I Hope She Isn’t Dead

Back in January, I published a few posts about a sexy-married Cougar whom I’d pulled/picked up over Facebook.

All went well and according to my plan as far as managing to hook up with her on few occasions.

Subsequent to our 4 week affair, she virtually fell off the proverbial map!

Generally, I wouldn’t care about stuff like this.

Once I manage to hook up with a girl a time or two, I am not concerned about the aftermath. Whether she falls off the map or not, and elects to never communicate with again; it’s all good on my end.

With this married chick however, since I’d picked her up on Facebook and she’s in my friend list, I noticed that I haven’t seen any status update from her since the end of January.

Out of curiosity, I decided to click on her profile and scan her wall briefly.

Lo and behold: no status or anything posted since late January…subsequent to our fling.

What made this very apparent was that other people whom she has as friends on Facebook, commented on her wall, asking about her sudden disappearance from Facebook.

Additionally, she hadn’t replied to any of those posts to her wall from concerned individuals.

Moreover, over the course of the last 2 months, I did ring her phone…to no avail [straight to voicemail].

In retrospect, I do recall some of our later conversations revolving around her husband confiscating her smartphone and going through her call log.

I never thought much of it…until now.

Perhaps he eventually stumbled upon our elicit text conversations, and through rage, facilitated by a sense of betrayal, he bludgeon her to death. 😯

That would be very unfortunate if it were the case…which I hope it isn’t [after all; I do have a heart].

However, rarely ever do I see women completely vanish after they would have hooked up with me.

It is 1 thing to discontinue communication solely with me. But to cease communication with everyone on social media on a whole- including relatives- is sort of disturbing to say the least.

Oh well- hope for the best!

Fingers crossed!

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