue as to what keeps girls hooked and turned into stalkers.

It isn’t about how good you fuck the girl. But existential factors which have very little to do with sex.

Case in point, had you read part I of this 2 part series, I mentioned that I “half-ass” banged the girl while back at my place.

“Half-ass” denotes a mediocre and lackluster performance, right?


My performance that night ranked arguably the worst of all time, aided by the fact that she wasn’t enjoying it herself.

Now, with that being said, why has this girl now turned into a clingy stalker since our first and only sexual encounter was a joke?

Again- it had nothing to do with sex.

Getting a girl hooked on you is a psychological thing, and rarely ever boils down to the mere physical such as sexual performance.

As a guy, you may be led to believe it’s mere sexual. But that is because you’re not lending credence to the other things you might have been doing right.

Here’s a look at the chat log between this cheating girlfriend and me. This was days later down in the month of May since we hooked up. This was also upon receiving numerous phone calls from her #, and a slew of calls from an unknown number…which was from her 😦 [my texts in green]


The deal was, she wanted us to go to the beach together, so that’s why she asked if I still had my friend’s vehicle.

The thing is though: “why”?

“Why should we go to the beach”?

“You’re not my girlfriend”!

“What would be the point”?

Those are the questions I asked myself, which I wanted to scream at her.

She kept persisting about the beach thing. So much so that she even rang me to try to come to some accord in her favor. 😯

I ignored her messages and phone calls into the following day.

The reason she wanted to go to the beach with me was to have sex in the water.

Generally, I wouldn’t mine such a proposal. But not after having slept with the girl.

In any case, I don’t take light to girls bugging me, calling me and texting me for whatever reason.

Do I lose respect for a girl once I sleep with her?


I’ve stated many times in the past on this website that there is no such thing as whores and people who cheat.

IMHO, because a girl sleeps around doesn’t deem her valueless. I have way more respect for a girl who is sexually liberated and doesn’t make a guy wait weeks, months and years, than a girl who intentionally drags out the inevitable just to try to make herself look valuable.

What I don’t like are girls who get attached and clingy.

As for girls with boyfriends; I have no qualms sleeping with them, nor do I hold the opinion that it is unethical in any way.

Lastly, I just want to emphasize that once you become skilled in the art of picking up women, no 1 girl becomes more important than the next chick.

The vast majority of guys lose sight of things once they manage to get their dick wet.

They begin to fetishize, idolize, pedestalize and cherish the girl for no good reason, simply because she spread her legs for them.

Soon after, the guy becomes ultra-clingy, needy and stalkerish.

This sort of reaction, in turn, turns women off.

If you want to turn a girl into a stalker (which I don’t) after you would have banged her, you have to treat her derisively, dismissively and coldly.

Not every girl I sleep with turns into a stalking pest.

Most times it depends on how I play it, the frame and other existential factors.

What's your view?

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