Last Second Scramble Saturday Night In Hopes Of Meeting Up With A Hottie And Getting Laid [Kenny’s Hail-Mary Approach]

Directly after the debacle of Saturday night with the DTF girl who got on my last nerve, I had no other recourse but to try a Hail-Mary approach in hopes of getting to meet up with a hottie last night.

Since it was almost 10 PM, it was next to impossible to just hit up a chick out of the blue and expect her to come hang out with me at such very late notice.

I rummaged through my Facebook friend list in search of hotties located here on the island of Antigua.

Consequently, the vast majority of girls on my Facebook dwells on the island, so the odds of getting lucky by finding one who was free and bored cerca 10 PM was somewhat decent…though dim at the same time. 😦

I fired up the FB Messenger app to quickly see who was online.


Most of the prospects who were online at the moment were on the unattractive side, included those whom I hadn’t touched based with at all since friend-requesting them.

No way in hell I had sufficient time to game one of those girls while getting her to commit to meeting up with me on such a late note.

Apart from that, I could’ve decided to shoot a proposal at the unattractive chicks who were online.

Never mind that!


“Where are the hot girls”, I asked myself as I walked down the bloc, fresh from the botched attempt at meeting up with the DTF girls from minutes ago.

No luck on Messenger!

“What’s going on tonight”?

“Is there any grand event happening” (?), I asked myself.

“Wait! I think there’s a boat cruise party thing taking place at 12 AM”.


I went back on Messenger to test my luck.

“Finally! A sexy girl on island is online! I’d gamed her up about a week earlier, and we concluded on the note of grabbing a drink together sometime; so let it rip Kenny! Let’s see if she’s down for the last-second meet up”!



This was quite expected!

Time was fucking me like a rag doll as I was working against it.

I was faced with 2 options:

1.) Buy the $35 ticket and go alone to the boat-cruise party and game some girls there…and hopefully take 1 home when the fiesta concludes

2.) Keep trying to snag a girl via Facebook who would be up for joining me

Twelve A.M. was the deadline to buy tickets since the boat is leaving port at that time.

I decided to abort that mission, instead go hang out at a seedy bar in the red-light district of the city.

I then made my way outside of a night club, resigned to gaming some lone wolves lingering outside the joint.

To be continues.

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