Sunday Morning Field Report…Continued

Sunday morning, I was scheduled to leave by ferry back to the other side of the island.

I am going to do something which I may regret if this doesn’t pan out the way I projected (getting laid on the weekend).

Should I even waste my time and contact the girl from last night whom I fondled on the roadside?

She seemed DTF as fuck…so why not?

I was also working against time in a real sense since I had a ferry to catch by 12 PM that Sunday morning.


I may take the gamble and stay the extra day if the girl from last night appears to be DTF still.

“Ring, ring, ring”!

The girl answers and I get straight to the point:

Me: “Hey, I’m supposed to leave this morning but I’m not sure if I’m going to catch the flight. If not, let’s meet up”.

The reality is, I was planning on staying the extra day in hopes of laying her. But of course I cannot divulge this info to her or else I risk look desperate, and the girl will likely get turned off knowing that I decided to stay just for her (a total stranger).

Girl: “That would be nice if you can stay. By the way, why don’t you come by me until you have to catch your flight at 12”?

I then said to myself:

“Okay, it’s 7 AM, I have a ferry to catch by 12 PM. That is surely enough time to fuck her, get back to the hostel and scurry my ass down to the seaport”.

Me: “Ok cool. Where do you live”?

Girl: “******* road. You know where that is”?

Me: “Not quite”.

Girl: “You know where ****** lumberyard is”? When you get there, just call me and I’ll come meet you”.

Me: “Okay cool”.

I didn’t at all know where this lumberyard was. In fact, I don’t even know where her street is! But I’ll find out!

I hauled on some clothes (didn’t even shower from the previous night), grabbed a condom and made my way to the other side of the city (on foot), trying to follow the instructions that she gave me.

I made it into the general vicinity of her street, but I struggled to find this lumberyard. Like a tourist who was lost, I stood at an intersection, pondering my next move: “should I go right or straight”?

My feet were killing me from the long-ass walk.

I didn’t quite want to ask for directions when I could figure this shit out on my own [I guess this is a male-pride thing].

Another 5-10 minutes of wandering aimlessly in search of her street, I decided to swallow my pride and to ask someone to guide me. So I approached some elderly man:

“Morning, where is ***** lumberyard”?

Man: “Straight ahead my friend”!

He happily guided me.

Within 5 minutes I was standing on the corner of ****** road by the lumberyard.

I took this photo right at that moment standing on the corner near the lumberyard.


I rang the girl as directed but her phone rang out.

“Shit! C’mon, answer”!

Made another quick attempt to phone her. If she doesn’t answer on the 2nd try to phone her, it may likely be my last chance since I’m signed onto a prepaid-mobile plan with only 1 cent of credit left to use. If my call goes to her voicemail; that is it!

I’ve yet to ever wish on a star (though there were no stars visible since it was about 8 AM). But I crossed my fingers, looked up into the sky and begged the Gods of seduction to work with me just this 1 time: “Please let her answer on this last attempt before my minutes/credit of 1 cent terminates”.

“Ring, ring, ring”!

It rang, rang, rang, rang.

“Please pick up before the voicemail does”, I desperately said to myself.


“Yes! She finally picked up”!

Having just 4 seconds or so to talk (1 cent worth of minutes), I quickly as humanly possible said to her:

“Hey, I’m on the corner of the lumberyard”!

Girl: “Huh”!

I was speaking so fast that she couldn’t make out what I was saying.

2 more seconds of call time left before the automated message cuts in, “Sorry, you do not have the sufficient funds to continue this call”!

Me: “I’m on the co”….


Before I was able to reiterate where I was (on the corner of the lumberyard), the phone call cuts off.



I was left with 4 recourse:

1.) Walk around and ask random people in the immediate area if they know a girl name so and so

2.) Beg a stranger to spare me a phone call

3.) Put more prepaid credit/minutes on my smartphone


4.) Turn my ass back around, head home and forfeit this bang mission

The 3rd. option required me to search for a deli where prepaid recharging is done, and essentially purchase some minutes.

I walked around, hoping to find such a deli…but there was none.

