If She Rejects You: Bang Her Friend! Kenny PUA’s Twisted Ring Of Seduction Field Report Part.2

Shortly after the situation had unfolded between both cousins and me (which I wrote about in part 1), we let it go to the ethos and went our separate ways on amicable terms (the younger cousin and I that is).

I got what I wanted (sweet retribution and sex). She got what she wanted: a brief-sexual escapade with a cool guy.

About a week later (and this little over a month ago), this girl whom I’d been hooking up with- on and off- for about 5 months, replies to a text of mines about hooking up.

As I explained to you in part 1: there is no such thing as a girl being single. If she neglects to tell you about her boyfriend, she likely has a secret boyfriend but decides to hide that fact in order to save face and not look slutty for hooking up with a guy on the side.

That was the case with this girl in a nutshell: she had a secret boyfriend of whom she never told me about [not that I gave a shit anyway].

In any case, feeling slutty about our 5 months fling, she decides to chide me out because of the content of my message, as though I had Beta pussy written on my forehead.

I don’t take light to such opportunistic bullshit from women!

I demand a certain level of respect from the women I hook up with.

Blatant disregard forces me to act out of character.

Fresh off the heels of the previous success where I had banged the cousin of a girl who rejected me; I was again entertaining the idea of a possible encore to such a mammoth and evil feat. 😈

“Can I actually replicate this shit”, I pondered.

The girl and I- let’s just call her Jenny for sake of reading facilitation of the article- were Facebook friends during our 5 month fling.

I don’t know what it is about girls whom I hook up with, adding me on Facebook shortly afterwards.

Perhaps a way for them to keep tabs on me and to see whom else I was possibly screwing ❓ …though that’s none of their business.

Be as it may, I embarked on the mission to teach Jenny a little lesson in “screw me, and I’ll screw you back big time”.

I scrolled through her friend list in search of a girl who’s hotter than she is.

She didn’t necessarily have to be a relative of hers as was the case with the girl in the previous article. Just as long as the other girl was hotter and a friend of hers outside of Facebook also.

How was I to determine whether this girl was a friend of hers outside of Facebook?

Through photos. πŸ™‚

With that, instead of continuing to browse through her profile for a hotter girl to seduce, I decided to flip through her photo albums in search of a girl (tagged in her photos) whom I knew for certain was someone who Jenny hung out with.

However, I didn’t quite want to gun for a bestie as a subject in this game.

Why not?

A BFF of hers is likely to have known about Jenny and me, since girls tell their besties everything. So this other girl had to be someone who was close enough that they hung out or partied together: but not that close that Jenny would confide in her.

A tricky proposition. But I proceeded nevertheless.

I came across numerous photos which appeared to be “girls night out” oriented.


There were 4 girls in this particular photo.

By the caption, it didn’t appear that any of these girls was her BFF, but mere girls who she would hang out and party with.

Each girl was relatively sexy, but none of them was smoking hot.

Fuck it! I had to settle for a lukewarm chick. This was no problem by the way since a girl’s ego is liable to get crushed even more, knowing that the other girl isn’t as hot as she is.

For example; if a guy were to cheat on her girlfriend with a girl who’s hotter, the girl who was cheated on, can justify to herself that her boyfriend cheated on her with a girl who’s hotter than she is. So this makes for a more palatable and digestible situation.

However, if the other girl with whom the boyfriend cheated, was not as hot as the girlfriend, she (the girlfriend) is liable to feel a bigger sense of betrayal and blow to her value, to know that her boyfriend cheated on her with a girl who wasn’t hotter than she is.

She has nothing in which to use in order to plausibly justify to herself as to why her boyfriend cheated with that particular girl since she’s not as hot.

With that being said, I felt comforted in pursuing a target who wasn’t as hot as Jenny, knowing that such a move would shatter her reality even more. πŸ‘Ώ

Just as the script read in the previous post with the girl from a few weeks earlier, I friend requested a friend of Jenny’s.

Being that she would’ve seen that we have a mutual friend in common [Jenny], it made it much more likely for her to accept the random friend request…and she did.

Upon acceptance of my friend request, I immediately un-friended Jenny. πŸ™‚ 😈

How come?

I didn’t want to risk my cover being blown if Jenny were to ask her girlfriend if she knew me personally, etc. So it was the most prudent strategy to delete Jenny in order to cover my tracks.

Subsequently, I ran my usual-deadly Facebook PUA game and got her phone number [Jenny’s friend] within the first round of inbox messages.

Let’s call Jenny’s friend, Jessica.

As usual, I never just get a girl’s phone number for the hell of it. I close the deal (as far as the # goes) upon making note that we would meet up soon for drinks or snacks.

Within a matter of days, we were slated to meet up, grab a bite then head back to my place for Netflix and Chill. πŸ˜‰

Remind you; all this was happening under the nose of Jenny, the girl whom I was hooking up with for 5 or so months, who decided to rudely chastise me for a text message I sent her about wanting to fuck her.

Anyway, Jessica, the new girl, who’s a friend of Jenny, had no clue that Jenny and I were hooking up (or used to). I doubted that she even know that we knew each other outside of Facebook.

Be as it may, I didn’t exactly want news to break of this…at least not prematurely.

I wanted everything to go down according to plan: my plan, which was to bang Jenny’s friend [Jessica] without Jenny’s knowledge. Then somehow after we would’ve hooked up, rub it in Jenny’s face that I was now banging 1 of her girlfriend. 😯

That was the plan.

