Clingy DTF Girl Whom I May Have To Flake On Tonight

If it’s 1 thing that I hate is a chick who gets too clingy- too fast- and is nagging.

This evening, I’m supposed to meet up with a DTF chick whom I’d picked up some months ago but never had the time to follow through with.

Haven’t spoken/texted in months, I hit her up on Facebook earlier today about coming to hang out with me at the hostel in where I’m staying for the weekend.

Obviously I blocked out sensitive details such as addresses to where I stay, etc. 😉


To my amazement- being that it was so late notice- she hopped on the offer and is fully on board.

This is what kind of pisses me off though: she wants me to pick up a specific kind of juice for her from a specific store which I’ve never heard of before (the juice neither the store).

I have no issues grabbing a $4 juice for her but I really didn’t have the time and she got on my nerve by getting all needy about it.

Not only that, but she got all needy about me not answering my phone…to which she rang about 20 times.
[Her texts in white. Mines in green]


Anyway, so she’s really making a big deal about this fucking juice name Pine Hill in a box and that I don’t have any time for her which is why I’m brushing her off.

With that, I got annoyed and am now contemplating the flake.

Here’s the thing too: she suggested sleeping by me until Sunday morning…and I firstly agreed.

However, because of her bullshit nagging I decided to call off the over-nighter, instead she can come by for 8 PM and then I’ll kick her ass out at 12 AM.

Why reconsider the sleep over (apart from her nagging being a turnoff)?

I actually want to film some pick-up videos (not infields) since I rarely ever come to this part of the island. And since I’m leaving tomorrow morning (by ferry), I really want to get in some videos at the last second.

Furthermore, I am not fond of women sleeping over. So I’m surprised that I ever agreed to that to begin with.

You may think I’m being a dick for acting this way, but…

Anyway guys, another real-time post for y’all.

Will I decide to ultimately flake or have her come over?

I’ll let you know shortly.


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