Last-Ditch Effort To Get Laid Saturday Night [Early Sunday Morning]…Will I Find Lightning In A Bottle?

If you haven’t been following the string of field reports from the weekend, you may want to get caught up to speed by reading the previous post.

…While standing outside of the Echo 268 nightclub at about 2:16 AM (Sunday morning), I contemplated whether to go in or stay outside in hopes of snagging a lone wolf.

I snapped this crappy pic while at it.


Scanned the immediate surrounding for available girls but there were none.

Everyone seemed peered up as couples.

It always boggles me why guys would take their girlfriend to the club (or vice versa). I just don’t get the logics.

After a while, not much workable action was here so I decided to comb this part of the city a bit more to see where the party was.

At that time it was about 2:52 AM and I was zooted out my mind, can’t find a set to game nowhere.

I snapped this photos while I was roaming around.

Dead tired and hadn’t slept in like 40 hours.


As I was set to call it a night at about 3 AM the Sunday morning, while walking back to the hostel, I came across a hottie who was walking the same strip.

I opened.

Can’t remember exactly what my opener was, but she blew me off by ignoring me.

I kept trying to charm her but she wouldn’t budge for a sec’ as we walked nearly side by side.

She kept her head straight and pushed her nose up as if to snub me.

Me: “By the way I’m Kenny and I’m a tourist here. Just checking to see where the hot spot is since I leave tomorrow. I want a last night of fun”.

That opened her up right away.

Here is the thing guys- and I immediately sense it right away- girls have safety and security issues…quite naturally.

I’m a total stranger, it’s after 3 AM on a city bloc, and I approached a random girl who’s alone and walking.

Anything could happen to her.

I factored that into the reason why she didn’t take me on right away.

For all she knew; I was plotting to mug her.

Therefore, a way in which to diffuse such a situation and to ally the girl’s fears is the play the stranger card.

If you could recall from a recent video I published, I spoke about playing to your foreigness, and how girls are much more willing to engage and be hospitable to a tourist or outside than a local.

Hence, that’s why I told her I was a tourist looking for the entertainment on my last night there. And she immediately opened up.

Girl: “You do have an accent”

Me: “Yea, I’m from New York”.

Girl: “Why are you roaming around at this time alone”?

Me: “Don’t know where to find the action”.

Minutes later- literally about 4 minutes into the conversation while we stopped and chatted- I was tonguing her down beside a bank.

I just went for it!

Partly because I was horny. Secondly, because I seen that look in her eyes.

“The look” is hard to describe. But any advanced seductionist knows that look.

It’s a look that says, “Escalate on me”!

The girl had that sparkling in her eyes, so that’s when I grabbed her hand, pull her to me and shoved my tongue down her throat…and she gladly accepted.

I wanted to snap a few pics of this in progress but I couldn’t manage to pull off such a feat since it was so sporadic and unplanned [the make out].

When you see that twinkle in a girl’s eyes, you just have to act right away without hesitation!

She eventually pulled away (playfully) and kept saying that she doesn’t want her boyfriend to catch her out with another guy.

I figured that was the reason she kept looking around all nervously yet sexually excited from the random escapade.

Girl: “I don’t want my boyfriend to come see me here with a guy”.

Me: “Nah…he won’t. Where is he anyway”?

Girl: “He was at the club but I’m supposed to meet him around the corner and we go home. He’s driving”.

Every 30 seconds or so, I would grab her by her jacket sleeve and pull her to me, make out with her, she pulls away, we chitchat for 30 seconds and do it all again [Push-Pull].

After pulling away

At 1 point, I turned her around and clamped down on her neck with my lips and began tantalizing her neck and ears, just to heighten the sexual tension.

She pulled away playfully!

Girl: “Stop”!

Every car that passes by, she moves away from me.

Standing afar whenever a car would approach

Girl: “I have to go. Take my number and call me tomorrow”!

Me: “No! I don’t want your number. Let’s walk and talk”.

At this juncture, I was trying to get her to come to my place.

Suddenly her phone rang.

I’m guessing it’s the boyfriend trying to find her location.

She hang up and said:

“See! That’s him”.

She tried to force her phone number on me once more:

Showing me her phone number on the screen

“Please take my number so we can hang out tomorrow”.

Me: “I leave tomorrow”.

Girl: “Why tomorrow!? Why did we have to meet so sudden and late notice”?

Me: “I know right. I’ve been here since Friday and it’s now Sunday morning and I leave tomorrow”.

I grabbed her again, threw my hands on her ass, grabbed her hand and put it squarely on my crotch to let her feel how hard I was.

She fondled my cock while I caressed her ass.

Photo below; taken as I was standing in back of her, fondling her ass as we stood beside a bank.


Me: “Come with me…just right around the corner”.

Note: the reason I refused to take her number boils down to a very advanced-seduction tactic which I employ nowadays.

I once seen a video where Todd Valentine spoke about…not saying he stole it from me…perhaps? 😉

Anyway, whenever you take a girl’s phone number, she truly has no reason to come with you NOW on an insta-pull.

She will always use the following justification to weasel her way out of going with you back to your pad:

“Well…I have his number so I can always call him and meet him another time”.

When you refuse to take her number; it’s either now or never!

The girl cannot then say to herself, “I got his number, so fuck seeing him right now”. So that’s why I refused her phone # up until that point.

Now, this doesn’t exactly mean the girl will concede and go home with you. But it increases the chances.

Other factors will diminish, kill or strengthen your chances of the SNL/SDL.

In my case, the girl’s boyfriend being seconds away from taking her home was a stringent battle of frames.

Sure she was sexually aroused, but the risk way outweighs the reward this time.

I eventually took the # which she literally forced upon me.

At the end of the day, I guess this is a recipe for blue balls(?)?

By the time I got back to my abode it was about 5 AM.

Be as it may, I just want to conclude on the topic of rapid escalation as was the case with this girl.

Within 4 minutes of meeting her; we made out- a totally random stranger.


Isn’t that a complete mind-fuck in regards to what you thought you knew about women?

The fact that you can meet a girl, and within minutes, just fondle her on a street corner while she cheerily accepts the escalation while participating, is mind-blowing for most guys to comprehend.

Did I eventually follow up with this girl (later that Sunday)?

Stay tuned!

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