How Ordinary Women On Social Media React To My Womanizing Ways

A super-interesting topic I want to share with you bros, and especially to clarify and answer some question that you guys been asking:

“Kenny, how and why would you post your pick-up stuff to Facebook? Wouldn’t that turn women off and kill your chances with girls on Facebook who potentially see your posts”?

I regularly get asked that question.

The short and fast answer is: NO! My seemingly womanizing posts to Facebook don’t ruin my chances.

Contrarily, they increase them.

How so?

Firstly- women have an affinity for the dramatics.

We can all agree on that.

Controversy is like oxygen to them!

On a lighter note, women also love to give their take on matters of dating, relationship, sex, etc.

Those topics are right up their alley.

Ninety-five percent of my status updates on Facebook are relationship, dating, pickup and sex related; essentially chick crack as we would say in old-school pickup.

Yesterday, I posted the following post (screenshots) to Facebook. And as expected: women chimed in on my womanizery.




If you recall, I posted a video a while back where I spoke about women being intrigued by pickup, and not repelled by it (contrary to popular belief).

You would think that because I’m a serial-dater and womanizer who posts his sexual exploits to social media, that women will get turned off in a heartbeat.

Wrong! So not the case.

Once you understand this, and get an understanding of what women respond to, you’ll no longer look at the game through the lens of a guy in scarcity mode trying to get by.

Every girl I speak to knows that I’m a pick-up artist.

I don’t hide it!

I flaunt it!

I rub it in their face, knowing to myself that the reason they would want to hook up with me, or merely hang out, is because I’m a womanizer [not my words but theirs]!

What's your view?

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