This was challenging for various reasons:

1.) It was Sunday, about 8 AM, nowhere is open at that time

2.) I didn’t have enough cash on me to buy some minutes. I literally had about 4 bucks jingling in my pocket

Minutes here are sold on average for as low as 5 dollars. Nothing below that…and I only had $4 on me. 😯

I began having this panicky sensation in the pit of my stomach: anxious, frustrated and- well- anxious!

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck”!

“Call me back girl”!

I kept mumbling to myself as I paced around, contemplating my very next move and its viability.

“Why haven’t she called back as yet”!

As if she clairvoyantly overheard me mumbling those sentiments: my phone rang!

Girl: “Where are you”?

Me: “Not far from **** street. My minutes finished on me”.

She laughs.

Girl: “The reason I couldn’t come meet you is because I’m stuck here babysitting for my aunt. But I’ll direct you from here. Walk up and you’ll see a pipe on the roadside next to a pink house with a brown door. You will see my house deep in a yard. It’s a brown house”.

Me: “Okay. Gotcha”!

“Where is this pipe”?

“Gotta find this pipe…and pink house with brown door”!

“There it si! Pipe on roadside”!

“Pink house, brown door”!

Finally, I spot her small house nested deeply in a yard. She came to the door and waved me to come on in.

I was a bit disappointed when she mentioned having to babysit.

A kid may likely be an obstacle to getting laid. Heavens know I’ve been here before where I got cocked block by a nagging child.

Cock-blocked out of sex by a teen mom’s baby…2014 field report

We sat on a sofa which seemed to have been supported by 4 makeshift legs.

The interior of the house was crutty and in disrepair.

As I continued to scan the periphery while in conversation, I was in awe to find that a girl would invite a new person over [myself in this case] without firstly ensuring that the place was halfway tidy at least.

Within 5 seconds of sitting, a kid who might have been no more than 1 year old, jumps into my lap.


I murmured to him.

What I really meant to say was, “GTFOH kid! I didn’t sign up for this! I’m trying to get laid here”!

The girl offers me some yogurt (a thing of yoplait). I obliged and chugged it down at once while the kid yanked at my pants wanting me to share.

I threw an arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer.

At that instance I was internally planning the most feasible logistics:

“It’s just after 8 AM, my ferry leaves at 12 PM. I can fuck this girl shortly while still having sufficient time to leave this part of the island today. Hence, I would’ve saved myself lots of money and time by not having to stay another night or 2, which would mean the extra cost in lodging fee at the hostel [$70 per night].

I went further to self-dialogue:

“If I don’t get to f-close today because of numerous reasons [lack of comfort on her part, etc], I can always stay the extra day in hopes of getting her to come by my hostel where privacy is guaranteed.

While we chatted on the sofa, I related the news to her, that I didn’t get to make my flight [a lie] so I may likely have to stay until tomorrow.

In hindsight; I shouldn’t have done this so soon, because now it gives the girl ammunition to put off hooking up with me now, for later (tomorrow).

A crucial fucking mistake on my part, that may have come back to bite me in the ass (?)!

Let’s see!

Be as it may, if I can get to fuck her now and leave today: win-win for me! So I aimed for that route: try to get laid now!

Without wasting time, I hurriedly escalated in order to try to get her aroused by stroking her neck and shoulders while running my hand up and down her back in a sensual manner.

Every now and then she would giggle and cringe her flesh, “Stop that”, she says.

I knew that it was a great sign of her arousal state, and also that her body was sensitive to my touch and caress.

Whenever she said, “Stop it Kenny”, I would laugh, take a step back as we teach in old-school pickup, then proceed again!

This is the “1 step backwards, 2 step forward” theory in seduction that I was employing.

This chick has a plump-fucking ass which I enjoyed caressing by running my fingers down the small of her back.

She never stopped me once from doing this so I stayed the course.

While at it, I had my Android phone out so I snapped a quick photo just for memory sake [photo taken below while I caressed the small of her back and her ass].


Just to not freak her out or anything, I ensured to say to her: “I love your fucking body. I need to take a pic of it. BTW I love taking pictures”.

I didn’t want to appear as though I was secretly taking her picture. 😉

While all of this was going down over the course of 30 minutes + since I stopped by, the kid whom she was “babysitting” [for all I know; the kid is hers and she lied to me] kept causing state breaks and interrupting the flow.

