Just Another Routine Rendezvous Set Up [with screenshot breakdown]

I enjoy pumping out posts like these because they simplify the seduction process for guys who are less skilled.

Earlier today [April, 14th] while browsing my contact list of potential girls I can meet up with over the weekend, I decided to contact the following girl whom I picked up and gamed a bit a few days earlier.

18-year old hottie I picked up about 2 weeks back

[My text in green. Hers in white]


By the way, I forgot that I had plans tomorrow night with the girl whom I wrote about in the previous post. 😦 🙂

This girl however has plans for Friday so I pitched Saturday at her…to which she said “Ok”.

I like how she jokingly took a poke at me by saying, “What we gonna do fren”? To which I responded that I am NOT her buddy and that I’m NOT with the friendzone shit.

The reason she even said that in the first place was because our last conversation days earlier was on the topic of friendzone and how guys are losers for going that route.

In turn, she chose to jokingly hurl that at me by asking “What we gonna do fren”?

Anyway, so Saturday evening is agreed upon.


[Above screenshot] She laughed at my adamant stance against her calling me friend.

I then told her “Netflix & chill” at her place or she can hitch a taxi to the hostel/guesthouse I’ll be staying over the weekend in the city.

She then went on to neg me about the place and how low down and crutty it is…it also has no TV.


[Above screenshot]This is what you call a congruence test- whenever a girl says something to you along the lines of- “You’re boring”, as she’d said to me. It is a way to see whether I would cave, get all butt-hurt and qualify…all of which would’ve lowered my value.

However, I laughed at the fact that she said I’m boring for suggesting “Netflix and chill”.

Why did I respond that way [“LOL”]?

Not only is it the best way to tackle a shit test and congruence test [by laughing], but it shows the girl that you aren’t all butt-hurt and offended by pun and ridicule.

I went further to say “Netflix and Chill” is the shit, essentially being defiant instead of caving like most guys.


[Above screenshot]I then strategically took this as an opportunity to play the “we’re not having sex” card by telling her to come up with a better suggestion except sex.

As planned; she responded by following my lead/frame by saying that I’m not going to fuck her…EVER.

What did I do?

Ignore it and move on [this was all strategic on my part].

What would the average chode guy had said had the girl said to him, “You are NOT going to fuck me ever in your life”!?

He would either cry and get all butt-hurt, apologize for wanting sex, or try to convince her why she should give him a chance at sex with her.

Note: whenever a girl says she’s not going to have sex with you, the best way to handle that is simply to ignore it and move on as though she never said what she said.

You can play around with it a bit. But as long as your response is humorous, lighthearted or dismissive.

The moment you take it to heart (the girl saying no sex with you) is the moment your chance of sex will have virtually vanished!

Also, I want you to come with me for 1 second into the “perspective” lane.

Now, the girl said that we are never having sex…in other words. This is obviously a position she had given prior thought to [presuming she means it…which she doesn’t].

Ok- then why come hang out with me if sex is completely off the table?

That’s because it isn’t! 🙂

I know this!

Most guys don’t!

She’s going to hang out with me at my place (hostel) on Saturday evening because she wants to fuck.

She’s not agreeing to meet up at my place because she wants to sit and chat about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Are there cases where girls TRULY mean that sex isn’t going to happen yet they still meet up with the guy?


This happens lots of times! But to whom mostly is the question?

The answer: nice guys and guys in the friendzone.

Such guys inadvertently set themselves up from the gate and kill their chances of sex by coming off as a platonic friend, or as that guy whom she can lean on, cry on and get advice from.

Hence, whenever she says to those guys that sex is completely off the table: she really means it!

Conversely, I NEVER set myself up in such a way that allows the girl to say “no sex” and really means it.

How come? Because I’m ALWAYS sexual from the get-go, and my frame/mindset is ALWAYS to aim to meet up ASAP, minus the bullshit chit-chatter for hours on end, weeks on end, etc.

I go straight to the point: “Let’s meet up”! Meanwhile, my vibe is always sexual so the girl gets no mixed signals about what I would like to do to her [fuck her to a boiling orgasm].

Therefore, when she says that we’re never having sex, yet she still agrees to come hang out with me, it is a subtle and cunning confession that she does want to have sex, but in order to preserve some form of value, she must play coy about it, and pretend as though she doesn’t want it.

I’ve been there time after time!

Seventy percent of the girls I go on to sleep with, had all said to me prior to meeting up, “We’re not going to fuck”. 😈

By now; I know better. But again, this is only the case depended on how the girl perceives you and your vibe: “is he a friendly chap I can sit and talk about other guys with, or is he a sex-worthy man who will try to fuck me”?

