Gold-Digging Casino Cougar Harlot…Monday Field Report [04-18-2016]!

Fresh off the heels of meeting up with the 19-year old teacher, my Whatsapp Messenger went off about 12:20 PM as I sat on the bed.

Who was it?

A sexy-ass Cougar whom I picked up some months back at a casino [cougar photo’d below].


Arguably, this cougar is the sexiest coug I’d ever met in my life!

I salivated at the opportunity to hang out with her on the Day2, and to get my pecker into her pink flesh.

Anyway, so she hits me up at 12:21 [her texts in white].


I went straight for the jugular (meet-up) since Monday was my last night on that side of the island.

No time to dilly-dally!

I proposed she stops by my hostel…but I gave her room and leeway in case she thought that was too much of a leap.
[My texts in green]


She wants to meet up at a KFC in the immediate vicinity of where she works.

[Above screenshot] For logistics sake, I made sure to inform her that I was staying right around the corner from the KFC.

By the way, “Liming” is a Caribbean English term for “Hanging out”…in case you didn’t know. 🙂

Now here’s where things got might interesting: she sends a voice note of 7 seconds, “TELLING” me that she needs some money to get her hair done! 😯

Remind you: this girl and me have never ever had such conversations before, hence, I gave her no reason to think that she could hit me up angling for monetary favors!

I was shocked!

In fact, this witch and me had only spoken/texted on 1 prior occasion since I’d picked her up months ago. So this was literally only the 2nd time we ever communicated: and she has the nerve to demand or ask that I give her $$$ for a haircut!
[Her messages in white]


Anyway, so in the voice note, she told me that she wanted money to cut her hair off, so that’s why I asked, “why would tou want to do such a thing”?

Granted: I was NOT- and I repeat- NOT, going to give her a dime!

This was pure disrespect in my eyes, to have a stranger virtually hit me up for money: someone who’s employed and has a husband might I add!

Nevertheless; “What’s in it for me”, I wanted to know.

Don’t hit me up expecting shit for free!

Had she come over, I damn sure wouldn’t give her the $30 bucks to spend time, neither for sex.

However, it’s just appalling to see these gold-digging harlots thinking they can have free access to other guy’s resources.

I’m not your boyfriend neither your husband!

Ask them for $30 bucks to get a haircut!

Don’t ask me!

In any case, I played along with it somewhat by asking her what was in it for me.

She didn’t reply when I asked her if she was down for keeping me company.

That was it.

The bitch afterwards blocked me on Whatsapp.

I find it amusing whenever gold-digging whores block or delete me for not being a used jelly-back who succumbs to their subtle trickery.

I can respect a prostitute a whole lot more than a gold-digger, because at least with the hooker, you as the guy know for certain that you’re getting something for your money.

These gold-diggers want to use, use, use and not give a fucking inch.

They expect, but not expect the guy to expect a return from his monetary investments and favors.

At the end of the day: I don’t pay for sex, nor do I give women money for any purpose at all!

Giving women money, and spending on them, without a tangible return, is against my personal and game code!

As they say in Japan: Sayonara!

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