Just Another Routine Rendezvous Set Up…Again

At times, setting up rendezvous with girls can be so easy that it’s scary.

For the weekend alone, I have 4 so-called dates planned with girls whom I’d recently picked up.

The latest one [my texts in green]


I dubbed her “Psycho Girl” for good reasons. 😉

Anyway, I want to further encourage you guys to gain abundance!

With numerous women to choose from, you’ll never find yourself in those situations where you’re relying on 1 girl to accept or decline your date proposal.

6 thoughts on “Just Another Routine Rendezvous Set Up…Again

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  1. I’m curious as to why you called her psycho girl. In my mind I’m thinking of a girl who’s got a lot of emotions, and therefore has high sex drive and it’s wild but easily gets attached.


    1. Funny you asked that because I just mentioned that in the latest post. I actually don’t remember why lol 😆 . I would have to dig into the text archive to see. But I believe it’s because of her emotions and bipolar. Sure wish it’s a high sex drive and not bipolar 😦


      1. Yep, that was going to be my next guess. Bipolar. I’ve met some women like that and their extremely emotional and it leads to great sex but heavy attachment later. And they get hurt easy. Gotta be careful


          1. That may be partly the reason. But it’s mainly due to there emotional instability due to the nature of being bipolar. Just like someone is more or less intelligent than someone else, they generally “feel” stonger emotions in all ways. And then attachment is also something that comes with it. They essentially fall hard for lack of a better phrase.


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