Let’s see if it would stay the course.

Days later- and remind you- this was all during the early days of May, 2016, so literally the other day, Jessica (the new girl) hits me up via Whatsapp on a Thursday evening wanting to hang out.

Since I was free that evening, I agreed to meet up, anticipating the lay earlier than I’d projected.

She texted me the details of where to meet her.

During the text conversation while working out the locational logistics, she mentions, “I’m at a friend’s house”.

Me: “Okay. A girlfriend of yours I’m guessing”.

Jessica: “Yea. Her name’s Jenny”.

I almost caught a heart attack when I seen the name Jenny. 😯

Surely I didn’t want Jenny to find out this early that I was to see Jessica, and am possibly hooking up with Jessica.

Guess what though: Jessica did tell Jenny that a guy name Kenny is to pick her up in a few minutes.


Hope she didn’t specify to Jenny which Kenny he was. 😯

She did! 😦

She told her it’s this guy name Kenny from so and so, last name so and so…and so on.

The jig is up [I hope not]!

I then responded with, “Okay…so what did your friend Jenny tell you, does she know of such a Kenny”?

Jessica: “Yea. She was shocked when I mentioned you. She didn’t know that we knew each other”.

Me: “Ok cool. What else did she say”?

Jessica: “She says you’re a dirty pervert and if I know better, I should stay away from you”.


This is exactly what I didn’t want happening before having the chance to sleep with Jessica!

If you recall what I mentioned in part 1 concerning this being a risky occurrence (girl telling the other girl about our happenings), you would’ve known why I was shaking in my boots once Jessica relayed the news to me that she’d told Jenny about our pending rendezvous.

Ok, so here it is again: because Jessica and Jenny are friends, Jenny would’ve had way more sway and pull over Jessica than I did, as just some random Joe Smoe whom she had met about a week prior.

Her loyalty lies with Jenny- her friend- and not with Kenny!

With that, anything Jenny says has more credibility than anything I could ever say.

Thus, once Jenny remarked that “Kenny’s a dirty pervert whom she should stay away from”, her words is likely to hold weight, and Jessica is likely to pull out, in hopes of preserving her friendship.

At the core of it all was sheer jealousy on the part of Jenny, who did not think that I should be hooking up with her friend, after having been hooking up with her (Jenny) for nearly 6 whole months.

Surprisingly, Jessica went full speed against the grain and decided to still meet up with me in spite of her girlfriend’s reservations and warnings.

Such a move is unpresidented in the history of hooking up. Girls will rarely ever defy their girlfriends for a guy whom they barely know!

For whatever reason; Jessica did just that and elected to still have me meet up with her that evening, in spite of the fact that Jenny told her I was a pervy scum.


Minutes later, we met up at a designated location nearby Jenny’s place.

We took a walk, grabbed a snack and headed to my pad to “hang out”. πŸ˜‰

We half-ass hooked up and she hitched a cab about 3 hours later back to her place [reason I say ” half-ass” is that I didn’t get to ejaculate because she kept complaining that she hasn’t had sex in a while, so she can’t bear much thrusting…so I gave up about 10 minutes in].

This all went down about 2 weeks ago.

Although I never got the chance to rub it in Jenny’s face, that I hooked up with 1 of her girlfriends (Jessica), it turned out to be just as good/bad anyway, since Jessica spilled the beans about our meet-up the night that we hooked up.

The damage was still done.

Jenny will have to live with the reality that I banged 1 of her friends just because she [Jenny] was being a total bitch for no good reason, only because I texted her about fucking her pussy.

Days ago, Jessica and I were texting, and just for the fuck of it, I brought up the situation [my texts in green].


Apparently, and as I’d suspected since I managed things quite nicely as far as isolation goes; Jenny didn’t know that we knew each other until that night.

In hindsight, this might had been the reason Jenny’s harsh words about me never had an impact in changing Jessica’s mind: she found out about us too late.

Had she known about us- let’s say- days prior, Jenny would’ve been able to talk her out of meeting me.

In fact, Jenny could’ve spilled the beans and tell Jessica that she and I were hooking up for months. That would’ve totally killed my chances , as Jessica would be forced to back out in order to appease her friend, and also to avoid looking slutty.

In any case, I got my point across however dirty it was: 2 can play this game.

As for Jessica and I, we haven’t hooked up again since but are on civil terms.

As for Jenny; we haven’t spoken in over a month since she blew up on me.

At the end of the day, it’s a powerful reality to know that you can bang a girl’s friend or relative almost at will once you have the know-how, skills and the understanding of women.


2 thoughts on “If She Rejects You: Bang Her Friend! Kenny PUA’s Twisted Ring Of Seduction Field Report Part.2

Add yours

  1. Hi Kenny,

    hoping everything is fine.

    “If she rejects you: sleep with her friend”

    I definitely love the spirit of it. But the idea still has not reached it’s full potential yet, has it?

    What’s about:

    If she rejects you: sleep with the refugee child she is taking care of.


    If she rejects you: Rape a cat and send her the video.

    Or, finally

    If she rejects you: Sleep with her boyfriend.

    These lines would convey a bit more engagement. Or is it just me, having watched one RSD Julien video too much during my life span. πŸ˜‰

    Best regards from Germany



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