Most guys fall into the friend frame.


[Above screenshot]My text about not taking any suggestion from an 18 year old was obviously banter.

The girl clearly gets this [my humor], which is why she responded with the middle finger, “haha”, and calling me punk.

What does such a text response show her?

That I’m not afraid to get rough with her (albeit jokingly), and I’m not afraid to lose the set (her) altogether.

Additionally, my vibe communicates to her that I get it. I possess social intelligence.

On a side note: the girl is just 18-years old by the way.

I touched on this recently in a video or post of mines, that the younger the girl, the more shit tests she will hurl at the guy; especially if he’s significantly older.

I’m 34 years old in case you didn’t know. So I fit squarely into that bracket of shit test galore since she’s 18.

18-year old hottie I picked up about 2 weeks back

On a related note, just to clearly show that she has me in the “he will fuck me” bracket, and not the “he’s a sissified Beta-Male” bracket, the last time we texted (a week ago), the chat was sexually charged to the point that she begged me to send her some dick pics.
[My texts in green. Hers in white]



Again guys- I can’t keep emphasizing this shit anymore than I have to this point- whenever a girl shit tests you; take it with a smile or laugh.

Girl says your dick is tiny: laugh about it, play it up and play with it!

Don’t qualify yourself like a sucker! Don’t get all deflated, defensive and offended!

Did you take note of my responses?

Well do that now!

Nevertheless, also bear in mind that girls don’t sext with guys whom they wouldn’t fuck in reality.

Girls also don’t sext and exchange nudes with guys whom they see as “just friends”.

Now, with all that being said; she clearly knows that my intention is purely sexual. So; why would she hang out with me after claiming that she will never fuck me, knowing fully well that I want to fuck her?

Contradiction on her part?

On the surface: yes.

Psychologically, as a master seducer, I know why she plays this “psyche-myself out” game.

Knowing these factors, you learn not to take women seriously whenever they say shit. Instead, pay more attention to their actions and sub-communications.

That is what separates a master seducer from the pack of losers: his ability to spot the BS, take it with a grain of salt, ignore it and proceed.

In such situations where a girl says to me: “Kenny, we are not having sex if I come to your apartment”, whenever the time arrives and we are back at my pad, I do nothing differently than if it were a case where the girl clearly asks for sex (which is rare as flying donkeys when it comes to girls whom you haven’t bedded yet).

I proceed and run my usual seduction to sex script.

If for some strange random-ass reason she truly doesn’t want to hook up: I kick her ass out and go to bed…or blog about it.

Okay, so any other takeaway for you guys?

Age means very little to most young girls.

As long as your style and vibe are bad ass, an 18 year old can care less if you’re a 40-year old balding man with gray hair.

Although it is well known that I have a preference for older women [36+], by sheer numbers and demographics alone, I can’t help but to snag lots of girls between the ages of 18 and 22 whenever I hit the streets to day-game.

Notwithstanding that, whenever I do pick up very young girls (something which occurs weekly), I don’t game them up in a way that makes me come off as the perverted old man trying to fuck some gullible young birdies. Nor do I operate from a self-conscious frame where because I’m much older, it means I should either be lucky and grateful that a young girl has the time for me.

When I game and attempt to hook up with a young girl, just as the 18 year old spoken of in this article, my frame/mindset remains the same as though I was gaming a woman my age: I am the prize and she should be lucky that I want to spend time with her.

Clearly I wouldn’t foolishly verbalize this to the girl. But my aura, style, text, language, etc. breathe that entitled vibe.

Lastly: Abundance, Abundance, Abundance!

As I wrote about in the previous post: get lots of girls!

Gain abundance of women and you’ll naturally adopt the powerful frame that attracts women.

With options of women to choose from, there’s no way in hell you’ll find yourself crying over that 1 girl who’s been blowing you off.

No one girl will hold any special significance above another unless she’s a girl whom you wish you date or take seriously. But even in such a situation, if that falls through and fails to materialize, you can always pick up a few more girls and quickly forget about “the one”.

If I had the sex drive and patience for it, I could realistically bang a new girl every day of the week for the next 10 months.

However, chicks have the tendency to get really annoying real fast, so I use the weekday for picking up girls and the weekend for sleeping with girls.

That is 1 of the few downsides of getting good at this: you become very impatient with women since you know to yourself that you can always ditch this 1 and replace her in a heartbeat.

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