“FUCK”! I yelled to myself!

If I miss the lay because of this child’s continued interruptions, “I swear”!!!!!!!! 😡 😡


The kid kept trying to wrestle the smartphone away from me.

He lets go, then grabs my brand-new Nikon HD cam instead which I had resting on the sofa!

“Give me that”!!!! I dragged it away from him “playfully”, trying not to appear like an intolerant prick who hates kids (though I’m not fond of them).

The girl on the other hand, thought this was all amusing and shit, instead of telling the kid to stop fucking with me, she seemed to have been cheering him on. 😦

The girl offers me some coconut rum which she had resting atop a table.

I optimistically obliged!

Alcohol right about now may just be what we need for plausible-deniability purposes.

In other words, if she gives me the drink, she can then justify to herself that Kenny was drunk and made a sexual move on her- and laid her- but it was because of the alcohol and not because of her sexual excitement.

I wrote about this deep seduction concept which I dubbed plausible justifiability and alcohol:

Plausible Justifiability

Hence, the coconut rum would’ve been an ally here.

She told me to help myself.

Me: “Hello, I’m the stranger here. You really expect me to just get up and move around like I own the place”?

Girl: “What’s wrong with that? Do I have to get up just to pour you the drink”?

She eventually got up to pour me the drink.

The reasons why I wanted her to get up:

1.) So I can get a better visual on her booty which will aide me in getting an erection

2.) So I can slap her on the ass

I did just that as she got up from the broken-down sofa: “WACK”! With a sly grin on my face, I slapped her on the behind while she turned and looked at me in amazement.

I guess she never had a random stranger rapidly escalate and get so sexual with her?


Expecting to get the coconut liqueur in a cup with some sort of juice mixed in (pineapple juice preferably): she handed it to me raw!

Me: “You didn’t mix it with anything”!?

I’ve yet to ever consumed any alcohol without chaser of soda or juice. So I was pretty much confused at what to do here: drink it or not?

Remind you guys: I am a giant pussy at drinking! My drinks must be watered down, diluted and mixed!

Nothing straight…except my sexual preference!

As almost always the case, the girl laughs at how pussy I am when it comes to alcohol consumption. 😆

Fuck it! I sipped it straight!

“Not bad”, I said to her.

The kid unexpectedly mounts my lap, “Want some. Want some”!

He tries to wrestle away the cup while putting it to his lips.

“Hey! You can’t drink this”! I said to him.

“Want some. Want some”! He cries!

All this time, I had the cup of coconut rum in my left hand while feeling up the girl with my right hand as we sat next to each other.

I wanted at all time to at least maintain sensual contact with the girl.

The biggest obstacle here was the child!

He just wouldn’t let up!

Best thing was for him to go to sleep, but that didn’t look doable since it was just after 9 something AM and the kid was still filled with energy.

“I cannot lose this lay because of this fucking kid”!

There was a toy motorcycle on the floor so the girl urged him to go play with the toy.

“Yes! Progress! She’s now trying to make the kid occupy himself and leave us the hell alone”! I said to myself.

The girl then asks me: “Do you smoke”?

Me: “No”.

Girl: “Are you against smoking”?

Me: “Why you ask”?

Girl: “I just like to know before I smoke around people…because I smoke”.

Me: “Nah, it’s cool. Do your thing”.

She grabs a stick of joint (weed), lit it up and smoked away.

Being a nonsmoker, I wasn’t just annoyed because of weed smoke blowing back into my face, but I was turned off…but still determined to bang this girl at any cause…even if I had to put up with the smoke.

As she puffed away and got high, I kissed her on the neck and shoulders, ramping up the escalation.

“She getting high could not have been a bad thing”, I said to myself.

Since I was tipsy from the coconut rum and she was in the process of getting high: both of us being in an altered state could only facilitate sex.

A bedroom was right there but I didn’t see the need for us to enter since we could always get down and dirty here…and then take it to the room. So I kept things going while on the sofa.

While the child had his back turned to us as he played, I lifted her shirt a bit (in the back) and ran my tongue across the small of her back while also leaving traces of wet kisses along her back.

