Sunday Field Report…Part II

Lying on the bed, I planned my afternoon and evening like a general going to war.

The immediate plan was for her to come by me- perhaps at 3 o’clock.

I preferred anything after 6 PM to be honest, so I phoned her.

Me: “Hey, let’s settle on 7 o’clock. Have some stuff to do until 6. Do you have any taxi’s number”?

Girl: “I don’t. But why don’t you take the taxi by me and we go by you”?

Me: “I wanted to send the taxi to pick you up instead of having to go and return”.

Girl: “Either way is fine. Hit me up after 6 then”.

I was certain that the lay was in the bag this time.

If she comes over to my abode, no way in hell she would put up any real resistance!

Being un-trusting of these broads, I hid anything of value I had in the closet: laptop, my Sony and Nikon HD cameras, ATM card, etc.

I don’t trust that a girl wouldn’t try to steal my shit if they were left in the open while I was in the bathroom or something. So that’s why I hid my stuff.

Since I was staying in the downtown area of the city, my plan was to grab a bite, few beers and hail a cab at 6:30, pick the girl up and head back to my spot.

Earlier while we worked on the logistics for later, she said that she wanted an Arizona and perhaps a beer.


The clock stuck 6, I got my shit together, grabbed my ATM card and headed further downtown to grab some cash, a bite and drinks…and the cab.

The clock struck 7:12 PM (I was supposed to call her at 7, but I didn’t call exactly that time since I would’ve looked too eager).

The phone rang out.

I thought nothing much of it.

Perhaps she’s bathing.

Minutes later while standing by a taxi stand, I called again- this time- voicemail.


This bitch cannot pull a stunt on me after all this investment of time and energy into a potential lay.

I panicked a bit.

I did NOT want to even give the slightest thought to the fact that this girl may have flaked on me!

“But why”, I asked myself.

She never gave me the slightest indication of flaking, so this just can’t happen!

Perhaps she’s having 2nd thoughts and feeling slutty about coming to see me while having a boyfriend.

“But…she invited me over to her place, so the boyfriend and guilt factor damn sure didn’t come into play earlier that day”.

I rang her for the 3rd time:



“This bitch”!

With nothing to lose, I went all out and rang her again.

This time, the operator cuts in and say something to the effect of: “The number you called is currently out of mobile reception range”.

In other words; she didn’t have signal.

There I was thinking: “Okay, I guess wherever she is at the moment, she doesn’t have signal”.

I gave ample time- about 25 minutes more- before I re-phoned

Same shit: voicemail!


“Fuck this shit”, I yelled to myself!

I resigned myself to the fact that this just wasn’t going to work out. We were supposed to meet up about 6:30 and it was 8:30 the Sunday night and the bitch’s phone rang out, went to voicemail, signal issues, and she hasn’t returned my calls.

I made my way back to the hostel, threw the can of Arizona in the fridge, chugged a beer while blogging about the previous nights [Friday and Saturday] of lay and fail missions.

Before I deleted her phone number, I decided to ring her 1 more time and hoped for luck…but it went straight to voicemail again.

I deleted her number and eventually drank my way to sleep.

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