Why I Seem To Over-Text…And It Doesn’t Tank Me

Interestingly enough, I periodically get called out by guys in pick-up forums, accusing me of flagrant game fouls such as over-texting.

In an almost derisive and whiny tone: “Kenny, you’re over-texting girls! You’re over-investing. You send 5 texts to every 1 text from the girl”.

“Waaaa, Waaaa, Waaaa”…like an infant!

It is somewhat annoying as a master PUA to have guys who haven’t even been in the community for 6 months good, try to check and scrutinize your game.

I’m not above taking pointers at all. But if you don’t know what’s going on; then ask.

This is the problem I face a lot in PUA groups on Facebook whenever I post and share my text-game content. You have these experts who are really newbies in disguise once you run the background check on them, pontificating on what is bad game from good game.

There should exist a rule in pickup which states that guys who haven’t laid at minimum 50 girls, are barred from offering critiques, making suggestions and sharing advice.

When it comes to texting girls, text-game formats, etc. I implore every newbie, and those who experience text-game difficulties, to stick to the script.

This is sound advice that any advanced guy would impart with the less fortunate in game.

However- and I spoke about this on few occasions- the more advanced you become, the more rules you can break and get away with.

I can afford to engage in what may appear to be over-texting without risking in the least, my chances of getting the girl.

An outside observer would be quick to point out the inconsistencies and deviation from the perfect text-game script. But that is because they know no better.

Listen- over texting only hurts you when you become needy, weighty, serious and boring.

That’s it!

The reason why the girl gets turned off whenever the guy seemingly send 4 texts to her 1, isn’t because of the quantity of messages, but the fucking quality.

If your text game sucks and your messages are indicative of this suckery [boring, needy, supplicative], no matter if you do religiously adhere to a perfect text-game format by sending 1 text to her 1: she will still get turned off!


Hence, it isn’t how many messages you send her, but the content of those messages.

A guy can blow himself out with his 1st. text message because of what it communicates [lameness, etc].

On the other hand, I can send a girl 10 messages in succession- 20 pages long- and she still won’t get turned off, neither would she see me as needy and chasing.

Here is the kicker: women can sense when you’re needy or non-needy.

They can read that shit like a clairvoyant through your text!

If a girl senses (and she will) that she is your only option and hope in getting a date; she will reject you, regardless of how perfect your text format is.

This is why you must give her the impression that you are a serial-dater who gets laid.

Fake it until you make it!

When you do reach that point where you actually have dates lined up, you’ll no longer have to fake it. But for now; stick to the text-game scrip of not over-texting, etc.

As you advance and begin to meet tons of girls: anything goes! You will naturally give off a non-needy vibe even though you break text-game rules like over texting, writing long messages, etc.

With that- please fellaz- no more, “But Kenny, you over text all the time. Isn’t that bad game”!?

I’ll make a video sometime during the week on this topic.


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