Comprehensive Guide On How To Pick Up Girls Easily On Facebook

Hey fellaz, this is arguably and easily my 100th post on picking up girls via Facebook.

Not only am I enamored with the idea of teaching you guys tips, tricks and hacks to getting laid through Facebook. But this is also what I do on a routine basis. And by “routine”, I mean DAILY!

Okay, I will try not to belabor the small points with which you would’ve already been au-fait.

However, there are 2 basic prerequisites to executing this particular format of mines in order to instantly attract and get laid through Facebook.

1.) You must firstly own a Facebook account [“DUH”]

2.) The girl whom you intent to attract, pick up and sleep with, must be your friend on Facebook

Ok, since point #1 is already a given, we’ll tackle the 2nd point which is paramount here.

For clarification sake, you don’t necessarily have to be Facebook friends with the girl whom you intend to pick up.

However, having that girl as your friend on Facebook, is equivalent to being inside of her social circle of friends.

It makes it that much easier to have access to her (psychologically), coupled with the fact that it gives you cover in the department of ‘Social Value’…which is a huge plus.

In other words, if a girl accepts your friend request, she’s essentially saying that you’re someone of value.

Now, this definitely isn’t true, because chicks are liable to add and accept anyone. But it doesn’t hurt you as the guy, to assume this frame (the idea of the girl seeing you as someone of value).

With that, it is advantageous to firstly send the girl a friend request if you two aren’t already friends on Facebook.

When you will have done that, you can then proceed with the method.

Oh- before we proceed- I also want to point out an interesting piece of reality that you may have trouble coming to grips with: It is 10 times as easy to pick up and bed a total stranger from Facebook than to try to pick up a girl whom you already know.

Did you know that? And why is this?

It boils down to impression and familiarity.

Impression: we all know that 1st. impression is indelible and etched in stone. If a girl already knows you, it means that she already has an impression of you. If this impression is one that sucks and makes you appear lame, boring, Beta and non-sex-worthy; then you virtually have no shot.

Sorry to tell you…though it’s worth a shot…I guess.

Familiarity: Familiarity kills attraction! One of the greatest killers of your chances to get laid, is familiarity. The more a girl knows about you (being familiar), the likelihood of she sleeping with you, will have decreased dramatically!

Hence, this is why I mentioned that it is much more easier to take a total stranger to bed than someone with whom you’re acquainted, and who also has an impression of you.

In any case, you’ll have a greater shot with a girl who doesn’t know a thing about you. So I’ll proceed with the knowledge that the girl whom you’re looking to sleep with via Facebook, is someone whom you don’t know personally, but you two are friends on Facebook.


As per protocol, I will include screenshots to give you a greater sense- a realistic sense- of how to make this happen.

Before proceeding, allow me to point out an additional piece of interesting fact when it comes to attracting and picking up girls on Facebook: per week, I am liable of picking up, on average, 5 “random” strangers on Facebook. By “picking up”, I mean securing a super-solid phone number.

Another interesting tidbit of facts: per week, of those 5 random girls picked up, I typically sleep with about 2 on average…per week.

The remaining 3 whom I wouldn’t have slept with, account for stuff such as- well- I cannot realistically fuck 5 girls within 7 days (a week) unless I plan to fuck my dick out of commission from being overworked. 😦

Additionally, you have situations such as scheduling issues and so forth. Hence, I am left to allocate the remaining 3 girls for the following week (or weeks).

Saying all that to say; I have zero issues and hiccups when it comes to attracting, picking up and bedding women whom I meet through Facebook…TOTAL STRANGERS!

Conversely- and this is the part that may seem crazy to you- I fail almost every time in attempting to pick up girls whom I’m acquainted with. 😆 😦

I may get the phone number 40% of the time, but the lay almost never materializes. It isn’t that I cannot pick up and bed such girls. It’s just that Facebook isn’t the medium to try to sleep with girls whom you’re already familiar with unless they are in your immediate-social circle.

With total strangers on the other hand, I am bound to get their number 95% of the time.

Staggering ain’t it?

Again- you have a great shot in trying to sleep with a total stranger via Facebook than someone who knows you already.

Okay, so assuming that the girl whom you’re gunning for doesn’t know you outside of the internet, here is how you play this.

Firstly, don’t just go for the girl right away.

In other words, let’s say that you come across the profile of an attractive girl whom you’d like to get to know. And by “get to know”, I mean bodily so.

You add her and she accepts your friend request.

Although you can- and I often take this approach as 1 of my method outlines- you don’t have to inbox her right away.

What you want to do instead, is to first build the attraction through comments.

What do I mean?

Comment on her posts.

Spend about a week [between 4-7 days] leaving comments on her statuses.

