Why Hot Girls On Social Media Constantly Ignore Your Comments

Another insightful video I put together yesterday on the topic of gaming girls over Facebook and social media in general.

This time, I go in depth on why guys perpetually get their comments on girl’s posts ignored.

In addition to that, I show you how I flip the script covertly in order to set myself apart from the losers, thus giving myself a greater shot at getting the girl.

6 thoughts on “Why Hot Girls On Social Media Constantly Ignore Your Comments

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  1. I’m wondering one thing. PUA has been around for a long time now so much so that girls are aware of it too. If everybody fakes alphaness already then how will I still stand out? I’ve already had girls block me at White Knight beta-orbiter minion request because my attempt at cocky funny was considered rude. And she obliged.


    1. Good question Fred. But here’s the thing: every guy isn’t faking Alpha. Every guy isn’t trying to be non-Beta. So the guy who’s playing the part of the reserved Alpha will always stand out because he’s likely to be the only guy playing that part while every other guy is oblivious to that. Here is thing about C&F (Cocky Funny): you have to be calibrated and congruent. How do you become that? Through trial and error. Through fucking it up. Through making mistakes until you get timing down. Cocky-Funny requires timing/calibration. You don’t have this until you go through tons of failures. Saying that to say, you will become good at it after you would’ve failed first. So don’t look at your screw ups as something that tells you that you need to quit. Just modify your C&F lines. It’s just like negs. Most guys screw negs up and the girl take their negs offensively. It takes time to get the timing tight.


  2. Great video Kenny and I totally agree that indirect game is the best way to go. You get so much more options of girls and you can run your game much more effectively. Looking forward to your next post on indirect vs direct game.


    1. Hey Will, I’m somewhat shocked that you agree on indirect being the better method. I find so many guys who advocate all-out direct game that it’s hard for me to believe that there are guys on the coaching and advice sharing level who don’t subscribe to all-out direct. Hopefully in the coming days I’ll get a post or vid out of direct indirect. 🙂


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