She shuttered and contracted her skin as my wet kisses and warm tongue glided along her back.

She begged me to stop.

I stopped, continued normal-boring chatter (hands off), then started to touch again. So- “1 step backwards, 2 steps forward”.

Out of nowhere, some young guy shows up at her doorstep with Dell laptop in hand.

Guy: “Good morning. Sorry. Here’s your laptop”.

Apparently, this guy had borrowed her laptop and now returned it.

I was praying that he wasn’t her boyfriend or some dude who was banging. Things could’ve really escalated for the worse had it been so.

She cranked up the laptop and put on Big Mama, starring Martin Lawrence.

I’m not a movie buff in the least, so it was a bit disheartening to see that it was virtually Netflix & Chill on the fly. But hey- anything that would get us more comfortable I guess.

I checked the time and it was near 10 AM the Sunday morning.

I proceeded to caress her thick thighs as we watched the film. Since the laptop was rested upon her lap, I motioned for her to put the laptop down on the floor so that I can have easier access to her legs.

She obliged.

For once, the kid held his side, preoccupied with his toy motorcycle.

“Finally some alone time”!

Moreover, I had everything stacked against me (logistic-wise): like the lack of privacy which is a deciding factor when trying to get laid.

Knowing that I won’t get to fuck her as long as the child continues to be right beneath our noses, I arduously hoped that he would either fall asleep or go into another room.

After a while of not much progress, I began getting somewhat annoyed.

Here it is that I decided to purposely miss my ferry just to try to lay this chick [though I wisely withheld this piece of info from her], and she’s not working with me.

“WTF is going on here”!?

In hindsight, the problem here wasn’t just a lack of privacy but a lack of comfort.

Remind you, I never had sufficient time to build any comfort with this chick since we had only met the previous night.

This is all coupled with the fact that she could have been menstruating or what have you.

Whenever chicks put up (token) resistance in cases like these, things such as menstruation, having not to shave, etc. will factor into her decision to not have sex.

Hence, there are always myriads of reasons why a girl won’t have sex when the moment seems ideal…like in this case.

The more I escalated, the more she began resisting.

I was on the brink of just walking out!

The girl then said:

“Since we don’t have privacy, are you going to come back when my aunt comes to take her child”?

Me: “What time is that”?

Girl: “By 3 o’clock. And to be honest, some Jehovah’s Witness people are supposed to stop by any second now. Those people are annoying. But they always come this time and I let them in to have studies”.

Me: “Aight cool. I’ll just leave and come back after 3. You know what- fuck it- come by me this evening. I’ll send the taxi to pick you up and we go by my guesthouse”.

Girl: “Sounds good. Just ring me”.

I grabbed my gadgets, told her to walk me to the door, embraced her and planted a kiss on her neck and lips then walked off.

How was my state at that point?

I was somewhat disappointed, pissed and strangely optimistic for later.

I didn’t quite see this as a lost nor waste of time.

More time spent in field with the girl, and within her company, the better it is for comfort reasons.

This all hearkens backs to the classic PUA method of Mystery’s, where he spoke about spending 7 hours with the girl before sex can happen.

Sure this isn’t the case all of the time, but it sure seems so in this situation. I needed 7+ hours in her company in order to sleep with her.

At this point it was too late to get back to the guesthouse, grab my shit and hop on the ferry. So by all means, I had to stay the extra day or 2.

Had I have the time, I would say “fuck this shit”, and hitch the ferry back to the other side of the island.

“Goddamn those Jehova Witnesses”, I said to myself!

Being that they were to stop by the girl’s house any second now, this might have been the reason her resistance became stiffer.

The girl isn’t likely to fuck and have the house reeking of pussy in the air while expecting guests any second now.

Little nuances like these are reasons why girls object to sex…but they will never verbalize this to the guy. The guy has to be smart enough to read between the lines.

I took the long trek back to the hostel and stopped off at a Burger King since I hadn’t eaten a thing up until that point.


Got back to the abode, dropped down on the bed, hoping that time would simply fly by until the girl gets her ass over here.

It was about 1 PM at that time.

Stay tuned.

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