Psycho Girl Rendezvous Update

Hey guys, it’s about 10:06 PM, Friday night here on the island of Antigua.

I think this is 1 of the only times I ever actually posted a real-time blog post…and I’m loving it.

Psycho Girl is on her way over to my hostel so I’ll catch up with you guys a bit later.

I don’t even remember why I named this chick Psycho Girl. But as I mentioned guys: it is easy breezy to get girls to meet up. Remind you; I had only texted this chick earlier today. So this goes to show that you don’t need days and weeks in order to set something up.

Lastly, the original plan was for us to grab a cocktail and come back to the hostel.

Instead, I’m trying to not spend a dime tonight so I switched things up on her a bit…or a lot.

If I can afford to skip drinks and get her to come right to my doorstep: the better.

Here’s the text sequences which took place a bit earlier.

As I said, she’s minutes away from where I’m staying, so we’ll catch up tomorrow.

[Her messages in white. Mines in green]


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