Monday Lunch-Date Rendezvous With 19-Year Old Teacher Hottie

Realizing that the girl whom I’d picked up from cold approach the other night had flaked on me, I lie in bed Sunday night, contemplating my next move while chugging down some beers.

I can either try to meet up with some other girl that Sunday night, or set something up for the following day: the Monday.

Searching through my Whatsapp contacts, I shot a text at a 19-year old teacher whom I picked up late last year but never bothered to follow up with.
[My texts in green. Hers in white]


Honestly, I wasn’t that optimistic of seeing her the next day. Though I knew she was head over heels for me; I just wasn’t certain of her flake-meter (if there was any).

Moreover, I knew it was unlikely to bang this teacher chick while on her lunch break, so sex wasn’t quite my objective here in meeting up with her.

Surely I wanted to build some romance between the 2 of us, and possibly do some making out. But I would’ve been satisfied with just that until our Day3 in the near future.

Following morning- the Monday- she hits me up via text just before 10 AM. I was shocked actually that she followed through in hitting me up.
[Her texts in white]


Reason she mentioned that that’s the best she can do is because she was to meet up with me at a motel (about 2 months ago), but plans fell through. So the lunch date was a meager step back from her meeting me at a motel.

Now, there was 1 problem: finding the high school in which she teaches.

Remind you guys, I am NOT from this town, so my knowledge of the geography of the city wasn’t good at all.

I knew the general location of the high school, but that was about it.

I do have an idea of where the toy store is though (half a bloc from her high school), so that helped tremendously with logistics[I was to meet her in front of a toy store].

I made my way to the general location, but wasn’t sure if this was the correct high school. :school:

Sure she gave me the address, but it looked like a maze of sorts, and I wasn’t certain how to traverse this one.

I snapped this pic of the high school on Church Lane in the background.


I then walked up and down a steep-ass maze-like hill which felt like I was making my way through a grueling gauntlet that had my heart rate throbbing like a beaten drum.

“Fuck! I might be lost”!

I stopped, looked back, left, right, pondering my next step: “should I go straight down that hill or turn back altogether and find another route”?

While traversing down the said hill outside of the high school, I took this photo.


I was still perplexed because I didn’t see any visible sign which said that this is ***** high school.


“There it is”!

Sweating like an animal beneath my baseball cap, I stood across the street from the high school, awaiting the girl’s arrival…though I was to meet her in front of the toy store about half a bloc away.

I snapped the photo below from my vantage point across from the school.

I obviously censored the name of the high school due to sensitive nature of the situation

[Below screenshot] Okay, so she wanted me to meet her in front of a toy store at 11 AM that Monday morning [her text in white].

I decided to walk a bit down the bloc. She texted me, “I’m here”.


I looked around and spotted a tiny-tiny girl with an umbrella in front of the toy store. That’s when I texted her, “I see you”.


We hugged and embraced for a bit, then got to walking in search of some food.

Since she’s the one familiar with this area of downtown, she virtually led the way to the eatery spot.

Toting her umbrella and bag as we walked

While in back of her, I said playfully:

“Wow! Don’t mine me. I’m just soaking in the view”.

She chuckles:

Girl: “What view is that”?

Me: “The street, and those buildings…very nice”.

She laughs about my coy ploy to get a view of her booty…which honestly was the reason I chose to walk behind her rather than beside her.

I then threw my arm around her shoulder and brought her into me as we walked.

She accepted the KINO gesture but I removed my arm in order to display some restraint.

We flirted as we walked and talked and took many selfies in the meantime.

Me: “Hey, where’s your phone? Take a selfie of us”!

She zipped open her bag, took out her smartphone and proceeded to take some selfies.

There was 1 problem though: insufficient storage error. 😦

She said she’s been experiencing issues with her media card, so I took my phone out and took the selfies instead.

We walked, talked, flirted, held hands, took selfies, walked again, flirted again, held hands again then took some more selfies.

We made our way to the eatery spot and she ordered both of us lunch [pictured below as she placed orders]…and she paid. 🙂


We quickly ate since she had to get back to work/school shortly.

Hit the road and headed back to where we met up.

Along the walk back, we took a bunch more selfies while embracing.



This chick was so tiny she could’ve literally fit in the palm of my hand [I think she’s about 4’11 or 5’0 if I remember correctly. Sure looks so].

We made our way back to the school’s entrance and there were lots of teenage students (all girls) out in the courtyard on recess, pointing at us and snickering to each other as if they were saying:

“Look! Teacher’s boyfriend! She probably went on a lunch date”!

The vibe resembled 1 of those Disney original series moments.

I then said to the girl during our farewell:

“I so wanna fucking kiss you right now…but those nosy-ass students may rat you out”.

I actually did want to make out with her but the inappropriate factor talked me out of it [not that I usually give a shit about what’s appropriate].

We settled for hugs then parted ways.

Ok guys, as I stated at the top of the field report: I did not expect a lay here. That wasn’t my intention.

Surely if the lay presented itself; I would’ve taken it. But it didn’t.

My plan was simply to spend a bit of time, and to put ‘time’ in the bank until our next meet up, where the logistics would have been more favorable for the lay.

In conclusion, the question of “age” has always puzzled guys who are new to the game.

What I mean is, guys over the age of 30, tend to harbor the low-valued impression that younger girls don’t particularly date, nor find older men attractive.

I cannot count on my hands how often I dispelled this fallacy and exposed it for what it is: just a myth.

This teacher chick is highly educated. So much so that she graduated high school at the age of 15, attended college at 16, accrued an Associates degree by 18, currently [at the age of 19] working on a 4-year degree while teaching high school kids, some of who are older than she is.

She’s an exceptional lass! Very young but likes the appeal of an older man.

However, if you’re going around having these low-value outlooks on women and game, then you’re bound to not get anywhere with certain women.

After our mini rendezvous and I made it back to my temporary abode, I shot her a text.
[Mines in green. Hers in white]


To be continued.

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