New Video—Do You Over Text? Over Texting Broken Down

A fair amount of guys in PUA groups across the internet typically try to call me out on my text-game format: long messages and sometimes sending 2-3 texts to every 1 from the girl.

In this video, I explain why breaking text-game rules is something that comes with the territory as one advances and gets to know how women operate on a deeper level.

2 thoughts on “New Video—Do You Over Text? Over Texting Broken Down

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  1. Some men are able to communicate with a woman with words most men cannot. To interest a educated woman you must be a Alpha male. My girlfriends ask me to write long letters or communicate for hours by text together. Your advice was good about being direct with a woman. Becoming Sexual via text or communication. Like you I am very selective I only fuck a top class woman. With me I have no interest in one night stands. I want a woman to want me in the body and the mind. When a woman is in love with you. She will do anything for you. I maybe more of a bad ass than you because I am in their minds as well as being able to fuck the ladies. You want a ten in your bed this the game I play for. Me I prefer to wake up with a top class woman in my bed. Not a slut.


    1. I hear you Frank. I actually don’t buy the “top class woman” myth. I believe every girl has a slut inside of her and it’s up to the guy to bring it out early or it’ll never come out. Though I’m selective about women I choose, that selection process isn’t determined by whether the girl is slutty or not slutty. I prefer a slutty girl simply because those girls are prone to being more DTF. But overall, your point is taken. It’s all depended on what the guy wants and what he’s looking for


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