Master Seducers Podcast Episode #20: The PUA Quagmire + Nice Guys Are Manipulators Of Women

This episode [the 20th.] of the Master Seducers Podcast addresses:

*Why you shouldn’t try to friend your way in

*The nice-guy syndrome,

*Why nice guys don’t gets laid,

*Why Kenny P considers quote-unquote “nice guys”, manipulators, deceivers, scammers and liars in regards to women

This podcast episode also addresses a PUA quagmire which is paradoxical and contradictive in nature.

As a PUA, so-called Natural, player, lady’s man, etc. you’ll typically find yourself in a precarious situation where seemingly loser types and AFC Beta’s, are presented with way more chances and opportunities to be in the company of women than you are presented with.

Although this may be true (on the surface), it still gets tricky and more nuanced than that.

Also, Kenny touches on a common question that is asked by newbie PUA’s in relation to the PUA quagmire and the “friend your way in” approach.

Lots of men are under the impression that it is a wise strategy to try to friend their way into a girl’s heart and vagina. In essence, risk friendzoning themselves while simultaneously aim to seduce the girl.

This is a failing approach by all means. Trying to friend your way into a girl’s vagina will only land you in the friendzone, and possibly get you slapped with a sexual harassment and or rape charge.

According to Kenny, the vast majority of “real” rape cases, is perpetrated by nice guys who’ve been friendzoned by their OTD (object of their desire aka their crush).

Guys who’ve been friendzoned do NOT realize that girls don’t fuck their male friends (i.e. guys in the friendzone). Hence, those guys eventually push the issue (physically), catch the girl off guard, try to get sexual then find themselves slapped with a sexual harassment charge or rape case if sex ultimately materialize.

With that, it doesn’t pay to try to friend your way in.

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6 thoughts on “Master Seducers Podcast Episode #20: The PUA Quagmire + Nice Guys Are Manipulators Of Women

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  1. After watching the podcast i started to think about what’s been happening to me lately at my job. My supervisor is HB8 in the armed forces and recently she’s been coming to me more often to get some “mentorship” or to see if i can help “study” for a competition we have. Now when she approaches me, if I’m in the middle of something she waits or she’ll ask “do you have a minute”? Sometimes i’ll respond with not right now other times i’m available. What trips me out is, she’ll comes in my office close the door behind her and begin talking bout whatever – as this is happening i’m running in my mind “what other dudes in the office are you doing this too and why is it always me”? This is a chick i would smash, she already knows i’m married, and whenever we’re talking i’m giving her the bedroom eyes – but after listening to this podcast i’m tripping because i’m thinking to myself damn! i hope i haven’t just become the nice dude. ur thoughts on this situation?

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    1. How timely J. Great question though as you’re now wondering. Your situation though is different in the sense that you have a shot and she may very well be interested. Why I say that is you don’t come off as a platonic friend type. For instance, you give her bedroom eyes, etc. Women sense these things and know well to set you apart from the the guys they wouldn’t smash. So it’s all in the way you lead this vibe. Always or continue to work the indirect flirting angle. It is possible that she isn’t giving the other guy these chances because she know they aren’t fuck-able. So it’s a paradox also from that angle. If you know to yourself that you’ve been a total wuss, then it’s safe to say she may see you as non-sexual.


      1. That’s what imma do then bruh. No sooner than I read your post (due to the fact i’m in Hawaii 7 or 8hrs behind you) I kept the indirect angle going and told her imma use her bag and another females bag to smuggle in some smokes to another country, she busts out laughing telling the other female “it’s like he’s our pimp”!


        1. Hahaha great stuff J…as far as humor is concerned. It’s good to have that vibe in the workplace where female coworkers can joke about you in such a way. I posted about this the other day as far as accepting the DHV from coworkers instead of backing down whenever they say stuff which paints you as the player type


  2. I for one, cannot stand white knights nor nice guys, not just because they blindly take up for women in hopes it gets them in their pants, but also they are also the most annoying assholes out there. What do you think about them, Kenny?

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    1. Oh, you know how I feel about white knights. This episode was strictly about white knighting. I hate them also. They indirectly cock block guys like myself who are trying to get laid


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