Monday Field Report Continues [04-18-2016]: Sexy-Military Officer Whom I Once Laid

Being that it was my last night on this side of the island, I made efforts to try to meet up with as much girls as possible in order to put some ‘time spent’ in the proverbial bank.

The mission to get laid was virtually over. Now, it was just about getting some time in and to finally meet up with the chicks whom I haven’t yet seen (like the ones I picked up via Facebook).

I did however remember a military officer from late last year whom I f-closed at the same hostel.

Let’s see what’s up with her.
[My texts in green]


Bummer! 😦

It would’ve been nice to get a last minute lay here sans the hoops and head games since I already slept with her.

This girl nevertheless was a very interesting case because though she’s a military officer (a sergeant actually), and I’m guessing they have some sort of rigorous code they follow when it comes to their actions, she was 1 of the easiest lays I had in many years. I also didn’t bother to use a condom (to her knowledge).

We fucked on the 1st meet-up [the Day2 actually) with little LMR.

In all respects, at the end of the day, a person’s professions doesn’t at all dictate what he or she does outside the confines of work.

This is why it boggles my mind why guys believe that certain girls are harder to game/shag than others, solely based on their profession.

This is totally not the case.

What's your view?

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