Hooking Up With British East-Indian Hottie Teacher On The Day3

Interesting field report about a British chick- a preschool teacher- whom I’d picked up and banged about 4 weeks ago.

The back-story behind how we met was super interesting.

I went to pick up my daughter one day from preschool and the British teacher said to me, “Your daughter is very adorable”.

In my head, I took that to mean she was trying to say she wanna have my baby…preferably an adorable one also 😉 😆 .

Anyways, I got on the case right away and picked her up (got her #) and slept with her about 2 days later.

By the way, she has a boyfriend (as almost all women do), so we kinda went our separate ways after hooking up that one time.

That’s what I love about screwing girls with boyfriends. Because of their situation, they don’t often find themselves getting clingy and needy.

They just fuck on the side and let it be.

Anyway, so today, about 4 weeks since meeting her @ the preschool and hooking up with her, I went to pick up my daughter and bumped into the British teacher again.

She sort of gave me some hints that she was open to hooking up again.

In confirmation of this hunch of mines: she asks for my # so she can hit me up on Whatsapp…which she did a bit earlier today as the chat-log below will indicate.

Anyway, so she hits me up earlier after she’d bumped into me while picking up my daughter from preschool.

By the way, she’s a very adorable chick [more facial adorability than sex appeal since she doesn’t have the sexiest bod], 25 years young, super intelligent, of East-Indian descent (probably mixed with something else).

As I write this post, she’s on her way over to my spot for round 2 [the D2] after I’d finished up having a solo drink @ the lounge.
[Her texts in white. Mines in green]






Stay tuned for an interesting post on the topic.

One thought on “Hooking Up With British East-Indian Hottie Teacher On The Day3

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  1. Nice, I love British women. That was a good sexual frame you put on her comment about your daughter being adorable and how wants to create another adorable baby with you. Helps portray the right vibe better than it just being a innocent comment.


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