Saturday Night Debacle: I Gave Up On Sure Sex Because This Chick Was Just Too Stupid And Got On My Nerve

Yesterday evening [Saturday], I was to meet up for the first time with the clingy DTF girl whom I wrote about Here.

Everything seemed so sure as far as she stopping by and sex being in the bag as a foregone conclusion.

If you recall, this is the same chick who wanted to stay the night by my hostel, but then I changed plans on her and told her that she can only stay until 12 AM.

The same chick who was insistent on me grabbing her a specific brand of juice from a specific store which I was unable to find. So I was already ticked off about that witch hunt.

We were to rendezvous about 7 PM Saturday evening but I was in the downtown area making some last-second runs before I met up with her.

I completed my ulterior tasks and errands near 9 PM.

The girl however, claimed that she wasn’t too familiar with the location of the hostel, but she knew that it was within walking distance from her home…so she decided to walk and I meet her half way, and the both of us walk back to my rented spot.

The text chat began below (almost 9 PM) as I grabbed a beer and began to walk to the designated location we were to meet.
[My texts in green]


[Texts above] She wanted me to meet her by a hospital atop a hill. I could see the hospital but not the road which leads to it. So I was a bit perplexed.

Decided to grab something to eat on the road side since I was hungry.

[My texts in green]


This was my view (the hospital atop the hill)


Remind you: I’m essentially a stranger in this part of town. This is her town, yet she’s unable to follow or instruct me on good directions to get to the road that leads to this hospital.

I was pissed and furious at this point.

Not only was I pissed about having to walk and almost getting lost because this bitch couldn’t give proper directions. But I was also pissed at the fact that she had me searching for this $4 juice for almost an hour…to no avail.

I don’t know WTF was so special about this juice! So I was furious already that I’d wasted so much time and energy and now had to walk to meet this chick…after I suggested she taking a cab which I would pay for…but she insisted on walking. 😦 😡

[My texts in green]


To add insult to injury, she kept trying to ring me while I was surrounded by noise and music so I wasn’t able to hear her. So I told her not to call! Just meet me!

I then directed her to a huge open pond, adjacent to a Jamaican restaurant and bar where I’d grabbed some jerk chicken, a cocktail (coconut rum and PJ) and sat my ass down outside facing the pond and the 6 story hospital which sat like a giant on top of a hill.
[Her texts in white]


[Messages above]Here is the crazy thing that got me even more irate! All this time- almost a fucking hour later since she was to have been walking- she texted me saying, “On my way”.

I’m like, “WHAT”!

All this fucking time and she hadn’t even vacated her home! 😡

Steam was emanating from my ears at that point (coupled with the fact that I was drinking a cocktail, so the alcohol may have added to my impatience).

Anyway, I sent her a few voice notes directing her to meet me close to the hospital. Though I was somewhat lost, I managed to stumbled upon an open Soccer field which drew me nearer to the hospital.

However, I did NOT see her, nor anyone resembling her in the area.

That’s when I decided to call this shit the fuck off and to head back to the guesthouse/hostel.

It irked the shit out of me that this chick was so clueless to her surroundings that she couldn’t find me. And I seemed to have known this area (of her town) better than she did…and I am the stranger to this town.
[My texts in green]


[Messages above] As I was turning back towards the direction from which I came, I spotted a figure from afar (perhaps 100 yards) which seemed to resemble hers.

Not only that, but the person appeared to have been texting in-sync as I was texting. So I figured it was definitely her. She confirmed that it was her.

I got so annoyed that she didn’t seem to understand what I asked when I asked her if that’s her walking by the pasture.

Remind you: I was in the same pasture which is a Soccer field, but I was on the far end, while she was on the opposite end looking back and looking around.

Apparently, she was walking the wrong way since she was making her way further past me instead of towards me.

Essentially, she walked passed the designated spot we were to meet.


[Messages above. Mines in green] Now, I was extra pissed!

I specifically told her to walk towards the downtown area.

She should know this already since I specifically gave her the address to where I was staying downtown.

Why the hell would she be walking the opposite direction away from downtown!!!?

She obviously over walked the meet-up spot- but dammit- stop and scan the place!

She kept walking slowly, stopping, looking around, walk, stop, walk, text, stop, walk…until she was out of my sight.

Had I yelled, she might have heard me. But that was no guarantee since eardrum-popping music was coming from all 4 quarters.

I took the pic below from my exact vantage point, standing through the pasture looking toward the hospital on the hill.


Be as it was, she texted that she sees me.

I did see the person whom I thought was her atop the hill, but she had already walked out of sight.

For her to surmise that I was somehow playing fucking games, got me extra furious.

I sent her 2 voice notes, saying to her that I’m gone! “Good fucking night”!

While I walked off, I happened to check my Whatsapp messages and noticed that she had blocked me.

“Oh no she didn’t”!

This witch wasted my time, and it was after 10 PM, likely too late to try to set something up with another girl, and this chick has the audacity to block me (though I was going to block and delete her # ASAP…but she beat me to the blocking part)!!! 😡

Since I was no longer able to text her on Whatsapp, I just remembered that we were friends on Facebook and had chatted there earlier. 👿 😈

Let me send her a cute-little message.

I blocked out the previous messages between us since they were irrelevant to the matter.


Yep- I called her a fucking dumb bitch at approximately 10:23 PM…last night (somehow, my Facebook time is an hour back).

I then blocked her on Facebook immediately as she was in the process of ‘typing’ a reply message.

Was I wrong for calling her a dumb bitch?

I don’t think so!

The reason I did was because she couldn’t follow directions to a central location in her own town. That’s pretty stupid I would say.

Having no means of contacting me, she decided to do things the old SMS way.


I never wasted time to reply to her message.

Deleted her number and moved on from last night.

Again- the curse of having lots of women: you become somewhat impatient with bullshittery.

Was I pissed that I didn’t get laid up until that point last night?

No. I was pissed at the girl’s lack of comprehension.

Any other guy may had exhibited some composure, waited patiently and did everything within his power to ensure that the girl come back.

Shit- all I had to do was to jog a bit towards her direction and I would’ve caught up to her in about 10 seconds tops.

However, I just didn’t feel like doing so.

In any other situation I would have sprinted like Usain Bolt just to get the girl’s attention. But my annoyance and impatience factors were too high to even care to secure this easy bang.

Be as it may, it was just too early on a Saturday night for me to throw in the towel on getting laid last night.

Stay tuned.

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  1. What’s good Socialkenny i like your articles.& I got a question for you when you going to make a video on the art of picking up religious girls


    1. Hey Anthony. Good topic bro. I believe I wrote about it before. As for a video, I’ll definitely put something together real soon since so-called religious girls are among my easier lays over the years. And thanks for reading. 🙂


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