You want to engage her first via comments on her statuses.

I call this “the warm and stealthy approach”. Instead of cold messaging her, build conversation with her via comments, then message her eventually.

That’s the strategy of executing this method.

Here are some screenshot examples from over the months of how I did just that.

Remind you: this girl is a random stranger whom I added on Facebook about 2 weeks prior to this dialogue back in February.





Did you see how I did that?

It was so effective [my dialogue] that I was able to drag another female into the conversation.

The biggest SOI (Sign of Interest) was when she called me a “Charmer”.

This wasn’t just a 1 comment and dead interaction. The thread was about 20 comments deep.

That was attraction in the making, simply by engaging the girl via comments on her status.

Here is the thing also: when guys hear the word “attraction”, they instantly connect it to looks and outer appearances.

Thus, from a male’s mindset, if a girl says that she’s attracted to a guy, he assumes that she must be referring to the guy’s physical makeup.

Men make this mistake in judgment because we are largely visually stimulated creatures: what we see on the surface is enough to make the purchase.

Females on the other hand, are far more sophisticated, and are not visual creatures in the sense that males are.

In other words: women go for personality and the intangibles traits in men.

What she deems attractive in a man, is on the inside: his personality, character, energy, vibe, aura, sense of humor, etc.

The notion that women go for men based on their physical attractiveness, physical fitness, etc. are just a product of Hollywood, pop culture and the entertainment industry on a whole.

It is not that women are actually choosing men based on looks. They believe they are doing so. But in reality, women are choosing men based on their personality among other things which are related.

With that being said, whenever I say to a guy, “this girl is attracted to me”, he typically interprets that to mean that the girl is attracted to my physical appearance.

In any case, I want you to review the screenshots just to internalize what I did with the girl above.

I was able to instantly attract her through humor, charm and my ability to engage her without chasing her like those desperate losers do.

That is attraction!

It has nothing to do with looks!

Attraction occurs, and is born on an internal level (personality, etc). Not on the surface (looks)!

Believe it!

This is why I have no problems picking up strangers on Facebook.

I’m no fucking Will Smith or Brad Pitt! But I have the personality and verbal wits of a super-attractive Adonis, all of which outweigh superficialities [looks]!

Anyway, so now that you have managed to attract the girl by stirring dialogue on her posts, everything else would’ve been academic.

Before proceeding though, I must caution you that successfully building attraction through comments on the girl’s statuses, is depended upon your game skills.

Thus, merely leaving any old comment on a girl’s post will NOT- I repeat- will NOT suffice!

If your comments are lame and boring: you will get ignored just as 98% of other guys.

It is the type of comment you leave that gets a girl attracted. Not the fact that you had commented.

Don’t know what to comment for starters?

Here are some examples of Donts in these articles of mines.

Now, upon the realization that this girl was highly attracted to me (to my vibe), I now put myself in the best possible position to get her to reply once I messaged her.



Side note: once a girl is attracted to you (to your vibe), you don’t have to game her upon inboxing her.

Gaming a girl on Facebook through inbox or messenger, is only required in situations where you cold contact her, without firstly building a dialogue by commenting on her status.

However, once you had already gotten her engaged and attracted through her status, you can then go straight to the point upon messaging her for the first time…just as I did.


If you check the screenshot above where I’d messaged her for the 1st time, I didn’t do anything gamey.

I went right for it: let’s hang out!

There is no point in building more attraction upon attraction.

My ultimate goal with every girl I meet is to sleep with her. Thus, I went straight for it.

Not surprising; I slept with this girl days later at her place when I overnight in her town.

Here’s another example with another girl- same sequence- where I messaged her for the first time, knowing that she was already attracted to my vibe from commenting on her posts.



Here’s another similar example with a 3rd. girl a few weeks back.



Same script: total stranger whom I friend requested days prior.

Another example below: a fourth girl.



Again- before inboxing these girls, I spent a day or 2 creating interesting and humorous conversation on their statuses.

Here’s a 5th girl below [a Latina who lives in my area]: total stranger just as the other girls.

Again- before hitting her up on messenger, I managed to attract her via comments on her status updates.







That escalated quick [we sexted].

Needless to say, I went on to sleep with her also.

I have tons upon tons of screenshots of dozens of dozens of girls of all races, ethnicities and nationalities whom I took to bed by employing this super simple and nifty strategy of mines.

In conclusion, there are various ways in which to attract and pick up girls on Facebook.

Personally, I’d engineered and currently use 4 different methods of mines, depended on the situation and other variables.

The method that I laid out for you here is 1 of the most effective and easily intelligible.

The more advanced stuff can be fount in Facebook Bang.

Have questions?

Feel free to drop a comment here or e-mail me @


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